Date: 23/9/2017 14:41

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BB Guns

Consumers will find many different styles of BB guns for sale. Even though the size of the rounds used in BB guns is similar to .177-caliber pellets, they are actually different sizes. BBs are a hair smaller than .177-caliber pellets, with diameters ranging from .171 to .173 inches. While the round BBs will fit in rifles designed for the larger pellets, they may damage the bore when they are fired. As such, BBs should only be fired from guns that are designed exclusively for them or for both BBs and pellets.

Different Styles of BB Guns for Sale

Shooters can choose among a number of different models of BB guns, including some that have been designed based on firearms. For example, the Baby Desert Eagle is manufactured by Magnum Research, the same company that developed the semi-automatic pistol. There are also BB guns made by SIG Sauer that mimic the designs of firearms like the SIG Pro. Many of these models can be complemented with accessories like laser sights and lamp for users' convenience.

In addition to the many models of BB guns that are available for sale, there are also different types of ammunition that owners can use. Those who are concerned about leaving their footprints on the environment may prefer to use biodegradable BBs.

At Pyramyd Air, you can find BB guns for sale that have been modeled after pistols and rifles. You can also buy ammunition, including rounds for use in Airsoft games and large-caliber rubber balls.