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Find A Large Selection Of Airforce Airguns

AirForce offers an array of pre-charged pneumatic and CO2-powered airguns. The AirForce airguns are ideal for a variety of purposes, including plinking, field-target shooting and hunting. Many of the models allow shooters to control the speed of pellets, so they can tailor the specs for the way the airgun is going to be used. In addition to altering the speed at which rounds are fired, AirForce airguns also make it easy for shooters to change the stock barrel that ships with the model.

Airgun Models From AirForce

Among the pre-charged pneumatic models from AirForce is the Condor airgun. This .22-caliber rifle fires pellets up to 1,250 feet per second, making it among the most powerful pre-charged pneumatic rifles available on the market today. Despite the high velocity that the airgun can attain, it does not have any recoil. Those in the market for a CO2-powered rifle may opt for the Talon. The Talon can be powered by either pressured air or CO2.

While AirForce offers a large selection of guns, some marksmen do prefer air pistols. Such buyers will find a number of air guns from Daisy, including the Daisy 008 and the Powerline 5501. These are convenient choices for shooters who plan on shooting targets or plinking. They do not, however, have the power needed for pest control or hunting.

Buyers will find many air pistols and rifles at Pyramyd Air. In addition to airguns, we carry safety equipment and ammunition.