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Get Information On BB Shotguns

Players who want to add more versatility to their repertoire of Airsoft guns may consider buying a BB shotgun. The style of Airsoft gun that players use should match the situation in which they find themselves. When shooting at opponents who are far away, a pistol may not have the power or accuracy necessary. Instead, a sniper rifle like the Airsoft UTG Type 96 is a better choice. This sniper rifle can fire BBs at velocities of more than 450 feet per second. As a result, players can take down targets at a much greater distance than they could with other automatic Airsoft guns.

Advantages Offered by Airsoft BB Shotguns

Sniper rifles are suited for taking aim at distant targets, but they may not be as useful when opponents are in close proximity. In these situations, BB shotguns may be a better choice. They can also be used by players who are advancing into enemy territory and will not have the time to aim a rifle. Some styles of BB shotguns, like the Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun from UTG, can fire multiple BBs each time the trigger is pulled. Other shotguns include mounted laser sights, so that players' accuracy will not suffer. When a player needs to fire rounds quickly, he can keep the trigger depressed while repeatedly pumping the gun.

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