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Get Information On Spring BB Guns

There are many styles of BB guns, including spring piston, pneumatic and CO2 models. Spring piston BB guns remain a popular choice and feature either a lever or a pump that is used to create the pressure needed to fire shots. These levers are often located near the trigger guard while models that include pumps often do so along the barrel. Pulling the lever away from the BB gun or pumping the gun causes the internal spring to compress. When the trigger is pulled, the spring is released and a piston is driven forward, which causes air in the chamber to compress and propel the BB. Many of these models are not capable of the high velocities associated with pneumatic rifles, making them a popular choice for young shooters.

Popular Models of Spring Piston BB Guns

One of the most popular spring piston guns is the 1938 Red Ryder from Daisy. This rifle can hold more than 600 BBs, so most shooters will not need to reload them until the day is over. The Marksman Laserhawk 2026 is another common choice, with a composite body that can withstand the elements. These models, as well as other spring piston guns, are lightweight and affordable, making them a good choice for new shooters who are uncertain how much time they can devote to the hobby.

At Pyramyd Air, we maintain a large selection of air guns, including pistols, rifles, shotguns and Airsoft guns. Among the Airsoft guns the company carries are electric and CO2-powered models.