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Large Selection, Order BB Air Guns Online Today

BB air guns are often used for informal target practice, referred to as "plinking." Soft plastic containers, water balloons and paper targets can all be shot with BB air guns. Other soft targets can also be used for plinking, but shooters should take care not to aim BBs at hard targets, as the pellets may ricochet. The targets can be placed on fences or hung from trees, giving shooters the opportunity to practice at different elevations and distances. In addition to metal ammunition, depending on the air gun, owners may also be able to fire rubber balls or biodegradable BBs that are made from resin.

Different Styles of BB Air Guns

Many of the manufacturers who produce pellet air guns, like Gamo, also offer models that are designed to fire BBs. The Gamo P-23 provides owners with flexibility in the ammunition they use. Besides firing BBs, the semi-automatic air gun can also accept .177-caliber pellets. In addition to the pistols from manufacturers like Gamo and Crosman, buyers can also find air rifles that fire BBs. Marksman and Daisy are among the manufacturers that offer BB rifles with sights. You can choose from among single-shot rifles and rifles with repeaters, working with a model that is right for your skill level and objectives.

You can browse a large selection of BB and pellet air guns at Pyramyd Air. You can quickly narrow your search by the type of air gun in which you are interested, whether you are looking for a model that uses a particular type of ammunition or a precharged pneumatic model.