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Large Selection, Order Soft Airguns Online Today

Those who play Airsoft can find a wide array of soft airguns for the sport. Airsoft is similar to paintball, with players trying to eliminate others by shooting them with small pellets. Players can choose soft airguns that are styled as pistols and rifles, each of which offers advantages and disadvantages. While pistols may be ideal for use in close quarters during Airsoft games, rifles are a better choice for those who prefer sniping.

Different Types of Soft Airguns

The pellets fired by soft airguns can be propelled by one of three different means. Some soft airguns are electric, including models that can be configured as fully automatic or semi-automatic guns. Other models use gas cartridges while some models use spring pistons. One of the benefits of using guns that employ electric systems or gas cartridges is that they do not need to be cocked after each shot. Players should make sure that the batteries in their electric guns and the cartridges in gas-powered models have full charges. They may also want to carry extra supplies with them onto the field to ensure that they are prepared.

Those who play Airsoft may also enjoy field-target shooting or other competitions that require .177-caliber pellets. At Pyramyd Air, you'll find a large selection of .177-caliber pellet air guns and soft airguns as well as the ammunition you need. You'll also find guns from manufactures like Crosman and Daisy, which produce both pellet air guns and soft airguns.