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Learn More About Airsoft BB Guns

Airsoft BB guns are used in a number of games. Some of the games are similar to paintball games, such as close-quarter battles that take place in arenas designed with obstacles or military simulations. The low cost of ammunition also makes Airsoft BB guns suitable for combat training, as drills can be run multiple times. Depending on the type of game in which the Airsoft guns are being used, players may need to adjust the speed at which the BBs are shot.

Styles of Airsoft BB Guns From Crosman

There are many models of Airsoft BB guns from Crosman, including pistols and rifles. Among the models from which buyers can choose are:

  • The Crosman Sniper R38 rifle, a spring rifle that is ideal for snipers
  • The Crosman Stinger P30 pistol, a spring pistol that can fire BBs at speeds of up to 270 feet per second
  • The Crosman Pulse R76 assault rifle, which comes with a large magazine and a rechargeable battery for either semi-automatic or full-automatic shooting

With the large selection of Airsoft guns, players can choose a model that best suits their particular playing styles. Some may prefer to use multiple guns during a game. For instance, while snipers may rely on a rifle to pick off opponents at a distance, they may keep a pistol on hand should they need to engage in close combat.

At Pyramyd Air, you can find an extensive selection of Airsoft guns from manufacturers like AirForce, Crosman and Walther. You can also buy BBs in different weights and sizes, including biodegradable pellets.