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Learn More About CO2 BB Guns

CO2 BB guns offer a number of advantages over models that include a spring piston, like lever-action and pump-action guns or pneumatic models. In contrast to earlier styles of BB guns, arms that employ CO2 cartridges require considerably less effort to operate. In addition, shots can be fired in rapid succession. The only limit on the speed at which shots can be fired is how quickly the shooter can pull the trigger. Each time the trigger is pulled, a set amount of CO2 will be released from the container, which then propels the BB. While 12-gram cartridges are commonly used, particularly in pistols, some guns can use the same CO2 tanks that are used by paintball markers. One of the advantages of using CO2 tanks from paintball markers is that many shots can be fired before the tank must be refilled.

Styles of CO2 BB Guns

Consumers will find many styles of CO2 BB guns to consider. Among the arms from which shooters can choose are:

  • Realistic-looking pistols like the Crosman Pro 77 and the Baby Desert Eagle from Magnum Research that use 12-gram cartridges
  • Pistols like the IZH Drozd BB that can be connected to 12- or 20-ounce refillable tanks
  • Airsoft pistols

At Pyramyd Air, you can find CO2 BB guns from manufacturers, including Crosman, Daisy, SIG Sauer and more. Customers can also purchase guns that accommodate pellets ranging in size from as small as .177 caliber to as large as .50 caliber.