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Learn More About Electric BB Guns

Unlike traditional BB guns, electric models are capable of firing multiple shots each time the trigger is pulled. While this can be a nice feature on pistols that are used for shooting stationary targets, it is particularly useful in Airsoft games. Instead of firing a single BB, electric guns allow players to unload multiple rounds in a fraction of a second. While players using gas-powered guns may be able to fire BBs as quickly as they can pull the trigger, electric guns can fire faster, without causing as much fatigue.

Shooting Modes of Electric BB Guns

There are multiple shooting modes on electric BB guns. One option is to fire a single shot each time the trigger is pulled. Another choice is to configure the model for burst shooting, in which a small number of BBs will be shot with each pull. Shooters may also elect to use the electric BB gun as a fully automatic model. Models like the IZH Drozd BB Pistol, which employs both a CO2 cartridge and batteries, can be set to any of these modes. Other models, like the Walther P99 electric pistol, may only feature semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. In addition to pistols, buyers can also find electric rifles that include multiple shooting modes.

At Pyramyd Air, you'll find a large selection of BB guns, including gas-powered and all-electric models. You'll also find the appropriate ammunition for Airsoft games and target shooting.