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Airsoft BBs

Choose the Perfect Airsoft BB for your Airsoft Gun

Your airsoft gun is only as good as the ammo you load, and at Pyramyd Air, our selection of Airsoft BBs is second to none!

We have BBs in every gram from 0.12 to 0.40 grams from some of the hottest manufacturers in the business including Air Venturi, Elite Force, GoldenBall, and TSD. No matter if you are just using your BBs to plink cans or for full-scale MilSim airsoft battles we have the ammo you need to drop cans or dominate the battlefield.

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly impact on your skirmishes, we have a wide array of biodegradable BBs for a more green-friendly option. Bio-BBs vanish into the ground when exposed to the elements within a few months.

Use the selection tools on this webpage to find the perfect fit for your airsoft needs. Easily sort your BBs by weight, brand, and price.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Airsoft BBs

  1. Generally, the more powerful your airsoft rifle, the heavier the BBs required but remember, you will lose velocity with heavier rounds, but your joules will stay the same.
  2. AEGs with metal gears should use highly polished, competition BBs for best results.
  3. Lighter airsoft BBs, such as 0.12g, are ideal for inexpensive spring airsoft guns
  4. Airsoft snipers should use airsoft BBs around 0.28g+ for placing long range accurate shots
  5. Airsoft guns that can shoot rounds at 250-350 fps do well with .20g BBs, and 350-420 shoot well with 0.25g+.
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