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Best .25 Air Rifles

The .25 caliber air rifle is the big bore of the small to medium game air rifles. It offers several advantages over the popular .177 and .22 caliber offerings in the same gun.

Compared to .177 and .22 the .25 caliber delivers more downrange energy to the target because of a heavier pellet and is less affected by the wind for the same reason. Having more horsepower in a car means using more gas, while in an airgun having more power means using more air. Unfortunately, it's the laws of physics and we haven't found a way to get around that yet.

The rifles on this list are all Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) meaning they will all require an external fill source to charge the onboard air tanks to their suggested operating pressure. Owning a .25 PCP air rifle means you will need an air source such as a compressor or high-pressure pump that can fill your onboard air tank to the desired pressure. Many air rifles include additional regulator valves that make the most of every shot by allowing a consistent amount of air propelling the projectile downrange.

Power and accuracy are what make these .25 air rifles good for any shooter.

.25 cal. rifles are perfect for:

  • Hunting medium and small-sized game
  • Pest control
  • Target shooting out to 100 yards
  • Competitive shooting in windy conditions
Table of Contents
  1. Top 10
    1. RAW HM1000x LRT
    2. Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter Xtra FAC
    3. FX Crown Continuum MKII
    4. EDgun Leshiy 2
    5. FX Maverick Sniper
    6. Hatsan Blitz
    7. Air Venturi Avenger
    8. Umarex Gauntlet
    9. Hatsan BullBoss QE
    10. Benjamin Marauder
  2. Common Questions
    1. What can you hunt with a .25 air rifle?
    2. What's the most affordable .25 caliber air rifle?
    3. How powerful are .25 caliber rifles?
  3. How to Buy

Top 10 Best .25 Air Rifles

1. RAW HM1000x LRT

Number 1 Best .25 Caliber Rifles RAW HM1000x
Product Details

RAW is an acronym for Rapid Air Worx, the rifles are handmade right here in America. The rifles are hand-built to order and are individually tested before leaving the factory to ensure you get the most accurate American-made precharged air rifle on the market. The LRT designation is for Long Range Target, and this rifle lives up to that name.

The heart of the gun is its precision polygonal rifled barrel made in Germany by Lothar Walther, which is fully moderated to quieten the muzzle report from the high energy this rifle is capable of producing. Then there is the match-grade target trigger that can be adjusted to what you consider to be the perfect pull weight.

The beautiful cutting edge laminate wood stock comes standard with adjustable cheek rest, adjustable rubber butt pad allowing you to custom fit the stock to you for greater accuracy. The stock is checkered, and the forend had 5 M-Lok slots for attaching accessories like a bipod and quick disconnect attachments. The underside of the forestock is also flat, providing bench rest shooters a stable platform.

The RAW HM1000x LRT delivers the accuracy, precision, consistency, and reliability that serious shooters demand from their equipment.

Why We Like It

The .25 caliber RAW HM1000x LRT comes standard with a 12 shot magazine, 4 more shots than most other .25 caliber rifles. The LRT is equipped with an easy-to-reach, smooth side lever cocking action so you don't have to adjust your sight picture for a quick follow-up shot.

The rifle is fully regulated for consistent velocities, from the first shot until the last shot. The Lothar Walther polygonal barrel is fully moderated and wrapped in carbon fiber, it is then mated to a 2 piece shroud, to tame the bark generated by the .25 caliber pellet or slug. The rifle can be ordered in both left and right-hand configurations.

Things to Consider

The rifle fills to 230bar (about 3300psi) while it is still within the realm of hand pumping pressures, the volume of the 480cc carbon bottle may make hand pumping difficult for some people.

Because of the 60 ft-lbs of energy the gun produces, it may be slightly louder than lesser-powered guns.

With the rifle being about 46 inches long, and weighing over 8 pounds, it may not be suitable for smaller-framed shooters.

2. Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter Xtra FAC

Number 2 Top .25 Caliber Rifles Air Arms S510 XS
Product Details

The Air Arms S510 made tidal waves when it was first introduced back in 2013, as it took the airgun world by storm. Only Air Arms could take one of the best airguns on the market and make it better.

They changed from the fancy grade wooden stock to a wooden stock that is covered with a soft touch all-weather coating that is both ambidextrous and adjustable. The .25 caliber rifle comes with two 10 shot magazines, a fill adapter, and some hex wrenches. The stock features an adjustable cheekpiece, an adjustable butt pad, an accessory rail at the front for bipods or lights, and the front sling swivel is also adjustable for position.

The S510XS now has a regulator for a more consistent velocity, and in doing so, has increased its shot count and its power level to 44 ft-lbs of energy. It also has an externally adjustable power level, that gives 4 preset choices of power to choose from for the ultimate control of your shots.

The rifle sports a 288cc air cylinder that fills to 250 bar (3600 psi) so it is still within the pressure most people can generate using a hand pump if you are away from other fill sources. Air Arms uses only Lothar Walther barrels for unprecedented hunting and target accuracy.

Why We Like It

The soft-touch ambidextrous stock is solid, it is not a plastic synthetic stock, it is also checkered in the right places so you will always have a firm hold on the gun even when it is wet or cold. The easy to operate side lever cocking action is buttery smooth.

The prized Lothar Walther barrel delivers surgical accuracy and is fully shrouded to make it quieter for both hunting and backyard-friendly activities. With a fill pressure of 250 bar (3600 psi) so it can still be filled with a high-pressure hand pump. The adjustable power feature allows you to easily choose your power level.

Things to Consider

It does not have open sights, you will need to buy a scope and mounts. At 8.5 lbs without a scope, it is a heavy rifle, but it is balanced well, shoots well both offhand and from a bench.

The rifle uses a fill probe instead of a standard built-in Foster fitting, so be careful not to misplace the fill probe.

3. FX Crown Continuum MKII

Number 3 Best .25 Caliber Air Rifles FX Crown Continuum MKII
Product Details

FX airguns are considered to be the pinnacle of air rifles by some airgunners and are on the wish list of any serious airgunner. Somehow FX took their flagship air rifle the Crown and took it to the next level with the Crown Continuum MKII.

The list of upgrades incorporated into the Crown Continuum is long, but it checks off all of the boxes that top-level shooters and hunters require for the ultimate rifle.

The .25 caliber Crown Continuum comes with 2 of the precision Smooth Twist X (STX) barrels, one that is 380mm long and another that is 700mm long, allowing you to easily configure the rifle as a short-range carbine, or long-range rifle. The new STX barrels are more rigid than the previous barrels, but they are also 1/2 pound lighter than the older barrels.

The MKII has a 28% larger plenum volume and larger valving giving you more power. The rifle is also regulated, with one gauge to show you the tank pressure, and the other gauge to show you the regulated output pressure that is driving your pellet or slug downrange.

The breech block has been upgraded allowing barrel and caliber changes without removing the scope. The breach also has 20 MOA (Minutes Of Angle) downward angle built-in, ensuring you will not run out of elevation adjustments when shooting long-range targets.

The Continuum uses an upgraded 480cc carbon fiber tank that fills to 250 bar (3600psi) giving you 110 regulated shots with 68 ft-lbs of bone-crushing energy for your hunting and long-range needs. The FX Crown Continuum also has a fully adjustable wooden laminate stock made by the world-renowned Norwegian stock maker of premium rifle stocks GRS.

If you want to join the world of airgun royalty, order your FX Crown Continuum MKII today.

Why We Like It

The FX Crown Continuum ships with 2 of the new generation STX barrels, one short and one long, allowing for close range fast handling, or long-range work. The rifle uses a standard Foster fitting so there are no fill probes to misplace.

The scope mounts have 20 MOA of downward angle to help you shoot at longer range targets without special scope mounts. The beauty and functionality of the GRS custom stock are second to none and has to be held to be fully appreciated.

It ships in a hard plastic case with foam cutouts to protect the rifle during transport and storage. You can buy it with confidence as it has a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer that is transferable to a new owner.

Things to Consider

With the rifle configured for long-range with the 700mm barrel and suppressor, it is long, about 53 inches overall.

The included hard-sided carrying case is only configured to hold the rifle with the short barrel in place.

4. EDgun Leshiy 2

Number 4 Best .25 Caliber Air Rifles EDgun Leshiy 2
Product Details

The name is Leshiy, EDgun Leshiy.

Yes, I know that's a renamed line from a famous fictional British secret agent, but the coolness and technology of this airgun are worthy of that comparison. If the EDgun Leshiy2 had been around when that movie was made, it would have been used by that British agent. Even if it is from the other side of the Iron Curtain.

The EDgun Leshiy 2 is designed and built in Russia, it is a subcompact semi-auto air gun that is able to change calibers and barrel lengths with ease. It is what is sometimes called a truck gun meaning it is robust, simplistic, compact, and ready to go at a moment's notice. It will fold up to fit into a standard backpack or briefcase, making it ultra-portable and discrete.

The Leshiy2 is fully ambidextrous, including the safety, the stock folds for storage, and can even be removed without any tools. Fully assembled ready to shoot, the gun is just under 30 inches long. But don't let the diminutive size fool you, the EDgun is a full power air gun and is available in calibers from .177 up to .30 caliber.

It has a 170cc air cylinder that fills to 300 bar (4351psi) the small air cylinder means it can be hand-pumped if necessary. In .25 caliber you will get 22 full power regulated shots before having to refill the gun. The externally adjustable regulator allows you to change your power levels on the fly, without degassing the gun first.

The EDgun comes with two magazines that hold 8 rounds each, and a holder that mounts to the gun to hold the spare magazine ready for use. It uses a precision Alfa barrel that is encased in a custom-designed moderator to quieten the power this airgun generates.

From slugs to pellets, from plinking to hunting game, the semi-auto EDgun Leshiy 2 has the accuracy, power, and features you need to make your mission a success.

Why We Like It

The EDgun Leshiy2 is completely ambidextrous making it left-handed shooter friendly. You will get 22 full power semi-auto shots per fill, and the 2 included 8 shot magazines allow for quick follow-up shots on your game if necessary.

The subcompact modular design lends itself to being stored in a backpack or briefcase making it easy to transport or store in a vehicle discreetly. The precision Alfa barrel and suppressor make it quiet, and most importantly accurate for hunting and target practice.

Things to Consider

The EDgun fills to 300 bar (4351psi) while still able to be hand-pumped, a small portable fill tank or compressor is suggested.

The gun folds to make it easier to store and transport, but it will not fire with the stock folded, or with the stock removed, the air supply is in the buttstock.

The Leshiy2 is expensive for a small airgun, but the technology, ruggedness, and features it has can not be found on any other airgun made.

5. FX Maverick Sniper

Number 5 Top .25 Caliber Air Rifles FX Maverick Sniper
Product Details

The FX Maverick Sniper is part of a new platform for FX Airguns. A rifle built from the ground up for shooting heavier pellets and slugs. The Maverick features an 89cc Power Plenum, the largest yet on an FX rifle, coupled with the latest FX innovation, dual regulators.

The Dual FX AMP Regulators are brilliant in their implementation. The first regulator pre-reduces the 250 bar (3600psi) bottle pressure in preparation for the second regulator that provides the final air pressure to the rifle. This provides less stress on the second regulator and achieves a more consistent output pressure.

The Maverick uses the same rear power adjuster that was introduced on the FX Wildcat MKIII. This innovative hammer adjuster design allows for both micro and macro adjustments (yes, there is a difference) using the same dial.

The FX Maverick sniper utilizes a 700mm world-class Smooth Twist X (STX) interchangeable barrel & liner system, perfect for shooting pellets, hybrid slugs, and lighter weight slugs. Additional liners are available to tailor to different projectiles.

The FX Maverick Sniper is the ideal first step into the world of FX airguns, come see what tens of thousands of shooters worldwide have already found out.

Why We Like It

The innovative dual FX AMP regulators provide superior consistency and fewer standard deviations than single regulator guns. The bullpup design allows a rifle with a 27.5-inch barrel to only be a super compact 36 inches long.

The optic rail has a 20 mil downward angle preset for shooting at longer ranges, so you will not run out of scope adjustments.The STX barrel and liner system allow you to change barrels and calibers easily and allow you to tune your barrel for optimum accuracy.

It comes with a 3-year warranty backed by the manufacturer.

Things to Consider

The FX Maverick Sniper uses a 580cc bottle, that fills to 250bar, (3600psi) so hand pumping while possible, would be a long task. Because of the magazine placement, the gun is oriented for right-handed shooters.

While having an ultimately adjustable airgun is great, having too much adjustability is a double edge sword. It is possible to adjust the power levels either up or down too far, reducing the accuracy for the given projectile, and you will have to re-adjust the gun back to its optimum accuracy settings.

6. Hatsan Blitz

Number 6 Best .25 Caliber Rifles Hatsan Blitz
Product Details

Airguns of the 21st century are not the same as your dad's Red Ryder. In fact, the Hatsan Blitz air rifle is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

The Blitz is a precharged .25 caliber air rifle capable of firing in both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. You heard that right, just squeeze the trigger, for each shot, as fast as you can, or you can switch the fire selector lever to auto and empty the entire 19 round magazine.

The Blitz uses a 580cc carbon fiber bottle that fills to 250 bar (3600psi) to give you more than 100 shots at up to 41ftlbs of energy, perfect for taking small to medium-sized game and pest animals. The rifle sports a fully shrouded Quiet Energy (QE) barrel to tame the bark generated by the .25 caliber projectile.

The all-weather ambidextrous thumbhole style stock has a height-adjustable comb and butt pad for maximum fit and comfort and control while the pistol grip is rubber textured to give you a firm hold in adverse hunting conditions.

The Blitz comes with a carrying handle that has integrated adjustable sights, reminiscent of a G36 rifle. The carry handle is removable allowing you to mount an optic directly to the combination 11mm/weaver rail.

If you take your airgunning seriously, the Hatsan Blitz is the rifle for you.

Why We Like It

The gas-operated semi-auto operating system makes for fast follow-up shots without working a bolt or disturbing your sight picture, just pull the trigger. The full automatic mode has a cyclic rate of 1000 rounds per minute, emptying the entire 19 round magazine in just over 1 second.

The ability to have over 100 shots per charge is huge for hunters and plinkers alike, more shooting, less filling.

The all-weather synthetic stock is perfect for hunting even when the weather doesn't cooperate. The carrying handle with integrated adjustable sights is a welcome feature for those owners that want to do close fast shooting that you cannot do with a magnified optic.

Things to Consider

The rifle uses a fill probe rather than a standard foster fitting, if you lose the probe, you will have to buy another. It uses a 580cc carbon fiber bottle that fills to 250bar (3600psi) it can be hand-pumped, but that is a large tank to fill by hand.

The swing load magazine has to be wound after filling, but the winding tool is included in the stock of the rifle. It is 45 inches long. The rifle looks long while sitting on the shooting bench, but it doesn't seem that long when using it.

7. Air Venturi Avenger

Number 7 Best .25 Caliber Air Rifles Air Venturi Avenger
Product Details

Since its introduction, the Air Venturi Avenger has risen to the top of the entry-level PCP market by offering features that are normally found on rifles normally costing thousands of dollars more than it does.

The Avenger has an externally adjustable regulator that allows you to set the pressure at which you want the gun to operate while the main 180cc pressure tube fills to 300 bar (4351psi) giving you many more shots per fill than does a gun that only fills to 3000psi.

The list of premium features continue with a smooth side lever cocking system, it ships with 2 auto-indexing magazines, and a single shot tray that is kept in place by magnets, an adjustable 2 stage trigger, an adjustable hammer spring, a shrouded barrel, built-in sling attachment points, a Picatinny rail to mount a light or bipod, a combo rail that accepts either 11mm or weaver type scope mounts, a standard foster quick connect filling system, dual gauges, one for the regulator pressure, and one for the guns fill pressure.

That's a lot of features for less than $400, but it doesn't stop there.

The best thing about the Air Venturi Avenger is its accuracy, in the accuracy department, the Avenger will go toe to toe with airguns costing 5 times as much as it does. The rifle is available with an all-weather synthetic stock, or a wooden stock model is available for an additional cost.

The .25 caliber rifle is capable of 45ftlbs of energy, making it very effective for taking small to medium-sized game. Whether you are hunting or target shooting, the Air Venturi Avenger has the accuracy and power you need to succeed.

Why We Like It

The Avenger is extremely accurate and the shrouded barrel quietens the report of the powerful .25 caliber projectile. The externally adjustable regulator lets you tune the gun to the power level you want for optimum accuracy and air efficiency.

The rifle is lightweight, and shoulders easy, while the side lever lets you load a second shot without losing your sight picture. The scope rail fits both 11mm and weaver-type scope rings for more flexibility.

Things to Consider

The rifle fills to 300 bar (4350psi) while it is able to be hand-pumped, a small portable compressor would make it much easier.

The rifle does not come with a scope, so you will have to buy one.

It can be used left-handed, but the controls are set up for a right-handed shooter.

8. Umarex Gauntlet

Number 8 Top .25 Caliber Air Rifles Umarex Gauntlet
Product Details

In the PCP airgun world, the words accurate and powerful were words that meant you were about to spend a lot of money, then came the Umarex Gauntlet, and changed the game forever.

The Gauntlet is a Precharged bolt action repeating air rifle that uses a 213cc removable bottle that fills to 3000psi but is regulated to 1900psi in the .25 caliber gun. The .25 caliber rifle is capable of 45ftlbs of bone-crushing energy, so it is sure to put the smackdown on anything you are hunting. The regulator means the air going to the gun is metered to 1900 psi for very consistent shot velocities which aid in better accuracy.

The list of features that come standard on the Gauntlet read like a wish list for a much more expensive airgun.

Shrouded and moderated barrel, magazine-fed, regulated air supply, adjustable trigger, an ergonomic adjustable stock, a single shot tray for target shooting, sling mounting points for hunters, the list goes on and on.

The .25 caliber pellet is heavier than the .22 caliber, so it is better at fighting the wind at the longer ranges that the Gauntlet is capable of.

Why We Like It

The 213cc bottle has a regulated output and only fills to 3000psi, making it hand pump friendly while delivering a large number of shots per fill. The sling mounts and adjustable stock make it comfortable for use in the field without fatigue.

The easy load 8 shot rotary magazine, and Foster type quick connect to make for easy reloads and fills. Umarex backs the Gauntlet with a 3-year warranty.

Things to Consider

Because of the power of the .25 caliber, some owners find the rifle hard to cock the bolt, but putting your thumb on the rear of the action gives you more leverage.

It only comes with 1 magazine and a single shot tray. In order to adjust the trigger, you must take the action out of the stock, and the trigger is a single-stage only, not a 2 stage.

9. Hatsan BullBoss QE

Number 9 Best .25 Caliber Rifles Hatsan BullBoss QE
Product Details

If airgun hunting is your game, then you need the Hatsan BullBoss QE .25.

From the precision, rifled, and choked barrel and Quiet Energy (QE) shroud, to the ergonomically designed adjustable all-weather synthetic stock this rifle was designed specifically for hunting.

With up to 42 ft-lbs of energy in .25 caliber, the smooth side lever action located conveniently over the grip like a Biathlon rifle gives you the advantage of fast and smooth shots. The rifle has the legendary Hatsan Quattro trigger allowing for a clean crisp break for the perfect shot.

The BullBoss sports a 230cc steel air cylinder that is easily removed to replace with a full one so you do not have to carry a pump onto the field with you if you bring extra filled cylinders. The front of the stock has a Picatinny rail for mounting lights, lasers, or a bipod, while the stock also has both front and rear sling swivels already mounted.

At only 36 inches overall length, the Hatsan BullBoss in .25 caliber packs a lot of power and features into a small compact hunting tool.

Why We Like It

The rifle has an anti-double feed mechanism that prevents more than 1 pellet from being loaded into the barrel at one time. The gun comes with 2 magazines and a fill probe.

The removable cylinders have a patented antiknock system that keeps air from escaping when the gun is knocked about or dropped. The QE shroud and moderator make the rifle very quiet.

Things to Consider

The rifle does not use a standard Foster quick fill fitting, so be careful not to lose the included fill probe. The power level is fixed, you can not adjust the gun for more or less power.

With a weight of 8.5 lbs, before adding a scope, the rifle is a little on the heavy side.

10. Benjamin Marauder

Number 10 Best .25 Caliber Air Rifles Benjamin Marauder
Product Details

The Benjamin Marauder (also known as the MRod) is the PCP rifle that because its price was significantly lower than European rifles, became the gateway to PreCharged Pneumatic air guns for millions of people.

The .25 caliber Marauder uses a barrel built in-house by Crosman (Crosman has been making match grade barrels for decades) the barrel is encased in a full shroud that has baffles installed to make the rifle one of the quietest full power PCP rifles available today.

The trigger that is used in the Marauder is the same fully adjustable match-grade trigger that Crosman uses in their 10-meter competition rifle. The rifle is infinitely adjustable for velocity, shot count, and fill pressures up to 3000 psi.

The MRod uses an 8 shot rotary self-indexing magazine that has become the most duplicated magazine design in the airgun industry. The bolt on the rifle can be moved so it can be operated from the left side, the safety and stock are already ambidextrous, making this a perfect rifle for southpaws.

While the Marauder has been around for a few years, they have been quietly upgrading the rifle over the years as PCP technology has advanced, some of which is a factory-installed depinger to make the gun firing cycle quieter, a simplified breech to make a more stable platform for larger scopes, and easier to service, an improved valve design to increase the shot count, and the trigger was moved rearward to provide better ergonomics and hand position.

The Benjamin Marauder is a proven design that other companies have tried to copy, but have never equaled. The Marauder excels at everything, hunting, pest control, target shooting, and informal plinking, you have to shoot it to believe it.

Why We Like It

The beautiful Turkish walnut stock is ambidextrous, has an adjustable comb, and sling swivel studs. The trigger, the accuracy, and how quiet the gun is when fired are amazing.

The fill pressure is adjustable, as is the velocity, the hammer spring, the transfer port opening, and the trigger. The pressure gauge is located on the bottom of the rifle in front of the trigger guard, not at the barrel end of the rifle like some other guns.

The rifle is covered by a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Things to Consider

In its stock form, the Marauder is not regulated so as your pressure gets low, your velocity will drop as well.

There are no sights on the rifle, so you will have to buy a scope and rings.

The wooden stock version is a little heavier than the synthetic stock model.

Common Questions

What can you hunt with a .25 air rifle?

.177 and .22 calibers have long been the go-to calibers for small game hunters, but advancements in airgun technology in the past few years have increased the popularity of .25 caliber airguns.

The .25 caliber air gun allows you to expand what you can hunt with the same gun. You can ethically take game from the smallest squirrel, all the way up to animals the size of coyotes and medium-sized hogs, and never have to change guns.

The heavier pellet or slug you can use in .25 caliber gives you more energy on target, it has a larger frontal area and more mass so the shock effect to the animal is greater than a smaller and lighter projectile.

So even if you were to miss the vital area, the animal may be stunned enough for you to make a second shot. An added benefit of the larger caliber is that it fights crosswinds better, the heavier pellet is harder to blow off its intended path.

What's the most affordable .25 caliber air rifle?

If you are new to airguns, you will have to take a few things into consideration when choosing an affordable PCP airgun.

The biggest and most expensive questions other than what gun to choose are:

  • How will you fill it?
  • What other things will I have to buy in order to use it?
  • What does the ammunition cost?

We think the most cost-effective option for a .25 caliber PCP would be the Air Venturi Avenger.

The Avenger is sold with the option of a bundled hand pump, taking the first and most expensive purchase out of the equation. A normal shop air compressor that fills at 150 psi is not capable of reaching the 3000 to 4500 psi pressures at which this gun operates. Just like airguns, the prices of the fill sources that can be used to charge the guns can range in price from about $100 for a hand pump, to several thousands of dollars for a commercial-grade compressor. So having a bundled hand pump saves you quite a bit.

The rifle has scope mounts that can use either 11mm dovetail or Picatinny rings, so you may already have an extra scope and mounts that will fit the rifle, so you can save the expense of buying a new scope.

The Avenger is not pellet picky meaning it shoots well with a wide variety of ammunition, so you can possibly get by with shooting less expensive ammo at shorter ranges, and saving the more expensive ammunition for longer range shooting.

How powerful are .25 caliber rifles?

That is a good question that does not have a simple answer.

A ping-pong ball and a golf ball are roughly the same sizes, but vastly different in weight, getting hit by a ping-pong ball going 40 miles an hour will not be near as painful as being hit by a golf ball going half that speed.

I will use the posted velocity and energy numbers for the Air Venturi Avenger as an example.

  • The .177 caliber rifle has a listed velocity of 1000fps and 22 ft-lbs of energy.
  • The .22 caliber rifle has a listed velocity of 930fps and 34 ft-lbs of energy.
  • The .25 caliber rifle has a listed velocity of 900fps and 45 ft-lbs of energy.

So as we can see the heavier a pellet is, the slower it will be shot from the same gun (900fps), but it can deliver more power to the target (45 ft-lbs of energy).

A .25 caliber airgun can not compete with firearms in the energy department as we have a limited amount of pressure on hand to drive our projectiles down the barrel (maybe only 2000psi) producing about 50 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle. While a .22LR caliber firearm may have 20,000psi or more pushing a bullet down the barrel, and producing about 100 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle.

Since we lack the power that firearms have, we have to make up for that in accuracy, as in hitting the vital organs of our intended target. While energy put into the target is important, it is the ability to place the shot on target with precision that is most critical. A gun delivering a pellet to a rabbit's heart at 12 ft-lbs is not going to make it any more dead than hitting it with 45 ft-lbs. Remember, accuracy first, power second.

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