by B.B. Pelletier

I’m taking today to explain how this blog works and how you can get more out of it.

When you write a comment you are asked to choose an identity. The default is Blogger, or you can choose Other or Anonymous. Blogger will use your Blogger assigned name when you are signed in, but probably many of you haven’t registered for one of those, so most of you choose Anonymous. That’s fine if you explain who you are and what you are talking about in the body of the message. But some of you don’t do that. You ask partial questions and expect that I will know who you are. Well – I don’t.

I receive 20-40 comments every day and 75 percent of them require an answer. When you ask a question, please tell me everything I need to know to answer it. If you use a “handle” (a nickname), I may remember who you are and what we were talking about, but don’t bet on it. I have people who ask questions on a posting that’s two years old, then they respond to my answer a month later with another question!

Here’s a partial score – Cleveland 11!

On my end, things are very confusing unless you explain what you are talking about. Saying things like, “I meant the Daisy, but what do you think of the Crosman?” is meaningless. Give me model numbers and remind me of what we are talking about. For me, this is like playing 20 games of chess simultaneously, only in this case some folks are trying to play rugby and others are asking where the eggs are.

Mining the blog – part 1
As many of you know, this blog is now huge! It’s easily the largest airgun blog on the internet, and it’s loaded with all sorts of different airgun stuff. If you know how to “mine” the blog, the chances are good that you can find more information about the subject you are researching. The Search function located on the right side of the current blog page (only!) is provided by Google. For the first question, only this blog is checked, but if you type a new question in the Google box at the top of the answers listing page you got from the first search, Google will take you directly to the internet. Forget airguns!

You can recover from this by clicking on the Back arrow at the top of your browser. To do a second search within this blog only, return to the current page of this blog and type your second question in the same Search box.

Mining the blog – part 2
Another way to see everything in the blog is to take the path a few readers have recently reported. They used the monthly archives found on the right side of the most current page and simply went through all the postings a month at a time. One reader made the comment that if he came to a posting he wasn’t interested in, he simply skipped past it. That’s easy to do with the scroll bar on the right side of your browser.

Customer participation
Pyramyd Air has been working on a customer participation section for the website. It will be a customer reports section, where customers can report on a model of airgun or other equipment they have used. I will also try to get a section where customers can post tests they have done, along with photos they’ve taken.

This blog belongs to Pyramyd Air. Whenever I see comments directing readers to other dealers, I delete them. I’m talking about competitors of Pyramyd Air, now, and my judgement is final. Also, when other dealers post things that detract from this blog, I delete them. And when a reader makes a disparaging remark about another reader, I delete the remark. Some of you readers may not be aware of this, but this blog is widely read by the airgun world – as in manufacturers, exporters and so on. Around the world! I meet representatives of these companies at various trade shows and competitions, and they tell me about things they’ve read in our blog.

Because of the interest in this blog, manufacturers have made adjustments to their plans and products. They pay attention to what is said here. This is one of the best windows into the American airgun market, and it doesn’t cost them anything to watch it. I tell you this so you will know that your comments are having an effect on the state of airgunning in this country.

A few readers have commented that, because this blog belongs to Pyramyd Air, everything that’s said is a sales pitch for them. I do not answer these accusations, but some of you do and I appreciate it. I don’t see how my harsh criticism of the Gamo Viper Express air shotgun, which Pyramyd Air sells, could possibly be construed as a sales pitch! I think it’s a turkey of a product that cannot meet the stated purpose (by Gamo – not Pyramyd Air), but, as an air shotgun of any kind, it is a curiosity to be owned and collected.

Well, that’s it for now. Just a few things to think about, so this blog can run smooth and you can get your answers!