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Education / Training UTG M4 – Part 2 Built in America!

UTG M4 – Part 2 Built in America!

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

I’ve had something come up and have to go out of town for a couple days, so I won’t be able to answer any questions until Friday. Plerase help out while I’m out of the loop.

The UTG M4 is an automatic electric gun (AEG), so the 8.4-volt battery has to be charged. That takes 16 hours the first time. After that, it takes about 4 hours.

The battery stores in the butt, balancing the rifle well. With the oversized handguard and the rifle’s general stoutness, this gun feels big!

I started with 0.20-gram BBs, even though I thought they were too light for the powerplant. Sure enough, at 10 yards they gave groups in the 2.5″ range. That’s not what you want in a battle rifle – not even a CQB gun. But I knew 0.25-gram BBs would make things better, and they did. I used TSD Competition Grade AEB BBs that I had laying around. As you can see, they worked quite well.


TSD 0.25-gram BBs did the trick! I was using a 6 o’clock hold, so they went just above the aim point.

Great open sights!
All shooting was done with the peep sight supplied with the gun. It works the same as an M4 firearm peep, and the front sight does, as well. Both front and rear sights have elevation adjustments, and the rear has windage, too. The top of the receiver is a Picatinny rail, so you can use optics if you like, but I wanted to see how good these iron sights were. They’re great!


The rear sight is quite a piece of machinery! It’s just like a firearm sight, because it was MADE for firearms!

Next I tested velocity. I tested 0.12-gram BBs, though you’ll never use them, because all the other AEGs report velocity with them. It’s just for comparison.

0.12-gram=461 f.p.s.

0.20-gram=353 f.p.s.

0.25-gram=323 f.p.s.

Naturally you’re only going to shoot the most accurate BBs, which are 0.25 grams. Remember that all BBs are not made the same, so do some comparison testing before settling on a brand. Don’t just buy on price.

Let me get my thoughts together, and there might be one more part to this report. If not – please remember the most important thing. This airsoft gun is built right here in the U.S.A.!

Tom Gaylord, gunfighter
In college in the 1960s, Tom worked at Frontier Village in San Jose, California. He was a ride operator and a gunfighter. Some of you have asked us to post a picture, so here is one taken around 1968. Tom was the Deputy Marshal shooting it out with the outlaw, Dakota, who is Randy Mitchell (not the airgun hunter, though they do know each other).


Back in ’68, Tom had more hair and a shorter belt. Gunfighting at Frontier Village.

30 thoughts on “UTG M4 – Part 2 Built in America!”

  1. Frontier Village? I lived in San Jose when I was a kid in the late 60’s and 70’s. We went to Frontier Village several times, so I probably saw you!

    What college did you attend? My Mom took classes at both De Anza and San Jose State (in music and education).

    .22 multi-shot

  2. B.B.
    I realize you’re out of town, however,I’m sure your knowledgable readers can chime in on this one. I’ve seen lots of pics of modified crosman 2250’s-2240’s. Most have longer barrels. I spent an hour on Crosman’s web site,but couldn’t find anything about longer barrels (other than the “custom shop” but there you have to buy the whole gun). Finally, to my question. 1-where to get longer barrels? 2-Is it easy to replace on 2250? 3-Will it increase velocity? Hey, while we’re on the subject,what about the 1377c? I’ve heard it’s barrel is soldered. Can it be upgraded? Thanks to all who respond.

  3. Check the post, “Modify a 2240”. Search using the handy Google sidebar at the top. There’s another post to explain the velocity issue. Search for “Longer barrels”, again in the sidebar. The search terms will find you EXACTLY what you need.(I’m sure of it : D ) Apperently, these issues are popular for D-I-Yers, which I’m sure you are or are going to be.

    In a separate dity, I’m wondering if the B30 is worth trying. Yes, the gun is heavy, but is it a well-behaved springer? Also, what is a well-grouping pellet for the B30? It doesn’t need to be field target-accurate, just accurate enough for brain shots on squirrels. I’d appreciate some details on it.

    Much obliged(again),

    14 in Fla

  4. Also, just because the 1377c barrel is soldered doesn’t necessarily mean it’s removable. It could be soldered because Crosman didn’t have enough space to fix the barrel to the insides, like if the pneumatic valve or something was already there. Of course, if you check the articles found in the search phrases, I am sure you will realize exactly the upper velocity boost longer barrels really give you.

    14 in Fla

  5. P.S

    Not to nit-pick(or to), but the M4 is more of an assault rifle, compared to a rifle like an M14, which is a battle rifle(selective fire rifle firing full-power cartridges like .30-06, 7.62mm NATO, etc.). Just had to correct a popular misconception, like how you busted the “Mythbusters” theory on projectile acceleration.

    14 in Fla

  6. B.B.
    I’ll put in my pitch for a review of the B30 whenever its convenient. I await the outcome with unutterable anxiety…. If one gets an RWS Diana 48 or better at the price they are asking, this is shaping up to be the deal of the century.


  7. Check this:


    If that link doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. But sometimes the server crashes or is down, if that happens, just check back later. Or if it doesn’t work at all, search “2240” or “2250”(WITHOUT the ‘B’ part!). It’s rather odd that all your questions seem to have exact answers in the blog archives….c’est la vie, I guess.

    14 in Fla

  8. J.R.

    Find a Crosman gun that has the barrel you want, look up the part number in the exploded views posted on Crosman’s web site (https://www.crosman.com/site/manual_nav) and call Crosman to order it. To do this you need to know what barrels will fit your gun. For the 2240 & 2250, look at the barrels from other 13xx and 22xx guns. If you switch caliber, you will need a different breech and bolt. Crosman has replacement .177 and .22 steel breechs with bolt available(http://www.airguns.com/portal/prodlist.nsf/StoreSubcategory?OpenForm&SubcategoryUNID=2A5D0BA3B2EDE99A852570A50041020D&).

    As for the 1377C, the barrel is not soldered. I bought a 2289 barrel (14.5″, .22 barrel) to upgrade my 1377C along with the Crosman .22 steel breech. A barrel band (and screw) and front sight were also needed since the 2289 barrel is longer. Below is a list of the parts necessary to upgrade a 1377C to a 2289 barrel. All of the part numbers came from the 2289 rifle exploded view (except the steel breech).

    2289 barrel: 2289-001
    .22 breech: 2240SBPK
    barrel band: 788B011
    barrel band screw: 781A012
    front sight: 788-101

    I also ended up using an LPA mim rear sight (Crosman part 2300-010). You can use the standard rear sight, but you have to leave out the breech plug so that it will fit.

    Hope that helps. There is also more information under the following posts on this blog (as 14 in Fla mentioned).



    .22 multi-shot

  9. J.R.

    The short answer about replacing the 2250 barrel is yes, you can replace it with a 2260 barrel. The 2260 barrel is 24″ long. I believe it is a direct replacement although I haven’t done it myself.

    .22 multi-shot

  10. I don’t mind BB looking at airsoft too even though I’m not an airsoft customer. After all Pyramyd does sell airsoft and who knows, airsoft might contribute to airgun technology (I’ve gotten information from paintball sources that helped me with mods to my airguns).

    .22 multi-shot

  11. I don’t know if pellet gun owners are in a position to look down on airsoft on the basis of power. Probably most firearms owners feel the same about pellet guns. It’s all a matter of what your goal is. Airsoft got me started and my UHC Super 9 has turned out to be surprisingly accurate once I learned the artillery hold. And, airsoft is super cheap to operate. 🙂


  12. To All:

    I really, really don’t want to be a snob, but . . . The person who made the comment about firearm owners ‘looking down’ on us pellet folks struck a chord with me.

    I shoot both ‘real’ guns and pellet guns. I have to say I enjoy pellet shooting more. It’s cheaper and I can do it in my back yard. My neighbors see me shooting pellet guns and are not worried because all my pistols don’t look like real guns. (My Gamo 1000 with a scope has gotten a few peoples attention.) But pellet guns can actually do something. I’ve been deepening the gene pool of the local squirrels quite a bit.

    But what do you do with an airsoft gun? I can use a low power pellet gun for targets, even in my basement.

    So, again, not trying to be a snob, what do you do with an airsoft gun? My local police department hates them as they look WAY too real.

    Help me not be a snob. Tell me what good airsoft guns are.

    Al Pellet

  13. I guess you can train someone with an airsoft gun (shooting other people). Kids use them as toys to shoot one another with. I used one once and shot myself in the leg to see what it was like. It is a bit painful at that range but not so bad further out (not that i think kids should shoot one another).

    Some things are just fun for some people and not for others.

    Some people like walking in the park and others like runing. I dont like either. I would ride a bike.

    a walk in the park…lol


  14. Different topic.

    I just got the Avanti 853C rifle. It shoots like a dream. However I am having a problem with the magazine sometimes not indexing properly causing the pellets to jam. Is there a way to fix this?

    Maybe some reader with more experience with the 853C can help me.


  15. stingray,

    thats common with the 853c. It does not line up perfectly (few repeaters do). I cant solve your problem but i figured you would want to know that its common. Good luck!


  16. Even though all the topics don’t tickle my fancy, I know there is someone out there who was very happy to see this airsoft blog. So good for them. Pyramyd serves a broad customer base. I can wait my turn.
    A little tolerance of other folks’ point of view is all that’s needed.

  17. Al Pellet,

    I shoot blanks, airsofts, pellet guns as well as real firearms.

    My reasons?

    Blanks: I have a all metal MP40 with metal cartriges that “shoots” just like a real full auto…except they are blanks. It is also a great display piece.

    Airsoft: The guns look real, feels kinda real (with the high-end models from Japan) and super cheap to shoot. I have bolt-action airsoft rifles that when you reload it ejects the spent cartage…just like the real thing. Also great display pieces.

    Pellet guns: This is how I got into rifles and scopes. I started out shooting them in my back yard for pest control and now I’m hooked. I have 6 air rifles and can’t seemed to stop buying them 🙁

    Firearms: I’ve been into this since the early 90’s and have them for work as (I’m in Law Enforcement) well as as for personal / home security.

    So for me, each type of gun serves their specific needs. My wife calls me a gun junkie and I kinda agree with it 🙂

    Byron (L.A.)

  18. 14 in Fla said…

    In a separate dity, I’m wondering if the B30 is worth trying. Yes, the gun is heavy, but is it a well-behaved springer? Also, what is a well-grouping pellet for the B30? It doesn’t need to be field target-accurate, just accurate enough for brain shots on squirrels. I’d appreciate some details on it.

    14 in Fla,

    Got my B30-1 in .22cal a couple of weeks ago. Mine really really likes H&N 14.66gr Field Target Trophy pellets. Actually every gun I have, springer/co2/pneumatic/pre-charge, likes that pellet very much. You get 500 .22cal pellets for around $16, which averages the same for (two) 200/250 pellet tins of other brands. I’m averaging 750 fps with the H&N pellets,…yielding approx 18+ fpe.

    Can get dime sized groups at 20-25 yards if I do my part. Mine is not very hold sensitive I’m guessing due to heft and girth, so I feel it has a fairly “behaved” nature. To me the weight is not too bad, and reminds me of my RWS46. If I get a flyer is usually a result of the heavy trigger pull, which causes me to slightly twist the gun. When I remember to force a straight back trigger pull into my shoulder,…well, its a beautiful thing.

    At $169 – 10% coupon, I’m loving it as a steal. I usually mount 3-9×40’s on my rifles, but I liked this one so much, I put a 4-16×50 on it, just in case I get a chance to go long distance and wouldn’t hesitate. Only time, and many many rounds will tell. I’m anxiously awaiting B.B.’s take on it. I can only say I am really really pleased at the moment.

    Take care, and happy squirrel hunting. If you can’t hit them with your car,…hit them with a pellet.

  19. I am one of those that don’t quite fully understand what air soft is for (I appreciate pellet and paint ball).

    Your answers have helped me a bit.

    Maybe BB can later do a post on different games and/or uses for air soft. That would make me appreciate more the posts about air guns.

  20. Also, how do air soft compare against nerf guns in terms of use?
    I have seen some nerf darts that have velcro, is there something like that in air soft?
    I have not seen nerf sniper rifles, but in air soft how do anyone know if there is a hit or a miss?

  21. ok guyes
    im gonna try to clear up some stuff about the airsoft guns.
    airsoft was designed in china in the 70s as a way for citizens to own functioning replicas of real guns. as you may know the gun laws are very strict over there.
    Al Pellet,
    you can do lots of things with an airsoft gun. many people have started playing paintball like games called skirmishes with them. also its just fun to shoot one. the realism is also a factor people like. take a look at this M4 bb bloged. similar weight, apperence, cycle rate, ect as the real thing. i think it may be a sport more geared to people who cannot, dont have money for, or are restricted from owning real firearms. plus the airsoft version fires full auto. cant say that about a real steel M4(without filling out mountains of paperwork for the ATF) also how much does an M4 cost each time you pull the trigger? about $.25? to load up the 300 round M4 airsoft mag your only gonna pay about $1.50. just some thoughts

    also, Fabian Hernandez
    nerf guns are generaly low powered and not accurate. high end airsoft guns can be quite powerful. up to 500 fps with upgrades. accurate to about 50 yards. not as obvious as paintball but most games work on the honor system. trust me youll wanna call yourself out if your being sniped with a high power airsoft rifle. and yes you can see them in the air.(big and white)
    sorry about my rantings, but they are fun guns.

    Nate in Mass

  22. Dear Nate in Mass,

    Thanks for answering (and not yelling!) I just wanted to know and now I know a little more.

    I really like the fact that this blog is positive and information is available without alot of ‘crap’ that goes with it.

    Happy shooting everyone – pellets, bullets, bbs, airsoft. Be safe!

    Al Pellet

  23. I second that opinion about the range airsoft has against NERF.

    I talked to a guy by phone about airsoft here in my country Panama and he told me airsoft is not good even he has some guns. He says they are bad quality, not range and they break too easy. Maybe he purchased cheap chinese ones a few years back.

    It seems everybody here likes paintball, but I think because there are too many cheaters. I asked him why in other countries in latinamerica, Europe and US they play airsoft in vast groups and they are happy? He didnt know exactly what to say. If airsoft was really bad, why there are so many companies in Japan, US and China making them? Market and demand.

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