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Education / Training BAM B26-2 thumbhole Part 2

BAM B26-2 thumbhole Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

We saw a lot of emotion over this gun in the remarks after the first report. Some of you seemed to be against it because of where it’s made, and others had read criticism into my report that I didn’t put there. I’m only here to report what I see and experience when I test these airguns, and the BAM B26-2 is a very nicely-made gun. If I gave any other impression, please forgive me. Yes, I did comment that the trigger is not a Rekord, but two readers advised me how they got a first stage from theirs, so there are definite possibilities.

Today, I’ll look at velocity. You’ll recall that I tested the cocking effort at just 24 lbs. If the rifle turns out to deliver 900 fps velocities, it will be very significant.

Clean the barrel
The first step is to clean the barrel with J-B Non-Embedding Bore-Cleaning Compound. By this time, you know the drill. I like to clean the barrel of all new air rifles if possible, to remove latent bluing salts, rust and factory dirt. However, I’ll clean only those guns that lend themselves to it. I don’t clean guns with sliding compression chambers and most PCPs, because I can’t clean them with a solid rod from the breech. Those guns I just shoot until they’re clean.

I removed the muzzlebrake before cleaning the barrel, simply because it’s less of a hassle off the gun. JB paste can get stuck inside if you leave it on. The barrel proved to be very smooth and had no choke. There was some dirt inside the bore, but nothing nasty like rust. Once clean, the rifle was ready to be tested.

Velocity with Air Arms Diabolo Field domes
Air Arms Diabolo Field domes are made by JSB, so you know the quality is there. Once the rifle settled down, they averaged 709 f.p.s., with a spread from 694 f.p.s. to 723 f.p.s. That works out to an average muzzle energy of 9.42 foot-pounds for this 8.44-grain pellet.

Velocity with Crosman Premier lite pellets
Crosman Premier 7.9-grain pellets averaged 750 f.p.s. with a spread from 744 f.p.s. to 759 f.p.s. They seemed to fit the breech very well, which may be a hint of accuracy to come. The average energy was 9.87 foot-pounds.

Velocity with RWS Club 10 pellets
RWS Club 10 pellets are 7.0 grains, the same weight as RWS Hobbys, so I used them as my 1990s-era lightweight pellet. Once the rifle settled down, they averaged 854 f.p.s., with a spread from 839 f.p.s. to 869 f.p.s. That works out to an average energy of 11.34 foot-pounds.

Velocity with Crosman Silver Eagle hollowpoint pellets
Crosman Silver Eagle hollowpoint pellets weigh just 4.8 grains, and will usually give the highest velocity of any metal pellet. They averaged 1110 f.p.s., with a huge spread from 1009 f.p.s. to 1151 f.p.s. Only two shots out of 10 registered under 1100 f.p.s. The average energy was 13.14 foot-pounds, a number that is very interesting.

It straddles the fence!
By UK law, this pellet would make the B26-2 a firearm, since the energy is greater than 12 foot-pounds at the muzzle. And that should open your eyes to the precarious position airgun manufacturers find themselves in when trading in the UK market, since any new lightweight pellet has the potential to do this. Once a model tests above 12 foot-pounds, it’s always and forever considered a firearm. Not just one specific gun, mind you–every gun made under that model number. If you bought it as an airgun and a new pellet pushes it over the limit, that’s your bad luck! Spring guns are especially vulnerable to this because precharged guns don’t normally vary quite as much.

What a spread of performance! From a low of just 9.42 foot-pounds to a high of over 13. That illustrates just how much it matters when choosing a pellet for an air rifle. U.S. shooters don’t have to concern themselves with velocity or power, of course, so they can concentrate on accuracy and choose the best pellet they can. Next time, we’ll find out what sort of capabilities this rifle can deliver. The .22 caliber B26 was pretty accurate, so I’m hoping this one will be, as well.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

58 thoughts on “BAM B26-2 thumbhole Part 2”

  1. Morning B.B. I never thought about the problem for the air rifle people in the UK. You’d think that they’d use a defined pellet to test the gun’s power. Yes, the accuracy is what we need to see. Will this be an interesting gun or not? Mr.B

  2. HI.B.B. You’re now into mind reading,incredible!My two questions today were both answered in your article.#1 Ijust bought a Tx 200 mk111.Should I clean the barrel? #2 What is your opinion of Air Arms Pellets? This is the best Air gun sight ever.Now, can you tell me what the stock market is going to do today?

  3. We have the same problem in Canada. Here everything above 500fps is considered a firearm. Some airguns have lowered velocity but a very big part of them don’t even get here.


  4. Mr. B.,

    I don’t know whether this B26 is accurate or not. The .22-caliber standard rifle was, but this is a different gun in .177.

    I don’t test these guns, normally, until I do the actual report, so I’m as much in the dark as anyone.


  5. TX200,

    The TX is one of those difficult guns that I just shoot. I see you got that from the report. And you will find that it is everything it is cracked up to be. The only TX I ever saw that didn’t live up to the promise was one that had been “worked on.” From the factory, a TX 200 is about as nice as it gets.


  6. b.b., do you have any specifics on how they test guns (Canada).
    The two rifles I use most are the 853c Legend and the Slavia 630.
    Both are rated in Canada at 495fps. I don’t have access to a chrony so rely on the good old bar of soap.
    The Slavia definitley drives a pellet (RWS Superpoints) further into the soap…nearly by a factor of 2.
    What I’m wondering is:
    -who tests the guns…or do they rely on the manufacturers word.
    -do they have a standardized pellet
    -do they tend to use a heavy or light pellet
    Hope you can shed some light.

  7. B.B. I live in CA. That last comment about U.K. law made me ask you this question. Do you know where i can find info on the law pertaining to airguns? I’ve asked two friends of mine both LEO’s and get blank faces. From SavageSam

  8. Cowboy Dad,

    When I published The Airgun Letter in the 1990s, the RCMP crime lab was a subscriber and called me infrequently to ask technical questions. That led me to believe that they are doing the testing, though I think they do it for another government entity – like Customs.


  9. SavageSam,

    Law Enforcement personnel have no reason to know about airgun law – only the laws they enforce. If there is an airgun law on the books, they should know about it, if they are called to enforce it.

    Laws are enacted at the local, state and national levels. Sometimes a law at one level is negated by a superior law that excludes the lower level from making legislation in a particular area. This will often go unnoticed until it is challenged.

    A study of the law takes a long time and access to a good legal library. There is no one place to go to find THE ANSWER. You have to do the research – not only of the laws but also of the court cases that have passed down decisions based upon an interpretation of them.

    There is a lawyer in southern California who makes his living defending the airgun industry against wrongful suits. This man has spent years researching the law and admits he still doesn’t know it all.

    What I’m say is I hope you have a passion for this. because it can be both a full-time and a lifetime occupation.


  10. Matt61,

    I didn’t get your email last night, try again.


    I noticed that the Air Arms pellets that use to come in two different diameters, one slightly fatter than the other, now PA only offers the one. Is that the fatter one or not? I remember, they were always out of the fat one. I did get some once and I liked them especially in the Mendoza line of rifles, which seems to have a larger .177 barrel..

    Is there any other quality pellet in that weight area, that is that fat and PA sells? I’ve got to get ready for the contest with Matt61, using the Avenger 1100 when they get back from repair at PA.

    I’ll probably end up my old standby, the JSB Exact 8.4, which from what your saying might be the same pellet as the Air Arms..

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  11. B.B.,

    I have following problem with a Diana 52 in .25 circa 1998. It’s a great/accurate airgun with less than 1k rounds. It rcvd a basic tune from uamarex a year ago. However, it has the following issue.

    1. A loose barrel (or barrel cover). It moves about 1/4″. I’d like to know if the Bbl is pressed in (like some Browning rifles) or screwed in (ie. like most firearms/rifles.
    How can the bbl be tightened?

    Jeff in N. Texas

  12. Wayne,

    I have no way of knowing what head diameter the Air Arms pellets are in the PA warehouse, short of calling them. The pellets I used have a head diameter of 4.51mm, which is probably the smaller one. 4.52 is considered a fat pellet.

    Call them. They get several pallets of pellets in every week.

    I do believe these are the same as JSB Exact light pellets.


  13. B.B.,

    I don’t about the uamarex service dept. They replaced the breech seal and the rod in the cocking lever. Also left the cocking handle loose/sagging. It will free fall to 2 o’clock if the rifle is held sideways.

    Will the loose bll affect the breech seal(hold)?


    Jeff in N. Texas

  14. B.B.,

    I remember from your previous postings that you left some air rifles cocked for a long periods of time (just for the sake of testing, of course).

    Did you ever experience a (virtually) blown piston seal thru the cylinder (ending up in the breech area) when you finally de-cocked aka. fired the pellet?

    Best regards,

    Jeff in N. Texas

  15. Wayne,

    My email to this address


    got bounced. Is that the right one?

    B.B., looks good so far with the B-26. Actually, I suppose my questions are largely answered about this rifle already since I have not heard of or experienced accuracy problems with BAM rifles. Assembly and quality control seem to be the issues. And right now, my B30 is doing great. With my newly minted follow-through technique, it is showing new capabilities.

    I’m wondering if you’ve had experience taking apart BAM guns or Chinese guns generally. CharlieDaTuna’s old website claimed that these guns were often in terrible shape on the inside with broken springs and rust. Some of my experience would seem to back that up. On the other hand, I know that it was Bob’s business to tune guns which may have affected his opinion. What’s it look like in there?

    On another topic, are there any suggestions for recycling the lead that falls out of my pellet trap? I’ve probably thrown out pounds of the stuff already and will continue to.


  16. Matt61,

    That looks right, I’m getting emails for some folks, but I wonder if I’m getting all of it right now, I haven’t heard from some other folks either..

    Keep trying, or call me with yours, and or, give me yours here, ( if you dare), and I’ll send them to you.


  17. Matt61 –

    My area’s dump has a decent recycling area. One section is devoted to scrap metal of all kinds; I regularly add my share of auto parts, metal appliances, etc.

    I figure they’re already set up to deal with things like plumbing that includes lead solder – so I include the squished pellets from my trap. Yes, it’s surprising how quickly they build up.

  18. phil I.

    Thanks, that’s a good idea although I have transportation problems getting out to a dump. The pick-up categories for recycling don’t seem to include lead.

    To all, regarding my question of whether you can achieve a dead-steady hold with a benchrest, my research has produced an answer. You buy a $3000 machine rest for the rifle and pull the trigger with a camera shutter release button.


  19. bb,

    Just passing by to say that I still love this blog. It’s been a while since I wrote because I joined the army and well after a couple of months I finally can log on. I’ll keep reading as always. And take care. Cf-x guy – Hernan

  20. b.b. Okay, this may classify as a dumb question, but here goes.
    Last night I was shooting my 853c. After about 20 shots I took a shot, and though all seemed okay I did not hear the pellet hit the trap.
    I checked the target and there were one hole less than there should have been.
    I recocked the gun and nothing…just the click of the trigger.
    I looked at the business end of the barrel, and about 2 inches down was the pellet.
    I grabbed the cleaning rod (as per the Daisy inst) and pushed the pellet carefully back to the breech. Odd thing was there was absolutely no resistance…it wasn’t stuck or anything.
    Put in a new pellet and things were back to normal.
    Put through about 40 pellets without a hickup.
    What’s up, or is this something that happens…just not to me yet?


  21. Help please. A seal or seals, I don’t know which, took a dump in my 1077. Out of warranty, is this something that the average mechanically talented person can repair or do I have to send the gun out? If it needs to go out, can you recommend someone to use. I live in MD not far from College Park. Thank you all very much. Matt61 how about a blog on how that machine works with a big springer, cause for sure artillary hold is not in the picture:) Mr.B

  22. Cowboy dad……
    Why the weak shot I don’t know.
    The pellet hit the choke, started to squeeze down, but did not have enough zap to leave. The pellet was squeezed enough that it was loose going back down.

  23. I have the standard B-26 in .22 caliber and think that it is one of the better rifles you can get in this price range. Smooth shooting with a great trigger. I have not tested a lot of different pellets through it yet, but it definitely shoots JSB exacts and Beeman silver bears accurately as well as some Benjamin diablos and RWS hobby’s I had lying around. All in all a terrific bargain for someone who can’t or doesn’t want to cough up the funds for a Beeman R-9

  24. Mr. B.,

    It’s not terribly hard to reseal the gun, but there are few instructions available.

    I used to metal-detect the U of M campus at College Park when I lived in Ellicott City.

    You are so close to Rick Willnecker that I’d refer you to him. He is just over the border in PA (up 83 North out of Baltimore).


  25. b.b.
    Your reviews of the Evanix AR6 and Renegade were invaluable. Any chance you'll do the same for the Career Infinity? I'm torn between the AR6 & Infinity, and highly value your revelations of how they feel, how they work, and how they shoot.

  26. Jane,

    There is a chance I’ll get to the Infinity, but right now it doesn’t look like it will be soon.

    Maybe if you tell our readers what your thinking is at present, the owners of these various models can advise you quicker.


  27. B. B.

    I’m really looking to stick my toe into the PCP waters. I see a Discovery in my not too distant future, but I’ve got three questions before I pull the trigger:

    1 – Will PA or Crosman have them in Roanoke so that I can get it immediately and not have to pay shipping? (I’m looking to get the basic .177 cal model with no scope or pump.)

    2 – I plan on using a paintball tank with adapter to fill it.How many fills/shots can you get from a 20 oz tank?

    3 – I’ve got an adapter that allows you to use a 12 gram CO2 cartridge on a paintball gun, and the 88 gram tank comes with a similar adapter. Can either of these be used to fill the Discovery. (Either would make it a lot easier when out in the woods.)

    Thanks in advance.

    Randy in VA

  28. Good evening B.B. As always, thank you for your advice. I’ll send Rick and e-mail and get the 1077 off to him. By the way it’s trigger is much better now, as you said it would be which is why I’ll repair this one rather than buy a new one. It’s a fun gun for me besides by grandson really enjoys shooting it and making room at the bird feeder for something besides sparrows. Mr.B

  29. B.B.

    Well, there is another huge money saver, I suppose. You can just recycle pellets into bullets for firearms practice. But how much is a lead furnace….

    Joe B. I don’t know how the camera shutter release button works. I never imagined such a thing. My only source is a firearms forum that you can find just by googling “camera shutter release” and “benchrest”. I’m afraid that’s all I could contribute to a blog Mr. B. Maybe I could also include the scene from the movie Shooter where the crippled renegade sniper is set up in a tower with a .50 caliber sniper rifle that he operates by remote control.


  30. B.B.
    Thanks for your reply. My current thinking on the Infinity and AR6 PCPs goes like this:
    1. They are both better value than FX, Daystate, or other European hunting PCPs.
    2. AR6 has the right power for hunting, and throws a heavy pellet, but it is a bit small, (38in), uses a lot of air, and somehow, launching the pellet from the cylinder instead of chambering it seems unrefined.
    3. The Infinity is a bit bigger,(43in), but has a shorter barrel. The cylinder has a retaining band, unlike Evanix. I’m not sure if the side-lever action is as smooth as the hammer, or if the Infinity actually chambers the pellets.
    Indications are the Infinity also uses lots of air, but I’m not sure if it can launch a heavy pellet.

    Finally, with the odd diference in dimensions, (the longer rifle has a shorter barrel), I’m not sure which will “fit” me better. I tend to like a longer stock.

  31. bb,
    I just bought a Parker bow used for 1200$. Engraved and smooth.I can make a golf ball sized group at 40yards. Great eh, do you have any tips? I also bought a Crosman R72 after deciding pellets are too fast for my D-grade drywall. Are they built well? Howlong do they last? It shoots very good 2.5inch groups with .25g at 25 yards.
    Shadow express dude

  32. Matt61 and All,

    I had to have someone under 30, to show me that I have to login a second time at the site to open up the upload and edit part. So here is an updated photobucket with the small dot test of 130 shots with the AA S410 on a fill:


    Good news also, I got the Avenger 1100 back today, so we can start the contest soon. I put a leapers 3-9x50AO on it, so as not to put you at too great a disadvantage.

    Randy & I ran it over the crony, and the Kodiaks 10.6 match were the most consistant, with spread of only 6fps, but they averaged only 679fps, and the hobbys only 890fps and a 12fps difference between high and low, so it's not up to it's advertised power, but I don't care. Because..

    Randy sighted it in while I put a scope on the RM200, that came back also. Very soon he was getting some 1/4" 5 shot groups off the bench rest, with a flyer now and then, from a little of the rebuild oils I guess. They showed in the crony at first also, so we tested again after more break-in shots, it got much better results. After a few hundred more break-in shots she will be ready.

    The Mendoza RM200 in .22 cal. was the second air rifle I bought out of 50 or so, since I start the rifle range. This is a real nice small, affordable, accurate, and easy to shoot air rifle for shooting at starlings and the like, especially when your worried about the pellet carrying too far.

    B.B. did a blog on it, I think that's why I bought it.

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  33. Wayne,

    Nicely done. Look at all of those tiny holes. It sounds like your Avenger is matching your S410! For what it’s worth, my email to your account bounced again, but if you have your photobucket working, it doesn’t matter.


  34. Matt61,

    I don’t know what, but after Randy went in, I started shooting the Avenger 1100 in the bench rest, and I had a hard time getting 3/4″ groups at the 20 yd indoor range. I got one 1/4″ 5 shot group, out of 25, but that’s it. It must still be breaking in, and I have to improve my shooting in the bench rest. I think the lightly firm hold might be best, the best group was when I held her down with only my right hand on the pistol grip, maybe 3 lbs of pressure down. I’m going to have to test and practice for sure.

    Maybe Randy should shoot the Avenger 1100 and I’ll shoot the Slavia 634, and it can be a three way contest..

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  35. Volvo,

    About your Raider having a "low fill pressure at 200 bar", that's about 3,000 lbs. A low fill pressure would be the Discovery at 2,000 lbs or about 150 bar.
    Welcome to the PCP world!! Start pumping and say goodbye to recoil.

    You'll be doing the scuba tank thing sooner or later, even if you have to buy 3 or 4 tanks and fill them when you go to the big city..

    I don't want you pumping when your suppose to be covering my back!!


  36. Matt61,
    Thank you for asking yesterday about women in the NRA. Yes there is a fair female membership.

    No it is not unthinkable for a woman to rise to NRA president. In fact Sandra S. Froman held served as VP under Charlton Heston and was elected as VP in 2005.

    Maybe someone else can offer info on the gender demographics of NRA membership.


  37. Matt61,

    Last week, we were talking about the best low priced springer for the money, and I think it was Vince that said the Slavia CZ634 was a contender. So I got one on Gun broker for $139. The 634 is the newest in the line, it weighs about 7 lbs, after the 630, with a basic stock,and 631 with a more 10 meter type stock. the blue book says they weigh 6.6 lbs.

    Mine felt tuned right out of the box, with a nice 2 lb trigger, and solid thunk when shot, it cocks with about 20 or 25 lbs. It’s got a nice solid scope rail too, I put a 3-9x40A0 leapers on it.

    It feels like it’s built better than the used Diana 45 that just came also, but I haven’t shot it much yet.

    My CZ634 shoots the JSB Exacts 8.4 gr .177 at 738fps with a diff. of 11.53 between high and low.

    I did a 2″ vs 1″ dot test (your idea), with it during break in and took some photos, with the gun. So I’ll try all by myself to put them into the photo bucket. My what a big boy am I!!! Check tomorrow…

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  38. Randy,

    There are no shipping charges on the Discovery because of the price. So you are saving nothing by waiting for Roanoke.

    If you want Pyramyd to bring some Discos, call them (talk to Chris) and make the arrangements.

    Nobody knows how many shots over 1,000 you can get on a Disco or an AirForce gun when running a 20-ounce tank. All we say is “over 1,000.” It will be more than enough.

    Your adaptor will work on a Discovery if it ends in a Female Foster quick-disconnect fitting.


  39. Jane,

    The fit of a stock has to do with the pull length, not the overall length. The AR6 has a pull length suited to adults. I find it fits me well and I like larger rifles.

    The AR6 and Infinity both use a lot of air because of their power. That’s why they are so loud. No way around that.

    The Renegade is scaled back in power and gets more shots per fill. It still delivers 38 foot-pounds in .22-caliber with Eun Jins, which is an ideal power capable of taking woodchucks and raccoons.

    Although I have not tested the Infinity I can tell you that the sidelever is going to be rough and jerky. They all are. The AR6 cocks much easier and the Renegade is the easiest of all.

    I also don’t like that the AR6 fires the pellet from the cylinder, but I have to say that downrange it doesn’t seem to make a big difference.


  40. Shadow Express Dude,

    If you can shoot a 2.5-inch group at 25 yards with an airsoft gun you should be very happy. I have no experience with the R72, but it sounds like you got your money’s worth.

    As for longevity, the Crosman guns are not built for long-term use. To get that you need to step up to a Marui-class airsoft gun.


  41. Jane,

    I got the AR6 last month, and it’s very accurate and super fun to shoot. It is also very loud, as loud or louder than a .22 rimfire in a short barrel rifle.

    The double action trigger, is really cool, if you have very strong fingers, and don’t expect great groups. The Renegade has an easier double action trigger, and groups with “as fast as you can pull the trigger” are even better.

    Cocking the hammer with your thumb on single shot is very cool too. The AR6 is as close to a rim fire as you can get in a .22 cal, I would think.. I want to try the Renegade too soon..

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  42. BB, it’s still hurry up and wait. I’m one of the youngest people here(I’m 17) but it’s still good. It’s hard but not impossible. And believe it or not even after shooting m16s and 50 cal and more I miss my cfx hahaha. Well bb take care!

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