by B.B. Pelletier

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Today, we’ll look at the accuracy of the SIG Sauer SP 2022 BB pistol. This is a double-action-only pistol, which means you can fire it only by pulling the trigger. There’s no crisp trigger-pull, like a single-action pull would give. Instead, you manually cycle the hammer with the trigger on each shot. That throws off your hand during aiming.

Also, this gun comes with combat sights which are never as precise as target sights. They are quicker to get on target, which is why they’re used, but they limit accuracy to minute-of-bad-guy.

However, with all that qualifying, I must say that I find this SIG Sauer to be the most accurate BB pistol I’ve shot in a long time. I shot at 15 feet and used an NRA 15-foot BB gun target that has a black bullseye of 0.680″ diameter. That’s close to the size of an American dime. Though it’s hard to hold a DAO action pistol on such a small target, the attempt helps keep the group small, “Aim small, miss small.”

It took two attempts to learn the best method of engaging the target. It turned out to be a two-hand hold with a 6 o’clock sight picture. I also found that shooting faster produced better results. I don’t mean as fast as possible, but five shots in under three seconds, which is a deliberate pace.


All the groups were close to the same size once I learned the best technique. This is the largest group of KWC BBs. Five shots measure 1.785″ center-to-center. I darkened the photo and bumped up the contrast to make the BB holes stand out, but they’re still hard to see.


This is the smallest group. Five shots measure 1.665″ center-to-center. Also shot with KWC BBs. There are two shots in the center hole.

I also tested the pistol with Daisy BBs to see if there was any significant accuracy difference. You may remember I mentioned that the KWC BBs are much smoother than other BBs – even Daisy’s Avanti Precision Ground Shot. That difference doesn’t seem to matter as far as accuracy is concerned.


This is a group of Daisy BBs. Five shots measure 1.779″ center-to-center. Not much difference from KWC BBs. There’s a BB hole near the top, to the left and just below the hole you can see.

Shoots to the aimpoint
The pistol does shoot to the aimpoint, but you’ll notice that two of my three groups are left of center. That’s due to the DAO trigger-pull. It has nothing to do with the BBs. Practice is the only way to get groups centered. A left-handed person would pull to the right.

Final evaluation
This is a pretty impressive BB pistol. It works as advertised and has superior accuracy. I find the magazine hard to load and the sights are fixed, but they are also right on target. For those wanting power, get a different gun. But for those who want to hit their targets, look at this one closely.