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Education / Training Air Venturi HaleStorm – Part 3

Air Venturi HaleStorm – Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2


The .22 caliber Air Venturi HaleStorm is a good-looking PCP repeater that’s also testing very well. We may have a major winner in this rifle!

Today, we’ll look at the accuracy of the .22 caliber Air Venturi HaleStorm. And now I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I tested this rifle back in March of this year, it didn’t yet have a name. I just called it the Hatsan repeater, because the decision to import it hadn’t yet been made. In fact, my test was required input for that decision.

Is this a worthy air rifle? Well, we saw in the velocity test that it has a good string of useful shots at a whopping 30+ foot-pounds of energy when heavy pellets are used. So, if it’s accurate as well, then, yes, it’s worth considering.

March in Texas this year was windy. In fact it’s almost always windy here in Texas, but it was especially so this spring. All the shooting was done in the wind, pausing between gusts. That made things harder, because at no time was the wind entirely calm. Nevertheless, the rifle shot through like a champion.

I used the same Leapers 3-9×50 scope that I used on the Hammerli Pneuma, because, except for the HaleStorm’s 10-shot rotary clip and the stock, the rifles are essentially the same. I used the trick of folding the rear sight forward to mount the scope. All you have to do is remove the elevation wheel and spring underneath the sight, and the rear sight folds forward to take up half the height as before. Then, there’s adequate clearance for a 50mm objective bell.

Loading and firing
The clip-loading mechanism on the rifle is easy to use and very positive. Just remember that each time the bolt goes forward, it pushes another pellet into the barrel. I also found the circular clip itself to be very easy to load.

JSB Exacts
I tried the 15.8-grain JSB Exacts and Air Arms domes that day because both have a good reputation for long-range accuracy. I was on a tight time schedule and wanted to cut to the chase. These pellets would do it, I figured.


Ten JSB Exact 15.8-grain domes went into this 1.632″ group at 50 yards. While this group looks large, remember the wind was not cooperating that day. I was impressed.

Air Arms domes
The other pellet I tried was the 16-grain Air Arms dome that’s also made by JSB. It looks like an Exact and it performs like one, too. However, it shot to a different point of aim.


Ten Air Arms 16-grain domes went into this 1.361″ group at 50 yards.This pellet is essentially identical to the JSB Exact, but notice that it went to a completely different spot on the target with the same scope settings.

Final observations
The HaleStorm is a wonderful new PCP repeater. It’s priced as a real bargain and delivers the features shooters and hunters want–power, shot count and accuracy. It’s loud, but nowhere near as loud as a .22 rimfire rifle. You can’t use it in a suburban backyard without drawing attention to yourself, but out in the woods and fields, it will be fine. This is a reliable 10-shot repeater. The airgun world has another good PCP buy for a reasonable price.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

66 thoughts on “Air Venturi HaleStorm – Part 3”

  1. B.B.

    Well I got the SportsmansChannel last month. It was only a seven dollar add on where I live. (Illinios) The only reason I got it was to watch the American Airgunner show. I think I've seen three episodes so far. It's good to see airguns going main stream. Never would have thought this hobby would be on T.V. I was wondering how many episodes are on the list for this year's season. And did I see a guy shooting a Marauder with a Challenger stock?

  2. Good Morning B.B.,

    Sounds like the HaleStorm is an interesting rifle. I wonder if there is someone out there who currently shooting one who would give us an idea of 50 yard groups fired on a windless day?

    A word of caution to those who are going to put a LDC on their HaleStorm.. Please go and read B.B.'s article on suppressors. The best comment that I've seen is that if its got threads it's considered a Class Three item and requires the BATF tax to be legal.

    Mr B.

  3. B.B.

    Sounds like a winner except for the noise level.. that's a deal breaker for most of us.. who want to stay legal!

    Great that you figured out the rear sight and got a 50mm scope on it.. the PA site says nothing larger than 32mm… you might make a comment on the PA site, to let folks know… that could also be a deal breaker for some.

    Interesting that the only comment was by someone who likes the Hale Storm better than his Marauder… even though he says it's not that accurate.. (but he wasn't using good pellets IMHO)… That's hard to believe! .. must be a great air rifle!

    How about you, if noise wasn't an issue, would you pick the Hale Storm over the Marauder?


  4. I recently did my first tune ever on my RWS 34 Panther and the results are amazing. Using parts from Jim Maccari, the cocking and firing behavior are now very smooth and I only lost about 5 fps. Now I am going to tune my RWS 350 Magnum. But this time I am going for velocity. I know the recoil is going to be nasty but I think I have mastered the artillery hold well enough to handle it. My question is, if I were to use Moly paste instead of Heavy Tar on the mainspring what effect would this have? Maccari used to have something called Velocity Tar but not anymore. I also ordered one of his Spring Guide Power Spacers. Whould this go on top of the OEM washer or would it replace it? What else could I do to increase velocity? I am hoping to gain about 2 ft.-lbs. of energy.
    Thank you

  5. Gerry,

    Congradulations on your first tune!I also have a 350 Magnum and am interested in the what you did for your power tune and its results. Would you be so kind as to keep us updated on your project. Thanks much!

    Mr B

  6. Gerry, are you using the Maccari kit or are you looking to just spruce things up with your standard parts?

    As for the 'power spacer', I'd think that this is the wrong place to ask that question – you might want to ask the guy you bought it from. In any event, I don't think that spacing the ORIGINAL spring is going to buy you a lasting power increase. And it might not do anything with a Maccari spring either, depending on the preload.

    In virtually all spring guns, the spring takes a 'set' over the first several times it is used, because the metal gets stressed past its yield point. It does this until the spring 'relaxes' enough that the metal no longer exceeds that level of stress. If you space a spring, all you do is stress the spring past that point again, and the power will probably (after some number of shots) just drop back to pretty much where it was before.

    Spacers can be useful where the initial preload of the spring is relatively low and not enough to give it a proper 'set'. In that case you aren't getting all the power available out of that spring. I don't know if this is the case with the Maccari spring, but again you'd have to check with him.

    How's the gun running now? What sort of velocity is it producing and with which pellet?

  7. Gerry,

    the heavy tar slows down the spring expansion and quells vibration so your 350 would become a bit more pleasant to shoot but would lose some velocity. If you go that route, the accepted practice is to use the tar sparingly on the spring. Using Moly will aid the spring's expansion speed and might give you more velocity. I say "might" because a stronger or faster spring does not always provide the increase in power one thinks it would. Power and velocity is more dependent on the size and shape of the transfer port and the piston seal's swept area.


  8. Oh – and moly paste on the spring probably won't have much effect on anything. It might dampen the buzziness a bit, but obviously not as well as tar.

    The M350 has an articulated cocking link, so I suspect that the cocking shoe isn't even rubbing against the spring much.

  9. B.B.,

    I have found that the artillery hold with my .25 Kodiak rifle improves the groups at least 3/16" at 10 meters compared with holding the rifle in other ways (as if it were a firearm). This is a really big and apprectiated improvement. Also, using the a-hold increases the frequency of "perfect hits" at exactly what I was aiming for (i.e., pellet stacking), from mebbe 1 in 5 to 1 in 3.

    Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried, the TX200 still was more accurate in my hands using a firearm hold than using the a-hold. Does that simply mean that I need to practice the a-hold with the tx200 some more, until I can shoot at least as accurately using that hold as I can with the firearm hold?

    Or is the a-hold not the best hold for ALL spring rifles?

    Thank you.

    – Dr. G.

  10. Dr.G.,

    My low powered diana 27 doesn't mind how it's held. A firearm hold will group as well as the a-hold. I'm more comfortable, and shoot better, with a firearm hold so that's all I use with that gun.

    My R7 isn't much more powerful but if you grip it tight it shoots all over the place. Go figure.

    I don't know if the a-hold is best for all springers but I do know that some will shoot just as well with a relatively tight hold.


  11. Dr. G.,

    I would have said that not all springers with other types of powerplants are as sensitive as most breakbarrels. The TX 200, for instance, is one of the least-sensitive springers around. I still use the artillery hold on mine, but I use that hold on every springer.

    As for Kevin's Diana 27 being insensitive, I guess mine is too. I never thought about it.


  12. B.B.,

    "..not all springers with other types of powerplants are as sensitive as most breakbarrels."

    You are saying that breakbarrels tend more to be hold sensitive than other spring powerplants. Fair enough.

    However, B.B. and Kevin, I am wondering whether some models of spring rifle are MORE accurate with a f-hold than an a-hold, not simply AS accurate?

    – Dr. G.

  13. Vince,(and B.B)
    I have the new spring and piston seal(Apex) from Maccari.Unfortunately at this time he does not have a spring guide for the RWS 350 so I ordered a new OEM one from Umarex. I have written Maccari regarding the issue I have described and he has yet to write back. I hear that he can be a bit "moody" and in some quarters is known as the "Spring Nazi". "No springs for you!!!" What prompted me to tune this rifle was after around 5000 shots the velocity had dropped from an average of 842 fps with Crosman Premier 14.3 gn to 750. I opened it up and discovered a good size crack in the spring near the base of the spring guide. I've heard that this is common in RWS OEM springs. B.B., I would appreciate it if you could chime in on this.
    Thank you all for your input,

  14. B.B.,
    Thank you for your response, but if you could chime in on the original issues, which is post #5 listed under "Anonymous" at 11:11 AM today, I would be extremely grateful. This the first time I have posted here and I thank you and others here for the wealth of information that you provide. If it wasn't for your blog about tuning an air rifle I never would have been able to tune my 34 Panther.
    Thank you,

  15. Dr. G.,

    In my very limited experience with springers I haven't found one that shoots more accurately with a firearm hold than an artillery hold.

    The 27 ALLOWS a firearm hold without suffering accuracy but certainly doesn't increase accuracy.

    I still love to shoot an fwb 124 that I had tuned and it's not picky about where you place your hand on the forestock but doesn't allow you to curl your fingers around the stock and you better not pull it in tight.


  16. Vince,
    The Maccari spring is 12.25 inches and the OEM spring is exactly 13 inches. The power spacer from Maccari is only .20 inches thick so the total length is still shorter. The question is do I put the power spacer over the thin OEM washer or in place of it. The ID of the power spacer is a perfect fit, but the OEM washer has quite a bit of slop.

  17. I had a question regarding loudness, since what's loud to one person may not be loud to another.

    What do you all consider the threshold for backyard shooting? I ask because we've been shooting a Remington Genesis and a Crosman 2260 with no problems, and I was wondering where these guns fell on the chart.

  18. Gerry,

    Even spacing it up until it just barely cocks or the coils almost bind may not get you what you want. The other factors (as important as or more important than the spring and interdependent) include piston weight, port size, cylinder volume, as well as others. If you are serious about wanting/needing that extra 2fpe, it may be necessary to resign yourself to learning about the whole system and trying several different things. If it were me, I would also sweeten the challenge by keeping the rifle pleasant to shoot or improving it, but thats your choice.

  19. BG,
    Thank you for your advice. The thing is I already have a very pleasant shooting rifle, my 34 Panther. And if I could only have one rifle I would want it to be the 34 Panther. But I bought the 350 Magnum for the the same reason many others have. POWER! And I would like to see how far I can take that.

  20. Gerry, according to my records a healthy M350 spring should be more like 13.25" long. At that it has a preload of approximately 2.8", which means that it has an installed length of about 10.45".

    The stroke of the 350 measures about 4.8", which means that the compressed length comes out at around 5.65".

    The Maccari spring looks to have a stacked height of about 5.25", which means that you theoretically have .4" to play with, so it should be possible to install the spacer without running into coil bind. As for the original washer, it's very thin and won't make any perceptible difference one way or the other.

    But I'd still find out if Maccari recommends installing that spacer.

  21. BuckBronson,

    You've touched a nerve. NO, I haven't been able to see American Airgunner on the Sportsman Channel. I have comcast cable and am about ready to switch if they don't add that channel soon.


  22. Gerry,

    when I took apart my 350 for a tune, it was well down on velocity. After examining everything, I found the spring and the seal in good shape. I ordered the Maccari sampler kit of white tar, black tar and moly and sealed it all up. Use the black tar sparingly on the spring coils. Be sure that the cocking fork that fits into the compression chamber is not damaged and aligns smoothly with the new spring guide that you got from RWS. You might save yourself some work by first putting some silicone oil or powder on the breech o ring seal and test firing the rifle. I had a leaky seal and ordered a pack of #109 O rings from Grainger (information supplied originally by Vince) or I can send you some. Then I had to make a shim to get the O ring to stand proud of the breech block. That was my problem! Before I began work, a 10.5gr Crosman Premier was going 736 fps on average. After the O ring and shim, I was getting 834.7 fps avg.

    You can do a search on the Blog on how to make a shim or, if you have some ingenuity or imagination, do what I did and use a plastic coffee can lid using the O ring as the outer guide and a drill bit for the hole in the center.

    As for that washer, I think it's only there to provide a larger surface for the spring tube to fit on and not rest directly on the spring. You can leave it there and also use Macarri's washer – shouldn't matter as someone else said.

    To quote my buddy Kevin, there's a wealth of information here and you can probably get answers to all your questions without waiting for one of us to get back to you by trying the search feature first.


  23. Gerry,
    I really meant it when I said it was your choice. I'm thinking one thing to try might be to max-out the spring spacing and pre-load (possibly see if JM has a heavier spring that fits), lighten the piston and probably increase the transfer port size a tiny bit to offset the loss of piston mass. My theory is that would give you maximum piston velocity, although it would also probably ensure a despicable firing cycle:).

  24. Kevin

    I too have Comcast. Although I get the Sportsman Channel with the sports package. I'm surprised no-one is talking about the first airgun show on television. Including the co-host/writer/host of the blog.


  25. Finally got to see my 1st show of AA
    This was the one on CO2 guns.Lots of nice guns and an intro to each but not enough
    time for details on each.Also didn't get
    to see each one being shot much.Shame on
    you BB,rapid firing a CO2 gun and not
    letting it warm up between shots:)
    I've been lookin at the pistol and carbine
    options on the Crosman Custom Shop site
    and now I think I'd like to have both.
    Just my luck it looks like the prices
    went up over the weekend:(
    I know the show can't have the detail of
    Pauls vids or BB's writeups and sound bytes,but it's a good intro to AG's.
    Thankfully us detail nazis can get em
    here:)My only complaint is the same one
    I have about every other show not on
    a premium channel:too many commercials!
    I do understand the reason for the ads,
    and at least most of them are for stuff
    I may have an interest in.I'm gonna
    keep watchin when I can and I have an
    advantage in that they replay each show
    a coupla times here:)
    I have to say good job to BB,Paul and PA
    It was fun and I hope you folks keep up
    the good work.


    P.S blogger must not like firefox
    my messages are always narrow and
    chopped up more than anyone else's
    Maybe it's just somethin else I'm
    doin wrong:)

  26. not sure the best place to ask this question but
    I guess this is the only spot on this site to ask it.Im looking for the best 22 cal pellet rifle with a scope for under 200 and the best pellet for accuracy with it.Ive tried a few gamo and Winchester 177 cals with 4 diff type pellets and returned them all.shooting off a bench couldn't get groups better than 3 inches at 25 yrds.noise is a factor as well. I tried a beeman a friend has in 22 and 177 cal,the 22 cal was very accurate 1 inch groups with same setup,just cant buy this model in stores around here dunno if it was a fluke on this cheap of a model or whats expected from all of them.most shots I make are 25 yrds and up in the trees with very tight angles shooting in and hard to see so a somewhat decent scope is a plus.thanks

  27. You can get an RWS 34 Panther in .22 cal. for under $200 with the coupon code right here at Pyramyd. Mine likes Crosman Pointed pelets the best. I average 1/2 inch groups at 20 yards with nothing larger than 3/4 in. Don't know a better spring rifle for under $200.

  28. Anon
    Best .22 rifle for what use ?
    we need details,will you be hunting?
    feather or fur ?
    Do you want pumper(Daisy .22 SG,Benji
    392) Or CO2 (Crosman 2260,RWS 850 mag)
    Or springer (Diana 34,etc.etc.etc.)

    Each pellet gun has it's own taste in pellets.The search feature here for each gun usually has 2 or 3 suggestions
    for pellets to get you started.

    Benchresting springers is a no-no.
    Each of the gun types you mentioned
    is capable of much better groups,
    depending on the individual gun,but
    they all need the Artillery Hold to get
    the most out of them.A search here for
    Artillery Hold will get you some great
    answers and advice.
    Narrow it down for us a little more
    and you'll probably get some great
    people to help you out.


  29. Anonymous, what sort of Beeman did you try? They really run the gamut as far as price and quality goes.

    And JT's comment is correct, Gamo and Winchester air rifles – with all their flaws – are generally capable of much better results than that IF they're shot correctly.

    One more thing, what's your priorities (besides accuracy)? Light weight? Easy cocking? Power? What's the most important?

  30. Danny,

    You might see some more comments about the HaleStorm's accuracy. I'd like to hear about some groups shot on a windless day.

    However, take a look at/blog// for today's topic.

    Mr B.

  31. No Danny – This Blog comment forum can be about almost anything including the Halestorm. Sometimes we do get a bit far afield but we just skip over those topics that aren't of interest. We do try to stay on air guns.


  32. thanks for your comments if there is a better place to post these questions please send me a link and
    I will use it,expanding a little,Im after the squirrels in my trees that pick the pine cones apart.and
    get into the eves of my house.accuracy and kill power are the most important to me,its not cool when they
    fall out of the trees and flop around in the street here in my neighborhood.are 22 cal more powerful even
    though they are slower? are they the more accurate round in this price range?noise is a slight concern but
    all the springers seem to be about the same. this is the one I was using I found very accurate even off
    the same bench
    seems to have good reviews and price is very nice. the rs2 is nice and the rs3 really looks nice and
    is what im leaning towards in my price range. Is there anything out there more accurate than this for less than 200?
    I was unaware you cant shoot a springer from a bench? I searched for the artillery hold you mentioned
    and came up with nothing relevant what is it?

  33. You can shoot a spring rifle from a bench, but it takes technique. That technique is called the artillery hold.
    You can find a blog report on it if you search, but here is a link to an article
    I recently did that has a video:


    Do you need the gun to be quiet? If so, and if you don't want to spend much money,
    I recommend an RWS Diana 34P.

    I do recommend .22 caliber because of its larger frontal area. It smacks the animal harder.
    A powerful .177 will tend to pass through a squirrel, while a .22 tends to do more damage because of its larger size.


  34. Anonymous with the squirrel problem,

    I'll let others offer their opinions on the guns you're considering for your problem.

    Here's a link to an early article B.B. did on the artillery hold and in the first paragraph of this article is a link to a video that B.B. just completed on the artillery hold:


    Here's a link that will take you to the most recent article that B.B. has written. B.B. writes a new article everyday, Monday-Friday. If you go to the newest article, then click on the comments at the bottom of the article you will join the current discussion amongst airgunners, like you, asking and answering each others questions. I'm going to post your question there so please check later today for answers about the guns you're considering. Here's the link that you will also have to copy and paste:



  35. I would need it with a scope,so i see it on the site for 249 with the leapers scope and droop compensator. If noise was not a issue would I be better off with the rs3,or better off still paying 50 extra for the rws. it looks like both guns have very good accuracy reviews although the rws has much more of them.

    I was shooting off a soft foam block with no front hand contact with the other gamo guns and getting really crappy results at 25 yrds.I may have been pulling it to tight to my shoulder,I will try your hold and see how much better results I will get with my new gun
    thanks for the help

  36. I got the RWS 34P on BB's advice. I got it with a 3-9X44 Leapers scope. Im really enjoying it and have never looked back.

    When buying the gun, make sure to get the droop compensator for the Model 48,52 guns. The compensator for Diana breakbarrels over compensates.

  37. I searched around but didn't see an answer to this. How many fills can one get from a full size scuba tank? I know this varies by reservoir size, but for a gun in the Halestorm (I'm posting here after all) or Marauder size charging to 3000 psi? Thanks.

  38. Danny,

    The HaleStorm is not Marauder-class. Although you might see better accuracy than I got by picking a different day, using a different pellet or having a better shooter do the test, please understand that those were TEN SHOT GROUPS! They will ALWAYS be larger than five-shot groups, often by about 40 percent.

    But I will do another test, and we'll both see what happens.


  39. B.B.

    All right… the HaleStorm might not be Marauder-class, though I honestly don't really understand what you mean by it. I was just referring to the similarity of their prices.

    I belive many will appreciate it if you do another test. Surely, I'll be among them.


  40. About the HALESTORM at 50 yards, You will not be disapointed. I'm very rusty at target shooting, yet it grouped 1.5" at 50– in the wind. At a closer range,90 feet, I grouped three inside a nickle several times. Moving on to an example the knock down power of this hunting rifle, a dove was sitting in a tree 15 yards away when I stone cold killed him. The JSB EXACT passed through the cavity of the bird entering above the leg exiting next to the opposite side wing. I took more large birds at greater distances. All month long this rifle dropped them off the top of utility lines at 30 – 40 yards. The JSB EXACT is the only pellet used by me at this point hunting and target shooting. A final comment to consider, it is loud! My neighbors commented it sounded like a small .22 cal. As you probably discerened, the HALESTORM was the first time I fired an air rifle in thirty years, also this my first time to blog. Thanks for letting me participate!

  41. B.B.

    Move your cursor/mouse a little bit above and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    I don't know if you're too old to remember what you have stated or what. Here (below) I copied and pasted it for you:

    At August 01, 2009 7:33 PM, B.B. Pelletier said…

    The HaleStorm is not Marauder-class. Although you might see better accuracy than I got by picking a different day, using a different pellet or having a better shooter do the test, please understand that those were TEN SHOT GROUPS! They will ALWAYS be larger than five-shot groups, often by about 40 percent.

    But I will do another test, and we'll both see what happens.


  42. Danny,

    I'm not 100% sure what you're saying/asking, but I think you're reminding B.B. that he promised to do another segment for the HaleStorm. I can tell you why he hasn't. Pyramyd AIR has moved the HaleStorm into the Sale/Closeout category and will not be stocking the gun once all current inventory is sold. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to continue testing a gun that has already had 3 parts to it but may not be around long enough for the fourth installment.


  43. Edith,

    Any reason why the Halestorm will not be stocked going forward? Problems, customer complaints, etc? I'm sad to hear that.

    The Halestorm was on my wish list when I could justify it. In many areas, the Marauder has it beat, but it has a few nice twists. Open sights is one. The adjustable butt on the stock is nice too.

    I really like my Discovery, but loading one shot at a time in winter is problematic. Preloading a set of 10-shot clips before hiking out to the woods would fix that. (Yes, I know the Marauder has that feature too.)

    Pity, the Halestorm seemed to be a solid PCP in the affordable category, good looks, gorgeous stock, nice features and did I mentor open sights?

  44. What separates men from beasts is the former's ability to keep their words. If B.B. said he will make another test, he should keep his word and not say the "what are you talking about" bull__it.

    The mere fact that the halestorm is already on closeout/sale doesn't justify anything. What about those who already bought it or those who are about or will buy pyramydair's remaining units??

    Does this mean that your blogs/reviews do not really intend to help customers but just lure them into buying products from pyramydair?

    Definitely uncool!

    Thanks Edith, I appreciate your honesty. But you really don't have to answer on behalf B.B.


  45. Danny,

    For starters, I'm not affiliated with Pyramyd AIR in any way. I'm just an airgunner that enjoys reading this blog about airguns and appreciates the wealth of information provided at no cost.

    The article above is the third part in a series on the halestorm. What other retailer provides you with this indepth analysis without any cost to you?

    In my opinion you're being irrational to expect a fourth installment on a gun that's being discontinued. There are too many other guns, pellets, scopes, etc. that deserve a review.

    To allege that the blogs/reviews do not help customers is absurd and uncool on your part.

    Lastly, yes Edith does have to answer on behalf of B.B. since he's been hospitalized for almost two months.


  46. i just bought a close out halestorm and the comment i keep hearing from my friends is, " this thing shoots itsself" it is a fine rifle unbeatable at a 30yrd range (dime size groups) with the bejamin discovery hollow points and ive been 50 yardin' with these ultra shocks 5.5s by skenko i think, and they are like shooting a spool of thread but they group dime size at 50 yrds and hit hard. I pump to 175bar and can shoot 40 rounds befor i notice a preasure loss. one shot one kill

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    By leveraging our expertise and precision, we ensure that your equipment is finely tuned to meet your specific needs and get you ready for your outdoor pursuits. So look out for our services when shopping for something new, and let our experts help you get the most from your outdoor adventures.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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