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Episode 21 – How to select the right airgun: Pt. 1 – Pest control

Hunting…and specifically pest control…is one of the top reasons people buy air rifles. This is the first episode in a series that helps you find the right airgun for your needs. Episode 21 provides specifics about how to find the right rifle for humane pest control. Below are the guns mentioned in this episode.
Additionally, spring-piston guns require the artillery hold. Click to see how it will help your accuracy.

Daisy 22 SG multi-pump pneumatic air rifle

Benjamin 392 multi-pump pneumatic air rifle

RWS Diana 34P Striker spring-piston breakbarrel air rifle with 4x32AO scope

Remington AirMaster multi-pump pneumatic air rifle with 4×20 scope

Gamo Big Cat 1200 spring-piston breakbarrel air rifle with 4×32 scope

Walther Talon Magnum spring-piston breakbarrel air rifle with nitrogen piston insert and 3-9×32 scope

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2 thoughts on “Episode 21 – How to select the right airgun: Pt. 1 – Pest control”

  1. Tony,
    I would include the Crosman 2260 in your group of airguns suitable for pest control. It fires a .22 pellet and is capable of 11 to 12 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. Of course, the 2260 is a warm-weather airgun–a significant power loss occurs at temperatures below 50 degrees. Nevertheless, it’s an affordable airgun with the power to eliminate most pests with the appropriate shot placement and shooting distance. And, it’s actually manufactured in America.
    Thanks, Mike

  2. Just a point of clarification, the Remington Air Master is a multi-pump pneumatic not a break barrel as the caption states. Nice round up! Thanks for putting this together.

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