by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

Benjamin Marauder
Benjamin Marauder

Benjamin Marauder magazine

Marauder magazine

I’m writing this report for blog reader Michael and for all those who have trouble loading their Benjamin Marauder magazines. Also, Matt61 wrote that he’s read of numerous problems with this mag, and he hopes that I’ll show how it works.

Folks — the only problem with the Marauder magazine is that it isn’t straightforward, and the instructions how to load it are not clear. Loading involves a couple techniques that aren’t obvious or explained; but once you learn them, the magazine is easy to load.

Michael asked if Crosman had changed the mag. The answer is yes, but I bet 99 percent of airgunners have never seen the first magazine they made. The first Marauder magazine inserted into the left side of the rifle’s receiver instead of the right side. It was the mirror image of the magazine they use today. It worked perfectly, but it didn’t permit a scope with a large side-adjusting parallax wheel. So, Crosman switched the sides the mag works on very early in the life of the Marauder; and since then, it has inserted from the right side.

Benjamin Marauder old style magazine
The first Marauders had magazines that were installed from the left side of the receiver, like this one.

What I am about to show you works for all Marauder rifles, Marauder pistols and for the Rogue rifles. The magazine has a clear plastic cover that’s rotated to fill the magazine. This is where all the confusion comes from. The magazine cover has to be lifted over a small plastic bump on the body of the magazine in order to rotate freely.

Benjamin Marauder magazine shelf
Insert the tip of a finger into this notch under the clear magazine cover and lift up slightly while pushing the cover clockwise.

Then, the cover is pushed clockwise to clear the bump. Once the bump has been cleared, the cover can be rotated approximately 300 degrees — to a spot where the oval loading hole in the cover almost aligns with the first pellet hole in the magazine body. But the oval loading hole and the pellet hole do not yet align. You cannot put a pellet into the hole yet.

Benjamin Marauder magazine cover past bump
The cover was lifted and pushed past the bump on the magazine body. It rests against the bump under spring tension.

Benjamin Marauder magazine cover rotated almost all the way
The cover is rotated as far as it will go without help. Notice it is stopped by the bump. I have to hold it here, because it is under spring tension.

Benjamin Marauder magazine cover rotated almost all the way top view
Here is a top view of the cover in the same position. It is impossible to put a pellet into the magazine through the oval hole in the cover when it’s in this position.

This is where the Crosman instructions end, and it is the secret to loading the Marauder magazine because the cover has to be rotated a few more degrees clockwise. The bump is in the way, so the cover must be lifted again to clear the bump. The cover will now rotate about another quarter-inch until it comes to a stop on its own, and the first pellet hole will be aligned perfectly.

Benjamin Marauder magazine cover lifted and rotated past bump
Here the cover was lifted and pushed past the bump until it stopped. Now the pellet hole is wide open to receive the first pellet. Remember to place your finger on the underside of the magazine, to prevent the pellet from slipping through the hole.

That hole goes through the magazine body and is used for all 10 pellets because the bolt probe pushes all pellets out of the magazine and into the barrel. You must put the tip of your finger under the back of the hole (the barrel side of the magazine) when you drop in the first pellet.

Benjamin Marauder magazine first pellet loaded with finger in place
The first pellet is in the magazine and held there by my finger over the bottom of the hole.

Now, rotate the cover back counter-clockwise past the bump, and the magazine will be tensioned. You can release your finger from the bottom of the hole because the pellet you loaded will hold the magazine in place. The magazine cover can now be rotated back (counterclockwise) to align the oval hole with each of the remaining 9 pellet slots. Most pellets will just drop in on their own when the holes line up…but sometimes it may be necessary to push in a pellet because the skirt is too wide. A ballpoint pen helps with this.

Benjamin Marauder magazine cover rotated past bump to hold the magazine in place
By rotating the magazine cover back past the bump, the mag is held under tension by the first pellet. Loading the remainder of the magazine is now a matter of rotating the cover and aligning the loading hole with each pellet hole.

Benjamin Marauder magazine cover rotated back to the bump
The cover is no longer under tension and can be rotated back to the bump, inserting pellets as you go.

When the cover is all the way back to the bump again, lift it slightly and return the cover to the starting point with a click.

Removing and inserting the magazine
A second question I got was how to load the magazine into the receiver and remove it again. Some people feel their rifles are very tight and this task is difficult.

Benjamin Marauder removing magazine
Remove the magazine from the rifle by first cocking the bolt, then pushing on the left side of the magazine.

The secret here is how tight the magazine fits the receiver. It does pop in, but the fit is very tight. To remove it, push it out from the left side with your thumb. DO NOT try to pull it out, as that doesn’t work.

To insert the magazine, make sure the flat part of the magazine bottom is aligned with the bottom of the breech cutout. Of course, the single-shot adapter must be removed from the gun before you try to load a magazine. The mag slides into the receiver almost all the way, and when you push it in the final quarter-inch, it audibly clicks into position.

Benjamin Marauder magazine inserted all but the final bit
Slide the magazine in from the right side of the receiver. When it stops, push a little more and it’ll click in place.

These instructions will seem simple once you’ve mastered them. But until that time, the Marauder magazine seems to fight you at every turn.

Once you’ve correctly loaded the Marauder magazine, you’ll find that it’s trouble-free and very reliable.

Below is a a short video I made that recaps what I described in this blog: