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Education / Training R.A.I. adjustable AR stock adapter: Part 1

R.A.I. adjustable AR stock adapter: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

Wives, I want to warn you — today, I’m going to be The Great Enabler! Last year, I was sent a product to test for Pyramyd AIR — an AR stock adapter for certain Crosman pistols by R.A.I. It lets you turn a pistol like the Benjamin Marauder into a carbine by adding an M4 telescoping stock to the back of the gun.

But why would you want to do that? Well, Dave Rensing, the owner of R. Arms Innovations — rarmsinnovations.com — wanted to do it so his young son could shoot his Marauder pistol. The big pistol is heavy for a youngster, especially when it has a scope mounted; but with an adjustable carbine stock, the youngster can size it to fit and then rest it on any convenient place and shoot it like a rifle. And because the M4 stock adjusts for length of pull, Dave can adjust it for himself in seconds. If 2 or more people can shoot the same airgun, the $400 price tag gets spread around and diluted.

The Marauder pistol does come with a factory shoulder stock that turns it into a carbine, so what does this adapter do that the factory stock doesn’t? It all comes down to adjustability. The R.A.I. adapter allows the adjustment of the stock to a wide range of positions that should fit most shooters. Not only is the pull length adjustable because of the M4 extendable stock, you can also raise and lower the stock line (the amount of comb drop), which affects the height of the butt; and you can have a wide range of cast-off and cast-on stock positions (where the stock angles away from you or toward you). And it doesn’t end there. You can also rotate the angle of the butt from straight up and down to where the toe is slanted in toward you or out, away from you.

The R.A.I. adapter helps make the Marauder pistol (and some others others I’ll mention later) into a small carbine that fits the shooter. And let’s not forget that it attaches to a telescoping M4 stock. What that does will differ with each brand; but for this test, I’m mounting a UTG PRO 6-position mil-spec stock assembly that has 6 different lengths of pull. On my test pistol, the length of pull runs from 14-1/8 inches to 17-1/8 inches. This is a rare occasion where I find the length of pull is adjustable to my liking!

The R.A.I adapter
The R.A.I. adapter is made in 3 pieces. Two are machined aluminum, and the third is the bolt that holds everything together, plus attaching it to the gun.

RAI adapter view 1
The R.A.I. adapter consists of these 3 parts.

RAI adapter view 2
This view reveals the essence of the R.A.I. design. That elongated hole, which can be positioned at any angle around a full circle, allows the smaller piece to slide out to the edge of the larger piece.

RAI adapter bolt
The bolt fits through both machined pieces and threads into the hole at the back of the Marauder.

RAI adapter installed
Here, the adapter is installed. The bolt runs through both machined pieces and fastens them to the pistol. The smaller piece fits over the Marauder end cap.

RAI adapter view 1
That elongated hole in the large piece allows the adapter to be rotated up.

RAI adapter rotated down
Here the adapter is shown rotated down. It can be rotated to any position around a full circle!

The stock
Now that you understand how the adapter works, let’s look at the stock that attaches to it. I used a UTG PRO mil-spec stock assembly that has 6 positions for length. The mil-spec designation means the stock tube size conforms to military drawings.

This stock comes from Leapers as a complete package that’s ready to install. The buffer and buffer spring are shipped inside the stock but are not needed for the airgun application. The flange that locks the stock to the AR receiver to prevent it from rotating on the firearm can also be removed.

Leapers AR extendable stock
The Leapers UTG extendable AR stock comes complete and ready for an AR. The buffer, buffer spring and stock flange can be eliminated for this application.

When the stock is screwed into the adapter, the castellated locknut that tightens the stock can be used to lock it in any orientation you want. Regardless of how the adapter is positioned, the stock can be snugged down. This makes the R.A.I. adapter a very adjustable item!

Leapers AR extendable stock locknut
This castellated locknut allows you to lock the stock in any position. The adapter can be rotated however it suits you, and the stock can then be locked to it in any position.

I found this adjustability to be a blessing! As I’ve mentioned more than once, I usually have to adapt to the rifle I’m testing because not many rifles adjust. Most stocks are too short for me, and most combs are too low. I’ve learned to put up with just about anything to get the job done, but it’s rare that I get to shoot a rifle that actually fits me. This R.A.I. adapter may change that with the Marauder pistol.

I’ve now adjusted the stock so the gun comes up fast and feels fine against my shoulder. I won’t know for sure if I have it adjusted right until I shoot the carbine several times — so guess what’s coming?

Leapers extendable stock mounted
With the stock mounted, I find that I can position it exactly as I like it. This might work!

I was surprised to find that the stock’s pull was 15-1/8 inches when I had it adjusted the way I like. I always knew that I liked a longer pull, but this was even longer than I’d suspected.

I also have the comb’s drop set at the maximum; but since this is a straight-line stock, it’s perfect. The cast is set straight for me. And I have the toe of the butt canted into my collarbone. It will require some shooting to establish if this is the best fit for me, but right now it feels good.

What else will it fit?
Besides the Benjamin Marauder this adapter also fits the Crosman Silhouette pistol, the Crosman 1720T PCP Target air pistol, and the Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker. These PCP pistols are all expensive, so the R.A.I. adapter offers a way to expand the utility of each of them across a wide spectrum of shooters.

Is it worth it?
The R.A.I. adapter costs extra, and so does any extendable AR stock you’ll need to purchase with it. The Marauder already comes with a shoulder stock, so is this setup worth the extra expense? It is if you want your carbine to fit a lot of different shooters. If you want to share your carbine with your wife or your children, then this adapter makes that possible, with the gun adjusting to fit everyone. It’s also something to consider if the regular stocks don’t fit too well. I can’t say this one is universal, but it does cover a pretty wide ranges of needs.

What’s next?
This accessory is unlike what I usually test. I’ll be shooting the Marauder pistol to see if I like how the stock makes it shoot for me. That’s a little different than my normal type of test, but I think it should be very interesting and perhaps even informative. Stick around — there’s more to come!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

69 thoughts on “R.A.I. adjustable AR stock adapter: Part 1”

  1. This thing looks amazing! When you said 400$ you were talking about the gun, not the part right?
    How much would the adapter and stock run for? If it’s more comfy than the stock Crosman 1399 shoulder stock it could be a great option!
    I currently have a beautiful custom wood stock made by a local artisan to fit on all 22XX series of pistol but I think one of those would be perfect.
    Oh and I paid 120$ for the stock, delivered to my door. He makes GREAT work, is quite cheap but is slower than a sleeping turtle but well worth the wait to have something so good looking.


  2. BB I think you mentioned this when you did a report on one of the shows you went to if I remember right. But here is the website.

    Hope it was ok to post. But the R.A.I. adapter sells for 65.00 dollars. And if it can help to make the gun more comfortable to shoot then it has to be a benefit. One less thing to try to overcome when making the shot.

    And I use that kind of trigger assembly on many of my Crosman/Benjamin guns. So I could see it helping. But I hate to bring this up because I don’t like saying something that isn’t positive about a product but I have to bring this up. And probably most people this wouldn’t even bother them. But when the adapter is installed I wouldn’t be able to adjust my spring tension setting for the striker like I do for different circumstances. Most people get that tuned and set then forget about it. So They wouldn’t need to worry about that.

    But definitely a cool little adapter and it is a good price.

  3. Love this idea–innovation and adaptability are always a plus. My question is about adapting for a shorter length of pull. I don’t know specifically about the universe of available AR stocks that would plug in to this adapter, but if the adapter itself is long enough so that the shortest available length of pull would still be over 14 inches, that’d be a deal-breaker. (I’m a big guy, with long arms, but I reject the conventional wisdom about stock length. Short stocks are no problem at all for me, but long stocks are a big problem when I’m locked to my Ching Sling in prone, with a heavy parka. Maybe I just do that a lot. 🙂

    I also like the idea of adjusting even further down for kids, and I’d love to see a range of adjustability of something like 10-13 inches — maxing out a little longer than I like, but with the ability to go down to a smaller kid who is otherwise ready. Based on your understanding of the adapter and available AR stocks, do you think that would be possible?

    • Kevin,
      I feel certain that if you should contact Mr. Rensing, he could make you a shorter custom front piece and a shorter screw. For that matter, if you left off the front piece and used a shorter screw, you could bolt the rear piece directly to the pistol. You might consider a black washer the diameter of the small piece to prevent any gouging by the slot. This would limit any upward adjustment of the stock though as this could interfere with bolt clearance.

    • Kevin,

      The Leapers stock is about as short as they get. So 14-1/8-inch is as short as this one goes. When I dialed it all the way in it felt as short as a Daisy 853 stock. I doubt an 8 year-old, which is the age of Dave’s son, would have trouble holding it set that short.

      I guess what I’m saying is the AR stock doesn’t fit like conventional stocks.


  4. There is something I noticed also.

    BB I wish you would of showed the other side of the smaller diameter piece of the adapter. Does it slip over the factory end cap that houses the spring? That’s the way it looks to me. I hope the end cap doesn’t need changed.

    And does the gun feel balanced better with this stock and adapter on the gun? It seems it will be adding weight to the butt side of the gun verses the 1399 stock. Which may be a good thing for me if I use it on my Disco or M-rod with the pistol trigger assembly. And that would really make the disco and M-rod look cool also.

      • BB I missed it. I see it in the description of the 4th picture down.

        The Marauder rifles have a bigger diameter end cap so it wont work for me on my Marauder rifle. But it should still work on my Discovery with the pistol trigger assembly. That’s why I asked the question about how it attaches to the gun.

        And as far as balance. I like the way my Talon SS feels when I pick it up by the grips. And it seems like the adapter and butt stock will help the Marauder pistol feel that way.

  5. I have had this adapter for on my Marauder Pistol for 6 months or so. It is so nice to use an ar stock on this gun. It makes it so much more comfortable to use. It gives the gun a quality feel that to me, makes it worth every penny. I am going to order another for the 1701 crosman I recently purchased . I dont know that I would use these guns for very without this adapter and AR stock.

  6. GF1

    Just ran a string from the 500C with Exact RS . This may be a good backyard starling popper and a plinker for this gun if it will group around 1/4″ at 25 .
    Shooting from mid to lower 600s on second setting. Allowing 30 fps spread . Looks like it might want to self regulate for a few shots at the beginning of the string, and afterwards a slow downhill curve.
    Got 37 shots, but could squeeze in just a bit more and call it 40 without much trouble.


    • TT
      Nice. Now your making me want to get one of those guns also.

      But that means since you get so many shots on one fill and the fps is a gradual drop of each shot taken. That you probably don’t notice much poi change then from the first shot fired then compare it to were the last shot falls when your at the end of your fill pressure. If so that’s what I like to see happen. Makes it that much more easy to be confident when your making a shot.

      • GF1

        So far this is looking like my best shot count if it will shoot these pellets, and it is practical for some purposes.
        It looks like about twice the count of anything else so far . Most of the time I will probably have it cranked up for bigger things than starlings .
        The lowest setting is so slow that I don’t think it is really worth fooling with.
        Glad I tested the RS . Same air usage as some of the hotter settings…..50 BAR of air used.

        It does strange and unexpected things with different settings and pellets. It pays to spend the time in the basement before taking it outside.

        Hopefully I won’t see anything squirrely happen when I get a chance to stretch out the range.

        Don’t want one too much unless it sounds like what you would really like. That’s a lot of bucks and a lot of testing while you hope it will be a good shooter.

        Just put a longer air hose and another scope on order. Also ordered a tin of Metalmags to try. Will get into the reason for that some other time.


        • TT
          A chrony is a wonderful tool that’s for sure. And make sure you post something if you do get to shoot it at the longer distances. But it sounds to me like the gun should be good.

          Metalmags? Well why not tell the reason now?

          • GF1


            While waiting for the car to warm up anyway.

            Skull busting on chucks is always a problem ( the full grown ones) . I am still a bit undecided as what to use on them, even though I took out quite a few with the Talon. It takes a pretty square shot to the side of the head to get penetration without having the pellet skip off. The softer lead pellets (moderate weight ) seem most unpredictable . The harder CP and the heavies (Kodiaks) seem to be a bit more reliable.
            The Metalmags are supposed to be Preds with a hard metal tip instead of plastic. If the metal point digs in and helps keep the pellet from sliding off then it may be a pretty good choice….if they will shoot.


            • TT
              The Metalmags sound good from what you explained. And it seem they should work for the head shot.

              But I have to ask why the head shot? Not to make a big debate about what works or not. Because everybody has their own way of doing things. But I have taken several groundhogs and raccoons with airguns and using regular dome pellets.

              But this is what I have found to work for me. And in my opinion it makes for a easier shot. I wait to get a side profile shot. And shoot them right behind their front leg. Probably about 3″ or so back in the side of their chest area. My .25 cal. Marauder has not let one walk away yet.

              • Hey GF1,
                I apologize for sticking my big nose in here, but as for myself, it is a head shot or no shot. I cannot bear to see an animal suffer, most especially if I am the one causing such. I have killed quite a few deer in my life, but have only shot two behind the shoulders when I was a teen. I have also killed hundreds of groundhogs. If you shoot one of them anywhere else besides the head with a 25-06, you do not have much left to put on the table either.

                • RR
                  Sorry But I disagree. I have shot way to many ground hog and raccoons.

                  First question is how far away are you when you take the shot? And then the next question is what kind of power are you making with the gun your using? I use to believe the head shot was the only way. But if you use the right amount of power and you keep the distance close you can make a quick kill from the side shot. And if you have a gun that you can trust to shoot precisely you can make that good shot.

                  And please explain your shots at the deers. Where did you shoot the other deer at if not behind the shoulder. In the head?

                  Well I guess the head shot is ok but don’t you have more of chance to make a bad shot by shooting at the smaller target of the head the brain to be exact. It seems to me that there would be more chance to make the bad shot and have the animal suffer. If I shoot a ground hog in the head the brain is a small target. If I shoot at the side the kill zone increases. The heart, and lungs are a much bigger target. But if you want to get technical and precise. Then shooting the neck and severing the the head from the body should be the most humane if you could be that good of a shot. But then what happens if your off on that shot a little bit.

                  And I’m all about being humane. But is there really such a thing as humane if your taking somethings life? And I have had this debate before and the best answer I can give is I will not take a shot unless I’m sure it is going to count. Yes I have let animals walk because the shot wasn’t right. But on the other hand how are you really sure that it will count even if it is a head shot or any other for that fact.

                  I hunt and I get rid of pests but it is still a life that is taken. So when I do kill a animal it better be for a reason. And then I still have to think about if the reason to eliminate is stronger than the reason to live. I don’t take it lightly when I do it. So I really wonder if people that hunt think about what they are doing when they are about to take their animal. I hope they do. Maybe when somebody gets buck fever and they start sweating and shaking is because they do realize they are about to or just killed something. So RR sorry. But killing something is not a simple thing for me. I don’t know how else to put it. And I will take the best shot I can whatever the situation is.

                  There I said what I had to say. And I will listen quietly to what you have to say about what you think about this subject or anybody else has to say. The more I learn the better.

                  • I think that when a hunter experiences the ” buck fever” that you refer to is often an inexperienced hunter that fears his own personal failure more than the results of a crippling shot that often results from that emotional responce. But that is a natural progression of the education of the hunter, and as we become better and aquire more emotional maturity, and better our skills of pursuit the effect of this is mitigated. As you point out the killing part of hunting always can be perceived as cruel. Consider this: As we have progressed in inventing more efficent implements for killing have we taken away the reason that we hunt ? If a hunter has refined his skill set to allow him to take every animal he pursues with a head shot , he has evolved as a better hunter . I think when we talk about a weapon or pellet,arrow , or bullet for hunting as being more humane ,we are really talking about ending our pursuit of the prey while hunting sucessfully. To finish the hunt and keep it hunting we need to chase and capture the prey ,or you are not hunting.

              • GF1

                You must have some really wimpy chucks. I have plugged them with all kinds of things over the years, and find them extremely tough to kill. I am even choosy about what kind of ammo I use in my old .22 Remington depending on what time of the year it is and where I want to place the shot.


                • Hunting is yucky. When I need meat for dinner, I put on my combat boots, a pair of tights w/matching tutu, a lovely pair of delicate gossamere wings & head wreath, then ride through the woods on my unicorn (actually a small burro painted white w/his ears duct taped together), sprinkling fairy dust. Then ride back down the trail & gather all the little furry critters that died from laughter, take ’em home skin ’em, gut ’em & toss ’em in the pot. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.
                  There’s your lmao visual for today. Gotta go take my medication now. Shoot/ride safe.

  7. Looks pretty cool. No one has complaints about the AR ergonomics so this seems like a good idea.

    My tribulations with the IZH 61 increase. It turns out that Mike Melick is too busy to work on it now. And it’s not that easy to find airgunsmiths online. Everyone seems to have their niche. If you want repairs on a Marauder or something currently popular, there is no problem, but anything else is very chancy. Does anyone know what happened to Rich Imhoff (Rich from Mich)? He did a great job on my B30, and I can’t find him listed anywhere. I don’t believe he works on IZH 61s anyway, but I’m curious. Even if I broke down and bought another IZH 61, they are out of stock at PA until the end of the month! On this subject, can anyone say what a Super IZH 61 is? It has the exact same description as the standard model but costs $30 more. I’m guessing that it has a stronger powerplant and more velocity, things I would prefer not to have. But I’m curious. Nothing can improve on the perfection of the standard IZH 61!

    Into the breach, the blog has come through in fine style. Thanks gunfun1 for your encouragement and for letting me know that my same problem appears in other guns. Our very own Derrick has very kindly offered to look at my rifle in addition to the 747. Derrick can fix anything, but my concern now is getting a replacement part. The EAA company that imports the IZH 61 are tools in my dealings with them. So, thanks Duskwight for the offer of a new loading rod if that’s a problem! Straight from Russia. That would be really cool. If there’s a need, I will let you know, but thanks so much for the offer. If this all gets fixed it will only be because of the blog!

    By the way, Duskwight, congratulations on all the Russian successes at Sochi. I love your figure skater!

    Has anyone been following the biathlon? I’m entranced by those rifles with their straight pull action. It’s strange that the action can withstand the discharge of the round but will open with the flick of a finger and move back in a straight line. That manual action is slicker even than a Lee-Enfield and you could probably run it almost like a semiauto if you wanted. When I bought my Anschutz, I noticed that the biathlon rifles were $3000, or 50% more. I also see that the targets for the biathlon are at 50 meters and are about 2 inches in diameter for prone and a little over 4 inches for standing. That is very doable unless you are cross-country skiing at the same time. I think that they also have succeeded in dramatizing shooting better than the precision events. No mistake when the reactive targets flip over from black to white.


    • Your comment about an easy target but for the skiing part hit home.
      Awhile back I was out for an afternoon with our police dept tactical team.
      My friend (who is there lead sniper) said that one of the things on the agenda was overlooking a new members shooting qualification.
      6″ plates at 100 and 200 m.
      My first thought was…gee, not only could I easily do that…but so could my 10 and 13 years old sons.
      Well, the fellow fellow set up his gun on his shooting mat and stood behind it. My friend blew his whistle and started his stopwatch.
      The fellow being tested than did 25 squat thrusts followed by 25 pushups (the kind where you push yourself up fast and clap your hands together).
      Then he got behind the gun.
      Okay…that added a dimension I hadn’t taken into account 😉

    • They make those biathlon targets where my wife works, I have had one for years. There is a sliding piece that is pulled by a cord to change the size of the openings in the target. The plates are hardened steel that the bullets strike to drop the flipper, then a marker comes up to signify the hit. I also have an indoor one that is scaled down for air gun use only. Those are not too expensive to buy.

    • Matt
      I know what you feel like when a gun goes down. I will go to work and I will be thinking about it all night long. What will I do to fix it? Can I fix it and do I have the right parts available. If I don’t can I get them and how long will they take to get them to me. So yes I hate to hear if somebody is having a gun problem.

      But about the other subject. The Biathlon. I wonder what kind of training they go through to get ready for the Olympics. And what kind of testing do they do to make sure they make their shot count when they fire their gun.

    • Matt,

      All right drop, me a line if and when you need one.

      On biathlon rifles – have you ever held Luger P-08? Same thing, deadlock principle but “laying on the side”. Lever pair flexes good to the side, but behaves like a solid rod when you try to compress it straight back, as forces balance each other. In rifle case it’s human hand that unbalances deadlock and pulls the bolt rearwards, in Parabellum’s case it’s barrel short recoil. in each case – very low force needed. Works fine for low-powered rounds, the more power, the more solid and larger levers one should use. AFAIR, most powerful stuff based on this principle was Swiss Furrer Lmg-25 for 7.5×55 swiss rifle round.


  8. That is a brilliant idea but the $200 seems a bit expensive for about $5.00 in metal. I can do something like this with a standard stock adapter for a 2250 and stick a paintball stock on it and I get a power adjuster with it. So I really think the price needs to come down a bit.

        • Still, I can do this for $20, plus have a power adjuster and I have a huge choice of stocks from an MP5 stock, to a folding or non folding AR style stock, to a folding AK47 stock or about 50 others. In fact I have been doing something similar for several years now. All they are really offering is that sliding adjustment deal. Yeah, it is a good deal for someone that doesn’t want to dig into their gun with a screwdriver. I’ll give it that. But it’s only a spin on what people have been doing now for years.

  9. Forgive me Tom, not trying to hijack your blog. Hoping this long post will save you some typing answering questions.
    I am the inventor of this product.
    The price of this adapter is $65.00 plus shipping of $5.80 online.
    The metal used is high dollar aircraft aluminum alloy that is then professionally anodized to mil spec standards after having parts machined by a professional machine shop in the USA.Also vented to prevent hammer vacuum from occurring.
    The cost to have a local machine shop make just one of these would be over $100.00 due to machining set up and costs involved,then you would have to pay to have it anodized.
    All material and labor comes from right here in the USA, so I can keep a close eye on having a quality product and also to help keep jobs here in America.
    Also the adjustability is very important. A gun that does not fit you correctly,will never allow you to be as accurate as you possibly could be, due to variations in where your sighting eye is in relation to the sights on a gun that don’t fit like a glove. I shot trap for many years and still enjoy it when time permits. When you look at professional shooters of any shooting sport their gun stocks are adjustable so their gun fits them allowing them to shoot the best possible scores they are capable of.
    If you look at the costs involved in making a butt pad adjustable, a comb adjustable and length of pull adjustable on a regular wooden or synthetic stock you will be amazed at what all that adds up to $ wise. My adapter accomplishes all these things at a much more affordable price even when factoring in cost of a stock and buffer tube.
    Any stock designed to work with the AR 15 platform will work with this adapter. I choose not to sell stocks with these because there are so many different options out there to suit your needs. As Tom mentioned you do not need the spring or the buffer or the spring retaining plate that goes against the receiver for the AR ( However some of the retainer plates have slots out to the side to mount a sling. One of these can be used if you wish).
    It can have even shorter length of pull by sliding past the front indent of the 6 positions ( How my 7 year old daughter shoots hers )

    • Dave,
      Thanks for bringing all of us such a useful product. It is clever in the way it so simply solves such a common problem. I’ve seen many (most?) high dollar target rifles that have all sorts of contraptions to get the stock cheek placed so that your eye falls naturally behind the scope. Your adapter does that just about as well with one bolt. An elegant solution! Very nice.

      I’ve had one of your adapters on my Marauder pistol for several months now, and it truly does make the sight picture fall naturally into view. No twisting and scrunching your head and neck to get that nice black circle around the perimeter of the eyepiece.

    • Dave,

      As a passionate airgunner I’m so thankful for the talented, creative and willing gentlemen like you that step up an offer wonderful aftermarket solutions for those of us that want a stock that fits.

      I’m in awe of your ingenuity.

      Please continue on your journey of aftermarket parts for airgunners. There’s money in them thar hills.


  10. Thank You to Lloyd, Rob and all the other valued customers that have sent me all the positive feedback in emails and on the phone about the adjustable adapter after using it.
    My customers happiness with my products comes first. Which is why no corners are cut and only the best materials and methods are used in production.
    Until you can mount a gun with your eyes closed, open your eyes and have a perfect sight picture you don’t know what your missing in comfort, scores, and all around better shooting results !!!!!
    The adjustability factor to make the gun truly fit a adult or a youngster is what makes this such a good product and a joy to use.

    Please email me at info@rarmsinnovations.com if you have any questions about my products.

  11. Dave

    What you said here describes your product best.

    “Until you can mount a gun with your eyes closed, open your eyes and have a perfect sight picture you don’t know what your missing in comfort, scores, and all around better shooting results !!!!!
    The adjustability factor to make the gun truly fit a adult or a youngster is what makes this such a good product and a joy to use”

    The only problem I see with it is it wont bolt onto my Marauder rifle. I use the pistol trigger grip assembly on my Disco and Marauder rifle and other Crosman and Benjamin guns I have like the 1377, 1720T and Marauder pistol with the 1399 stock. And it will mount on the Disco with that pistol trigger grip assembly. But it looks like the part of the adapter that goes onto a Marauder rifle would need to be made out of a bigger diameter bar stock. The reason I ask about the Marauder rifle is that Lloyd is working me up a double air tube for my Marauder rifle and it would be cool to put one of your adapters and a stock on my Marauder rifle. So the question is could you make me a custom adapter for the Marauder rifle?

    I guess I should ask do you make the adapter yourself. Or do you use the local machine shop in Highland. Or is there more now. I remember the one that was right on the edge of town if you came in on old Hwy 40. I guess they are still in business. Its been awhile since I have been that way. I practically live in your back yard though. Collinsville area is where I grew up. I was going to say something when BB reported about your product awhile back but I didn’t.

    But If you can maybe make that adapter for me for the Marauder rifle I would like that and maybe there are other people out there using the pistol trigger assembly. Anyway I can go to your website and give you my phone number if you want. Let me know and I will Email you my phone number.

    But I am interested in one for my Marauder rifle if you can make it.

  12. Gunfun 1,
    I have made them for the marauder rifles, 22xx series and DAQ pistol’s.
    By all means email me your contact info. I can definitely help you out.
    I personally make the prototypes and keep tweaking them and making
    improvements until I am satisfied with every aspect of the product, then
    I have a local machine shop do the mass producing.
    I do a lot of custom work also.
    If anyone wants to contact me, please feel free to do so through my email.

  13. To clarify my last post, the adapters for the marauder rifle, the 22xx
    series and the DAQ pistols are currently being made by request on a
    Individual basis. I will update the website when I have larger quantities of
    these other variations ready to be shipped.
    Thank You All for your support !

  14. Dave I just wanted to leave a comment here on the blog.

    You did get my Email and I just thought it would be appropriate that I say thanks here on the blog for taking the time to call me. That was a great conversation we had. And I’m thrilled that you are going to make me a adapter for my .25 cal. Marauder.

    And since we live fairly close to each other you even offered to personally mount it on my Marauder rifle and show me all the different ways possible to mount the stock and adapter. How about that. How often do you actually get to have the product personally installed by the maker.

    And I should say this also. It was so easy talking to you it was like I have known you forever.

    And Lloyd if your listening. Same applies to you. You talked with me a few times about the Marauder double air tube and when we talked it seemed as if I have known you also forever.

    Both of you guys were very easy to talk to. And I can definitely appreciate that. That is hard to get in this day and age. Thanks again both of you guys.

    • Just wanted to make this comment real quick. I met with Dave today and he mounted the adapter and set it for me. I didn’t have my UTG stock yet. Its suppose to arrive Tuesday.

      So Dave actually set the adapter using the stock off of his gun. And he put it on my gun and set it where he thought it should work for me. I put the gun to my shoulder and I could already tell it was going to work out good. He made one more adjustment down a little and locked it in place. Perfect sight picture everytime I placed the gun to my shoulder. Pretty easy if you ask me.

      But I had to give him back his stock and mine will be here Tuesday. So all I got to do is screw it on and lock it down and shoot.So now I can’t wait to get it so I can try it out.

      And again Dave is a very nice guy and knows a lot about guns. He told me some of his tricks and of course we talked about some of mine. But I think he definitely has a winner here with the adapter he is making. And from what I see he has a quality product. And after talking with him; second is not good enough for him. He ain’t going to sell his product unless its right.

      So again thanks Dave.

  15. Got my UTG stock tonight from PA. Screwed it on to the R.A.I. adapter that Dave mounted for me and set. Lined it up to how it felt to my shoulder and locked it down. Absolutely dead on line of sight to my scope everytime I put the gun to my shoulder.

    Going to try to shoot it before I go to work tomorrow but I don’t know if I will have time. Also got my See All Sight and BKL mount on my Discovery. It came also and I want to try it outside tomorrow too. But I don’t think I will have enough time for everything. Will see.

  16. Hi Tom
    Ive been researching about this adapter and the other one that is pretty well known too (JG). Many people mention such a device might give you bad accuracy due to closing that hole where the adapter screws to. Did you notice, as slight as it may have been, any accuracy issue when you installed the adapter compared to the previous shooting with the cheap stock the pistol comes with? Thanks for your help.

  17. Hi Tom. Youve been very kind to answer my questions. I really appreciate it.
    Well, one of the things that make me wanna change the plastic skeleton stock for the RAI adapter+utg stock is that the original stock feels cheap and it feels like its gonna get loose after some time using the pistol. What are your thoughts about the RAI adapter regarding how tight the whole thing feels? (adapter+utg stock). The adapter could be just 1 piece so it would feel more rock solid like, but it wouldnt be adjustable. I like the adjustability option, however im not sure how tight and secure it all would feel. Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge.

    • Elias,

      To be entirely honest, the AR extendable stock is nearly always going to be loose on a gun, until you take steps to tighten it. It is a design for fast adjustment — not for a tight fit. ARs are notorious for having loose stocks. They can be fixed, but you have to do it nearly every time.

      Just so you know.


      • Thanks Tom, I really never had a M4 or M16 in my hands so I didnt kno that. I researched and seems like a lot of people complain about that wobble between the stock and the tube, they talk about some easy and cheap solutions too. So I guess I can sort that out. But aside the stock wobble, does the adapter add even more movement or does it stay tight even knowing that is a 2 piece adapter?

          • Thanks again, Tom. I really hate bugging people that I know must be very busy. But theres isnt much info about this adapter on the web, and youre actually the only person that has made a very useful and informative review. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions. Plus, interchanging words with Tom Gaylord! Its a true honor. Thanks for your help.

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