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Air Guns TAC-4.5 BB gun: Part 2

TAC-4.5 BB gun: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

TAC 4.5 BB gun
The TAC-4.5 from ASG is a 21-shot BB repeater.

This report covers:

  • ASG Blaster BBs
  • Daisy BBs
  • Air Venturi BBs — silver
  • Air Venturi BB container is the best!
  • Air Venturi BBs — copper
  • ASG velocity for the TAC-4.5
  • This BB gun is quiet!
  • Shot count
  • Trigger pull
  • Overall evaluation

Today is the velocity test of the TAC 4.5 BB gun. This airgun operates on a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge that is housed in the grip. In Part one I showed you how the spring-loaded backstrap flips back to reveal where the cartridge goes.

I noted there was very little gas escape when I pierced the cartridge, and the gun seems very quiet. But a hole in the backer cardboard told me the gun definitely shot.

ASG Blaster BBs

I’m going to get right to it today. The first BB I’ll test is ASG’s Blaster steel BB. I measured 5 of them, and the diameter ranged from 0.171 inches to 0.173 inches. One of the five was out of round by a thousandth of an inch. The other four were regular. This BB is on the smaller side of what is normal for BBs today (0.171 to 0.173 inches), and the variation in size is greater than I have seen. We will see what that means, as far as accuracy is concerned.

These BBs averaged 364 f.p.s. The high was 407 and the low was 344 f.p.s. That’s a 63 f.p.s. spread. The decline in velocity was very linear, despite my waiting a minimum if 10 seconds between shots.

Daisy BBs

Next to be tested were Daisy Premium Grade BBs. They are the standard BB I use in many of my tests, because they are so uniform and accurate — I thought. I measured 5 of them and got a range of 0.1695 inches to 0.172 inches, which is both smaller and a lot greater spread than I was expecting. They averaged 355 f.p.s., with a high of 370 and a low of 350 f.p.s. The velocity drop was steady until they hit 350 f.p.s., then they stayed there. The spread with this BB was only 20 f.p.s, so they are much more consistent, if not quite as fast.

Air Venturi BBs — silver

I noticed that Air Venturi has brought out a line of BBs, so I ordered some and decided to start testing them with the TAC-4.5. The silver (zinc-plated) BBs measure 0.1715 to 0.172 inches, which is more uniform than the first 2 BBs tested. They also measure as perfect spheres. In the TAC 4.5 they averaged 375 f.p.s. with a high of 405 f.p.s. and a low of 363 f.p.s. The high was in the middle of the string — the first shot after I had to take an unscheduled break from testing, and more than 5 minutes had elapsed, so the 62 f.p.s. spread was artificially high. The velocity dropped on each shot as it had with the first 2 BBs, but it seemed to bottom out in the mid 360s. I will also include this new BB in the accuracy testing.

Air Venturi BB container is the best!

Before I move on, I want to say a word about the plastic bottle the Air Venturi BBs come in. It is the best BB container I have ever seen! It has a pour spout that comes to you already open, so there is no need to cut stiff plastic and risk cutting yourself. And the pour spout is just the right size to allow BBs to pour out. Some spouts are the right size for the BBs to jet jammed in the opening and release one at a time, causing no end of frustration. Also, the cap screws on the bottle instead of just popping on with pressure. That gives you positive control over opening and closing the bottle and it will never pop open on its own if it falls off a table. I have has each of these problems with other BB containers. Well done, Air Venturi!

Air Venturi BBs — copper

I also tried the copper-plated Air Venturi BBs. They measured 0.1715 to 0.172 inches — the same as the zinc-plated BBs. Air Venturi has brought out two superior BBs that you really should try. These BBs averaged 370 f.p.s. with a high of 385 and a low of 356 f.p.s. That’s a spread of 29 f.p.s. The decline in velocity was very similar to the Air Venturi zinc-plated BBs, but I didn’t have to stop in the middle of the test this time.

ASG velocity for the TAC-4.5

ASG says the velocity of the TAC-4.5 is 417 f.p.s. The highest seen in today’s test was 407 f.p.s., which is close enough. But some of you may be confused by the velocity report. Why is this gun rated at 417 f.p.s. when it only averaged 350-360 f.p.s. for several strings of 10 shots? The answer is liability. Manufacturers state the highest possible velocity for their airguns, so the buyer knows what he is getting. An easy way to think of this is to ask yourself the question, “What is the worst it can do” or how dangerous is it? The rated velocity tells the buyer how powerful the gun can be at its maximum.

Many people think manufacturers purposely over-state the velocities of their airguns to get more sales, and in some cases that is true. The spring gun makers who rate their guns at 1600 f.p.s., when that speed is impossible to achieve without a detonation of some kind, are doing that. With the TAC 4.5, though, the stated maximum is both real and correct.

This BB gun is quiet!

I see where the sound level of the Pyramyd AIR website is set at a 4 out of 5, which is pretty loud. In truth, the gun I am testing is on the low end of a 2. But let’s not go on the warpath about that, because Edith is the one who makes those changes. It may be a while before she can fix that. That is one of the benefits of my testing airguns, because any time I encounter something that doesn’t line up with the description, I just tell Edith and she fixes it in minutes.

This gun is so quiet that it is perfect for apartment dwellers and those wishing to shoot in small suburban yards. I just want you to know that, because for some buyers it makes a very big difference.

Shot count

Another place I was surprised in this test was by how many shots I got on a single CO2 cartridge. Given the average velocity and the fact the gun does not have blowback, I guessed it might get something around 100 shots. In fact, the gun was still shooting Air Venturi copper-plated BBs at 356 f.p.s. on shot number 116. Shot 178 went out at 314 f.p.s. and I stopped shooting at 201 shots, when the velocity had dropped back to 272 f.p.s. That makes the TAC-4.5 the second most gas-conservative CO2 BB gun I have tested since I started testing airguns in 1994! Only the Czech APP 661 pistol got more shots (from an 8-gram cartridge, no less!), but it only shot BBs at 250 f.p.s.

Trigger pull

The trigger pull is double action only, since the trigger is pulling the striker back against a spring. It does not have to advance a cylinder, which decreases the effort a lot, but its still a double action pull. The effort required is a pretty consistent 5 lbs. 6 oz. I found it pleasant and very light for double action.

Overall evaluation

So far I think this BB gun is a winner. I think it’s what a lot of you BB gunners have been looking for. Accuracy testing comes next, but like I told you un Part 1, I’m not looking for a target gun

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

45 thoughts on “TAC-4.5 BB gun: Part 2”

  1. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but the one I tried out has a removeable and adjustable laser in the stock just above the bipod.

    I think one of the reasons it is so quiet is the outer barrel shroud unscrews to reveal the smaller (and much shorter) inner barrel.
    Leaving lots of room to deaden the co2 blast.
    Fun little gun..

  2. This is OT but worth a mention. I noticed on the Gletcher site that they no longer mention LW barrels being installed in the Nagant pellet revolver. I phoned and was informed that they are having some other company make the barrels.

      • BB
        Yes if they can make one like that what’s wrong with the other manufacturers.

        And you know even though now I live out in the country with nobody around me I still like a quiet gun. So that’s another thing I like about this gun.

        And I’m guessing it should turn out to be a fun plinking gun. Maybe that bi-pod on it could make it a nice little bench rest mini sniping gun for the feral cans.

      • My XBG was well beyond the 100 shot count and maybe double. I believe this gun is the one I was hoping it was.
        Guess we’ll find out when we put it on paper!

  3. BB
    Also I was looking back at part one and that’s when Edith implemented the new log in system.

    If I remember right that’s about when she went to the hospital or maybe a little afterwards.

    Has she been in for almost 2 weeks now? I do hope that she’s getting to the point of being able to exercise. Is she doing ok right now?

      • BB
        I know back in 07 when I had my 2 operations I was in the hospital for 3 weeks each time.

        I was always healthy and have done alot of heavy lifting out on the farm growing up and active some kind of way. But after the hospital stays. Both times I had to use a walker to learn to use the muscles again to walk. Hospitals ain’t no fun. And I do hope and pray Edith is improving.

          • Ken
            Thanks and feel good. The doctors definitely got me fixed up. And it is amazing what the body can go through and recover from.

            But a person has to be strong in mind to make things happen when recovering. And that is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

      • Oh my!

        Had no idea this had progressed so far. Rehab to learn to walk again.

        Went through rehab with my wonderful wife and she had to re-learn how to dress herself, walk, etc.

        I am so thankful that Edith has such a strong will. It will help.


  4. Gunfun1
    You’ll shot your eye out with one of those LOL.

    It is a cool little bb gun and the shot count is very appealing for sure and I am not a BB gun fan by any means but this one has got my attention and will see how the accuracy is as it may be a gun for the new toy list.

    if only it had the 88/90 gram cartridge we could HPA convert it and get 1000 shot or more maybe out of it . they do make dummy 12 gram cartridges the could be tapped into to attached a tethered HPA paint ball bottle to it to shoot till your trigger finger was bleeding LOL.

    Got my eye on it for the future as it looks like a decent looking gun and not a kids toy like so many other BB guns do.


    • Buldawg
      I already got something in my mind with a Umarex Steel Force I believe it is.

      It’s one of those BB guns that takes a 88 gram cartridge and has single shot and up to 8 round bursts.

      I was thinking about getting one and using that HPA 88 gram cylinder that we converted for the 1077’s we got in it and run it on compressed air.

      That could be a fun little can killer to. I use to have a Steel Storm that took the two 12 gram Co2 cartridges and was single shot and 6 round bursts. It was a fun little gun.

      But I think a HPA Steel Force would be cool.

      • Gunfun1
        Yea I like that even better and it would be most definitely fun on HPA air like we did with our 1077s and mine I would buy a 30 buck 47ci paint ball bottle of ebay like I used to have that’s fills to 3000 psi with a regulator on it set at 1000 or 1100 psi and you could shot till you ran out of BBs or the sun went down on one fill with it tethered to the 88 gram cartridge like our 1077 use.

        I know you don’t like tethered guns but the fact that all you have to do is put BBs in and shoot makes it very appealing and you can get the coiled hoses like a phone cord that allow for plenty of free movement with the gun with the tank sitting beside you so that is what I would do with it and is what makes it appealing to me for a BB gun


        • Buldawg
          I have thought about tethered pcp guns.

          Maybe something like a AirForce gun with a fitting and line attached to the bottle and tehered to a Benjamin buddy bottle. Or better yet maybe one of the regulated Air Venturi small buddy bottles. Then just carry the bottle in a back pack.

          That would make for a nice day of shooting out in the woods or feild.

          • Gunfun1
            You could do it with your 25 Mrod as well and would not need the hand pump out in the woods if it was tethered to a bottle like you had except you would need a regulator on the bottle to keep its out put to 3000 psi or as most regulators for that type of use are regulated to 2900 psi as they are never completely accurate so they may actually be outputting 3000 psi instead of 2900 psi.


            • Sounds like a good fix for your FT matches too!
              You could build a manifold that would give your gauge back too but those high pressure hoses a ‘re pretty stiff.

              • Reb
                I am puting a regulator in my 177 Mrod FT gun so I can tune it and should get 60 plus shots per fill and we generally shot only 11 lanes with 4 shots per lane for a total of 44 shots per match so with the regulator I will not need to fill except at start of match.

                We do have 15 lanes so total shots in a district or national match is a total of 60 shots per shooting match per day and with the regulator I will still only need one fill at the start of the match. Right now I fill at my 6th shooting lane so I never get close to the lower end of my fill pressure as I get 40 shots per fill now with a 10 fps spread for those 40 shots and at lane 6 I have only shot 24 shots so still in the middle of my curve and no need for a tethered bottle.


  5. Everyone,

    Edith’s doctor just called me. Edith has taken a turn for the worse. Her o2 level is way down so they are transferring her to the ICU again and they are taking X-rays and another CAT scan of her lungs to find out what’s wrong. If she gets pneumonia, they can treat it, but until they know what i9t is, they want to watch her more closely.


    • BB
      Thank you for keeping us updated and I hate that she is having so many issues with her recovery and appears to be on a roller coaster ride. Pneumonia is not a good thing and can be treated but only makes matters worse as far as her overall condition is concerned. ICU is not good either but she will be far more closely monitored for sure in the ICU and we are all keeping you both in our prayers and lifted up in the lords hands.

      Please take care of yourself as well because you cannot be there for her if you are not there for you first.as this stress is as bad for you as it is for her so once again PLEASE make her your priority not us as we will be here for you all the time as long as it takes.

      God bless both of you and keep you both in his faith and support.


      • BB,
        Buldawg is right about caring for the caregiver. As you well know just how difficult the situation is, it can be all the more difficult to recognize stress and exhaustion in oneself.
        There should be organizations in your area that can help give “A Day Off” to the care-giver. Worth looking into, or just being aware of the possibility.
        For a chuckle, upon waking up in the ICU 3 days after my stroke, the attending nurses said, “Oh good, you’re awake. Usually our denizens can’t talk so it’s boring. It’s nice to have someone to talk to. You’re still in ICU because we don’t have any open beds. Can we get you anything?”
        Having investigated the territory and satisfied myself there were no invasive/embarrassing tubes, probes or other devices impinging anywhere, but being very aware not all was as I’d wish, I said, “I’d like my pants back, please.”
        Being as my Sweetie was a physician at that time and that place, the grapevine made sure that I’m still hearing about that one.
        By the way, they did bring my pants back.

        • 103David
          Very well said as that was the point I was trying to convey to BB as he must take care of himself to take care of Edith.

          I am glad you got your pants back also as it has never made sense to me why the gown they give you cannot have a little more protection for our behinds than they do and still serve to be removed easily when required. LOL


    • BB
      I hope they get things in order soon with Edith.

      Just keep praying and trust that God will take care of it. I seen to many things in my life throughout time and God has kept things in order.

    • This makes me sad. Gotta get outta that bed Edith!
      Every day is at the cost of more core strength, the most important part now is the diaphragm. Hope you feel better soon!


  6. BB
    I have been following your blog for several months and really enjoy it.. But this I my first comment.
    I am very sorry for Edith. I also have GBS.
    In Nov 2013, I was taken to the hospital, completely paralyzed. I had no use of arms or legs. They diagnosed me with GBS and started me on a regimen of immune globulim infusion. I started recovering quickly. I had to go back every 6 weeks for another injection for 8 months then they switched me to Prednisone, which is much more affordable. Now I am very functional on 10 milligrams per day on prednisone. Luckily it did not effect my respiratory system as has happened to Edith.
    I will keep praying for her.

  7. Hi BB,
    I have been wondering how Edith was doing. Wow, I am praying for her, and for you.
    Take care of what’s most important. We can wait.

    David Enoch

  8. B.B.,

    I second all the above. Thanks for the update, sorry it’s not in the right direction. Do,…please do,…take of yourself. They will do their best to take care of her.

    And like others have said, let the blog go awile if needed. Heck, you may come back to a new record of 3000 post in the comments section of the last blog ! Man,…I would hate to scroll through that puppy. 😉

    You know we are going to still be here. Zero question on that.

    I do hope that you have friends and family supporting you. I think without a doubt, you do. Lean on ’em a bit.

    Doubleing down on prayers and best wishes,….Chris

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