by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

TAC 4.5 BB gun
The TAC-4.5 from ASG is a 21-shot BB repeater.

This report covers:

  • Description
  • The sights
  • Targets
  • Power
  • Safety
  • Overall impression

Today, I’ll start a report on the ASG TAC-4.5 BB gun. It’s called the TAC-4.5 BB rifle on the Pyramyd Air website, but it is a BB gun. It is not rifled and of course it isn’t 4.5mm. BBs run around 4.3mm. But they are so closely associated with pellets that the industry lumps them together, using the same size label.


The TAC-4.5 is a 3.5-lb. BB repeater that feeds steel BBs from a 21-round stick magazine located in a removable carrier. This magazine does not contain the CO2 cartridge. Spare magazines are available.

The pull is 13-3/4 inches. The overall length is 35 inches on the button. The buttplate is a grippy, soft black rubber pad that prevents the gun from slipping when it stands in the corner.

The gun is styled as a black rifle, which no doubt appeals to its target market. While it’s a repeater that fires with just the pull of the trigger (no manual bolt has to be cocked), this action is not operated by blowback. The trigger cocks and releases the hammer each time it’s pulled. The pull is double-action only, yet conveniently light for younger shooters to operate.

TAC 4.5 mag
A 21-shot stick magazine holds the BBs inside the pistol grip.

The airgun comes with a detachable bipod that attaches to a Picatinny rail under the gun. The top of the gun also has a rail running the full length of the receiver and stock. Non-optical sights are attached to the upper rail, front and rear.

The sights

The rear sight is a tactical peep, which means a peep sight with a large hole. It has adjustments for both windage and elevation. The sight is also removable, in case you want to mount an optical sight.

The front sight is strange. It’s a long orange fiberoptic tube that’s protected by ears on both sides. On top, however, it’s not protected. It’s completely exposed to gather light. It’s obvious to me the manufacturer intends you to use this fiberoptic sight for a center hold on the target, so that’s what I’ll do. In an unprecedented change from my usual 6 o’clock hold, I’ll hold this dot center-of-mass, because that’s the best way to do it. We’ll see what this does to my groups. This sight can also be removed from the gun by loosening one Allen screw.

ASG TAC-4.05 air rifle front sight
Front sight is a long fiberoptic tube with protective ears. It’s fully exposed to catch all the available light.

This is a BB gun, so it’s only fair to test it at BB-gun distances, which are 5 meters — or 16 feet. I was reminded by ASG marketing representatives that this isn’t intended to be a target gun, and I assured them I wouldn’t test or evaluate it that way. BB guns are what they are and deserve to be tested in a way that’s appropriate.


Don’t expect me to shoot tin cans or army soldiers with it, though. While that’s fun for the person doing the shooting, there’s very little evidence of what the gun can do after it’s over. I could film the whole thing and run it in slo-mo with loud heavy metal music as accompaniment, but others are already doing that. I’ll just shoot at targets that leave a record of what happened — in other words, paper targets.

It does strike me, however, that this BB gun would be ideal for the Rocket Shot can launcher. You’d have to wear safety glasses and expect to be hit by rebounding BBs; but as fast as this gun probably points, I think it would be a blast.

And, since it has a bipod, I’ll shoot it from the bipod during the accuracy test. I’ll probably also use the UTG Monopod to hold the gun during the accuracy test.

ASG TAC4.5 air rifle
The TAC-4.5 comes with a folding bipod.


The manufacturer says you can expect to see velocities of 417 f.p.s. I’ll check this with several BBs and also see how rapid fire affects velocity. You’ll also get the shot count per CO2 cartridge.

The CO2 cartridge goes in the back of the pistol grip. Pyramyd Air has no picture of how this works, so I took one for you. In part 2, I’ll show you how to install the cartridge, because it isn’t like anything we’ve seen recently.

TAC 4.5 grip release
A button on the bottom of the grip releases the backstrap for the CO2 cartridge.

TAC 4.5 backstrap up
When the button is pushed, the backstrap flips up like this. The CO2 cartridge goes inside the rear of the grip.


There’s a sliding safety on the right side of the frame. It’s convenient to the trigger finger and can be applied and taken off without releasing the pistol grip. When applied, it disconnects the trigger from the striker. Pull it, and the trigger blade moves but nothing happens.

Overall impression

One thing stands out when I hold this airgun. It feels like it wants to be more accurate than a plain BB gun. As I noted, the sights are a bit unusual — a peep sight with an orange bead! I can’t wait to give that a try, and if I get good groups at 5 meters, I’ll probably back up.