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Education / Training What airgun do you want for Christmas?

What airgun do you want for Christmas?

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

FWB P44 is a world-class 10 meter target air pistol.

This report covers:

  • My pick
  • Over to you

Today is all about you readers. You get to write about the airguns you would like to see under the Christmas tree, or just get — period. There are no limits, so let your imaginations run wild and free.

My pick

I would like to get an FWB P44 target pistol. I have coveted FWB PCP target pistols since the P30 first came on the market nearly 20 years ago. They always feel just right in my hand and effortless to operate. And starting with the the P34, they have been 100 percent recoilless. Even the slight movement of the striker is cancelled by the firing mechanism, leaving you with just the sound of the shot as evidence the gun has discharged. Unless you experience it, it’s difficult to imagine.

I got the FWB model 2 as a placebo for a P44. It’s not so much that I can’t afford one — I’m just no longer in competition and would not use the gun as much as it really deserves. The model 2 is just as accurate, if not as refined, and I can’t outshoot its capability — nor could I ever. Still, the P44 lingers in my dreams as the summit of fine target pistols. It’s what comes to mind when I think of the best.

Over to you

That’s my dream airgun, now let’s hear about yours!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

134 thoughts on “What airgun do you want for Christmas?”

  1. .22 Cal Hatsan AT44 Tact QE. I has a chance to shoot this model at the Texas Air Gun Show and fell in love with it. Extremely quiet and accurate.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


    • Im with you, but scratch the QE, my Christmas wish gun is the hatsan at44-10W, the handy lengrh and older style military carbine look, power and accuracy has me more then enticed.

      • RifledDNA22,

        I looked at the AT44-10W, but decided that I would prefer the the QE. I also like the way the tactical stock feels. My neighbors are not picky but the QE is a definite plus for me.

        BTW, another internet air gun store is offering the AT44S-10 at a great price. I’m not sure what the difference is between the S & W models other than the S is a synthetic stock and the W is a walnut stock.


  2. My pick would be a Walther LGV Master Pro in .177, a great looking wood stock with lockup barrel and vibration
    reduction system. I have always wanted to own a smooth shooting spring air rifle with a good trigger.

    Thank you BB for your entertaining blog and wishing all readers a Blessed Christmas/ Happy Holidays


  3. I thought I was going to be able to say what one air gun I would want under the Christmas tree Friday.

    I can’t point it down to say only on particular air gun at this time. There’s to many for multiple reasons.

    I have to think more about it.

    • Well did some thinking.

      Three guns kept comming to mind. The Texan. The AirVenturi Wingshot air shot gun and the Hatsan .35 caliber Carnivore QE.

      I better say right now before I change my mind again.

      The Hatsan it is.

  4. I cant look in Santa’s wallet, but can i ask for more than one????
    Id ask for:
    1. A vintage walther lgv spezial
    2. A walther lg55 tyro
    3. A weihrauch hw 32.5 in .177. This is a double spring-powered breakbarrel. Its an out off the box tuned 20 meter target rifle. Its got a bull barrel match grade barrel, barrellock (like the 55),walnut tyro stock, 7lbs spring, a real target trigger, handfitted internal parts, delrin pistonguides, adjustable buttpad, diopter (but accepts scope), is easy to work on, comes with an extra 12fb spring, and cos everyone would buy it….. it only costs 400 euros.

    Yep…… That’s what Id like from Santa

  5. I have probably way over thought this , and I think I will just go with an Evanix Tactical Sniper in .357 cal. I really feel it would be a big kick in the fun department to have a thumper like that! Pest control , Supersized!!
    Thanks, Tom, for what you do for all of us. 😉
    Merry Christmas to all !!!

  6. Gee, there’s just so many.
    I just had a friend over to try a bottle of Northern Harvest Rye Whisky (voted the best whisky in the world for 2015 by Jim Murray, considered to be THE whisky expert) and we were discussing what guns, both air and powder we would buy if money were no object.
    We both agreed that we could likely walk into our local gunshop with $50000.00 and not completely satisfy our wish list.
    Just this last Sunday my two boys (now 12 & 14) watched ‘A Christmas Story’ and afterwords went down to the basement, set up a bunch of reactive targets and had a blast with their Red Ryders…their first of many guns.
    A couple of weeks ago we got to try a new gun one of my clients in law enforcement purchased http://www.pgwdti.com/coyote/ gotta admit, we had the same fun with the RR’s as we did with the Coyote.
    The bang was bigger, but the fun was the same.
    Anyhoo…a very Merry Christmas to everyone on this forum.
    And if there are Christmas trees in Heaven…I hope Edith gets everything she wished for.

    • CSD,

      I can assure that Edith will get her fondest wish. She went to sleep in pain and when she awakes at the end of days she will receive the crown of glory.

      I would love to see her again, but I wouldn’t think of taking away her reward. Instead, I will join her one day and keep my promise to be there when she wakes up.


      • Hi B.B.
        What lovely thoughts about your dear wife Miss Edith. Her timely & witty comments are sorely missed this Christmas. I’m sure she is very Blessed by the Lord & is with you & all of us in spirit at this time.
        I just like you to know that I read your Blog every day although I haven’t commented of late, & thoroughly enjoy it especially the history lessons!. Wish you & all on this Blog a very peaceful and Blessed Christmas. I would love to own the Air Force Texan or Escape. I just love the shape, accuracy & awesome power of these guns. Not to mention the obviously excellent build quality. God Bless you Sir.

      • That’s beautiful, B.B., absolutely beautiful. I think Edith will understand if we say we would like you to spend a little more time with us before you join her again.

        God Bless. Merry Christmas to you, and all the readers here.

        Jim M.

  7. I’ll take a FX Independence in either .22 or .25 and a .25 AR6.
    Thanks for letting me get that outta my system!
    Even though I couldn’t ever bring myself to spend that kinda money on airguns without being able to take game with them.

    • I’m with you Reb, currently my airgun budget is restricted by hunting laws in my state… if the bill gets approved and they become legal… my wallet will be in trouble! Merry Christmas Reb

      • Looked up the AR6 again to see how it’s been doing lately and discovered they now have a.25 available as well as a full stocked version named the renegade. And it looks like they fixed the trigger!

  8. B.B.,

    We only live once, so get the P44 and enjoy it while you can! I am a big fan of 10 meter match pistols, I know exactly how you feel about the fine craftsmanship, pin point accuracy, and joy of using these guns. I have no doubt that FWB is among the creme de la creme, but you should also consider the Steyr LP10 or Morini 162EI.

  9. We really need four Daisy target Bob guns for the family to shoot in the hallway. And poppa needs a 4500 psi tank to go with his two condors, and maybe a .45 Texan to use all of that extra air in the tank!

    And B.B. My thoughts and prayers are with you on this holiday where half of you is in heaven.

  10. Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa Inyong Lahat! (Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All!)

    With that out of the way. There are too many choices to narrow it down. A FWB 300 with a Tyrolean stock for backyard mini sniping would probably be my choice for everyday use though.

  11. Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa Inyong Lahat! (Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All!)

    With that out of the way. There are many choices but to narrow it down. A FWB 300 with a Tyrolean stock for backyard mini sniping would probably be my choice for everyday use though. A Marauder in .22 when I have to reach out and touch something for longer range.

    Stay healthy everyone!

  12. BB
    I’d like a machine rest for testing all kinds of airguns. I’d like to find out what my guns can do without my fading eyes, shaking hands and cloudy mind! Maybe the good AG Fairie will invent one! Merry Christmas!

      • Do they work for airguns? I’ve seen the Ransom rest for firearm pistols, but I didn’t know od anything for springers or pumpers. Can you give me a brand? Thanks!

          • The rest I bought was made by Allen; “Sharpshooter Gun Rest and vise”, the butt gets a padded clamp with wrap-around sling for shouldering, has 3 notches for quick elevation adjustments and sits on 3 threaded feet for Microsoft-adjustments.
            Has a built-in level and padded front rest.
            It’s fairly portable made of real metal and looks very customizable. I may have paid up to $30 for it but I believe it was closer to $20.

        • Fido3030,

          Yes, they work fine for airguns. Most of us in competitive bench rest matches use them. I have several cause it took me awhile to find one I liked. The one I like the most is Caldwell Rock Benchrest Competition even though it’s not even close to the most expensive one I have. The one I see most guys using is the VarmintAir Bald Eagle. I have that one but I thought the horizontal adjustment was too loose. Hope this helps.


  13. The Daisy 1894 with the brass colored receiver and octagon barrel. (It was my first and is long gone).

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, a top end hunter PCP, Omega pump and all the other goodies that it needs. Too many high end PCP’s too choose just one. The FX line would be good start though.

    Best of the Season to one and all, here and abroad, Chris

  14. Because I used to shoot competition for 20 years of my life I like a FWB P800 (if the P800 is not available, a P70 should be the same as the P2 is to the P44) also a FX royale FT would be nice too.

  15. Dear Santa,

    The air rifle that I would like for Christmas no one makes, so I am hoping you will have one of your elves build it for me. I would like a .45 muzzleloader with an open lock and a tube reservoir in the shoulder stock, very similar to Gary Barnes’ Expedition series. I would want a 36″ or 42″ barrel with a 1:65 twist as I will mostly be shooting round ball and I would like the operating pressure to be 1000 PSI.

    Actually, I have already received a very nice air rifle for Christmas. I have a RWS Diana 46E that is in very good shape. 🙂


    Get the P44.

  16. When I got started with air guns, .22 cal was the way to go, or so I thought. Over the years, my collection morphed from .22 to .177 via sales and trades, to a point where I have few .22 cal air guns so I need to balance out the collection. But, the airgun I would most likely buy next is the HW75 / Beeman P1. It’s been talked about so much on this blog over the years in terms of quality and accuracy that it really is a requirement as far as I’m concerned. Of course, it only comes in .177. Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays to one and all and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    Fred DPRoNJ

  17. For me it’s an HW77 Mk3 in 177 with a Sandwell Field Sports tune
    I have a mk2 in 22 that I’ve tuned into the most neutral, gentle, accurate springer I own, but the lever catch on the Mk2 is awkward and the smaller calibre does so much better at our UK power levels
    The later Mk4 HW77 with the larger diameter compression tube just doesn’t seem as smootg and I’m just not keen on the more angular Minelli stocks fitted these days, I prefer the in house “Bavarian” stocks of old
    Either that or a 177 mk2 BSA Airsporter, which I would get purists frothing by lengthening the stroke and fitting a modern piston seal, the early Airsporterd are truly the Jaguar E Type, Supermarine Spitfire or Triumph Bonneville of British airguns, an icon

  18. What I’d like under the tree. I once shot a club members FWB 124 and if I ever find a decent one for a good price it will definitely be in my collection. I’m not really into spring Pistons but that one left such a good impression. From what I’ve read on this blog some of the Diana’s are just as nice so maybe one of those also.. If we’re going to extremes I’d like an FX Impact or Boss in .30. and if one day when my state allows airguns for hunting I’ll buy either a Texan or Sam Yang Light Hunter.(PA is having a super deal on the 909s right now, so tempted)

    Last but not least I’d also like to see a Remington 700 in .300 Blackout, I’ve been considering this as whitetail rifle, and it would be a good bolt action for my two sons to learn on. (I remember shooting the now mine .30-06 at a young age, it took me a while to get rid of my flinch anticipating the recoil, thanks pap!!! haha little to much gun for a little 80lb 12 year old kid!

    That’s all! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. May you be safe and blessed.


  19. I would like a gun that the manufacturer has yet to make. I am looking for an Air Arms ProSport side lever. I think that would be a very interesting gun with a lot of possibilities. I hope somehow this actually gets to the ears of Air Arms.

    • ATeamRAY,

      That’s interesting. I have the AA Pro Sport and really like it. I also have some RWS Diana sidelevers, and like them very much as well. I’m curious – why a side lever Pro Sport?

      Merry Christmas!

      Jim M.

      • Side levers allow for a lot greater variance in stock design. Any type of underlever break barrel or underlever as the pro sport has limits the stock design considerably. You must leave room for the cocking lever. But as soon as you make the gun a side lever the bottom of the stock becomes completely available to do whatever you would possibly like to it. They can also be configured easily as a bullpup design, easily moving the trigger. Air Arms has a great platform in the tx200. I have 5 of them. I’m very fond of them. But I would really like to see a side lever added. I think it would really outdo all of the current sidelevers that are out on the market. I consider the tx200 to be the top spring gun out there as it is now. And adding in the versatility of making any configuration you would like in the stock sounds really good.

        • AteamRAY,

          That makes sense. I agree — if AA were to make a side lever with the same attention to quality / detail as the TX200 or Pro Sport, I think it would be a great air rifle.

          Jim M.

    • Whats the 22? Im looking at the barrel conversion for my 177 marauder to have both calibers available. The whole shebangs about 100$ to switch it over which is a lot cheaper then a new rifle. Maybe your 22 could be converted to 177?

  20. Well, somebody has to say it: I want a Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle. 😉

    But if one of those are not available I would love to try out an electronic Daystate, like the Air Wolf or MK4. Maybe someday . . .

    Merry Christmas to all!

  21. Always wanted an Air Arms TX200 MK111 but will settle for the Hatsan Torpedo 100X.
    I need something that will stay cocked for long periods.
    Merry Christmas to all


  22. I am looking for a .22 caliber PCP for long-range target shooting and small game hunting and in my dreams I have been admiring the Steyr Hunting 5. But then I admire Lamborghinis as well and I don’t drive one 🙂 As other readers have said: so many choices it’s hard to decide.

    Would love to find a FX Royal 300 under the tree!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    Hope you find you wish under your tree – have a safe holiday season!


  23. It’s really hard to decide, but I have a first gen MRod, which I love. I can take tree rats at 35-40 yards with head shots easily! But it is heavy, so the Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol with the AR15 Stock would be tops on my list. I have also been thinking about the Benjamin Bulldog in .357. In my neighborhood, it might be a bit loud, but this would be the second gun I’d like very much to have. Then of course, the proper equipment to fill it. 😎
    Michael in Georgia

  24. I just like a Record trigger for my xs46u. They make them for the B 25 and B 26 xisico springers but Mike Malik told me that the Chinese factories can’t change their production plans without permission from the government so they would have to submit a new plan to the government for the xs46u with a Record trigger on it. My guns already an inch and a half at 50 yards so I wonder what it would be with a better trigger on it. Otherwise, a TX 200 and 177 caliber. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon

  25. I’d like a Daisy 499 bb long gun, a Weihrauch HW90 Break barrel in .22 and a Beeman P1 in .20 cal.
    If it has to be just one, it’s the P1! I’ve always wanted one of those!

  26. My dream rifle is a multi pump that is more accurate than me. Nobody makes one but they should. It does not have to be powerful, just accurate.
    I’m still praying for you, Tom.


    • Decksniper,

      Actually FX of Sweden does make the Independence that is a multi-pump with PCP genes. Daystate used to make the Sportsman Mark II that was also a multi-pump that shot like a PCP, and before them there was a Titan. So it’s been done.


            • Decksniper,

              Remington used to let Crosman make their airguns. The Airmaster 77 was one of these with a different look:


              Now Remington gets their airguns made in China and they no longer have the Airmaster 77.


            • Remington Airmaster may help. Not really sure how much Remington had to do with it’s production but it’s basically a Crosman 2100 with black stock and pump arm and a nickel plated barrel shroud but also came with arguably better sights and a scope.
              I love mine!

            • BB must be right, I haven’t seen airmasters in the stores for a few, maybe 4 or 5 years. Looj on ebay and Amazon, gunbroker, etc, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one. Look for one between 5 and 7 years old. If an accurate pumper is your goal, that’s on the list, check out the Benjamin 392 and 397 too, little bit pricey but they get nothing but love letters, and Tom recommends them as the perfect survival gun.

              • Many thanks to you, Reb and B.B.
                I will look around for an “Airmaster”. I bought a Benjamin 392 or 397 in .177 with the scope package. Best groups at 10 meters were around 3 inches. Removed scope and no better results. Returned to Pyramid upgrading to Weihrauch HW30s which sometimes groups 10 shots under 0.1 inches from a rest. Maybe the Benjamin was just a lemon. Liked everyrhing about it but the inaccuracy.


                • It took a while to find a decent pellet for my 392. Don’t give up hope and be sure to try a few heavier pellets and you’ll be surprised.
                  It’ll probably never shoot like a 2100 but at the price they go for you can get one of those too for that stuff.

                • One thing to look for on the new ones is paint inside the muzzle, I got mine used and it still had it in there until I sprayed carb cleaner on a Q-tip and added elbow grease.

                  • Reb

                    I did try many match pellets in my Benjamin .177. Also some heavier (not Match) ones from a sampler sorted for head diameter with Pelletgage. Your tip about muzzle paint has my attention! Would love to get a Benjamin 392/397 that is more accurate than me. You saw my comment about my Weihrauch’s accuracy. Do you think the Daisy Avanti 753 is in the same accuracy ball park? Power is not my interest since my firearms take care of that need. Accuracy is my objective on the deck along with not disturbing neighbors.


                    • Sounds like a 753 should be perfect for your needs!
                      My 953 is not only a one-holer at 10m but it can plink out to about 35-40 yards if you want to stretch it’s legs.

  27. Always the quandary. Here I am (in my blessed) state wondering how I ever came to have so much. How could it be I’ve… (speechless for the moment)…arrived with a loving partner, goofy duffy loving, endlessly entertaining, funny pups, and so much more…while I figure I’ve done little to deserve all of it…
    It’s a Wonderment and Whatever the Gods that May Be, What/Whoever that may be, Thank and Respect them.
    And respect those other than your own…
    They, after all, may be right about the differences.
    Mine are the Gods of Luck…as they say, “Far better to be Lucky than smart, rich or the rest of the list.”
    Well, we’ll see how that all works out…
    So far, so good. (Always capitalize and respect your “Luck”.)
    Oh, gee, almost forgot the question.
    Today, right now, tempting as the FWB P44 is, I’d choose a FWB Piccolo (or the short-barrel P44) as a some more handy, lives-in-upper-right-hand-desk-drawer item. The better to support easy and casual mid-afternoon plinking break. (One of the terriers considers the plinking “a behavior of some concern,” and leaves the room. The other one considers it “a curious portion of the afternoon entertainment” and prefers to stay and observe. I’m not sure which one is evidencing more intelligence but “Scoot” is a recognized command, as is “All terriers must leave the room now.”)
    The other temptation would be the Air Arms Biathlon. I’m not really a good enough shot to be actually competitive anymore but I enjoy iron-sights and a repeating PCP. Magazine compatability with my existing Air Arms S510 Sooper-Dooper FAC is a big plus. I’m not a “Black-Rifle” kind of guy and honestly, I just plain like the somewhat swoopy look of the Biathlon type. The absolute capability of stacking pellets atop each other somewhat beyond Red-Ryder ranges doesn’t hurt either. An interesting sidelight to that is the ability to draw a crowd at the range upon showing up with a suppressed space-gun looking thing. The Boy Scouts on their field trip think I’m James Bond. Makes me feel like [add name of favorite rock star here] and his entourage. Air guns cost almost nothing to let them shoot it so it’s great positive publicity.
    I still await either or both of these items in my stocking hanging from the fireplace mantle. (Always go for the one sagging the most.)
    I think there to be no society nor civilization that doesn’t celebrate a mid-winter solstice celebration. The best to all.

  28. Probably won’t have an airgun under the tree, but I’d like to buy a Crosman 2240 and an Industry Brand QB78 Deluxe with my Christmas money. Want to customize the Crosman over time, and I like the vintage look of the QB78.

  29. BB
    I’d like to have just one Anschutz 9300 Premium S2 Precise in the crew’s arsenal. If it’s on this rifle, it’s adjustable. Just lik the Edge in that regard. But a few more Air Force Edge’s in the crew arsenal though would be more practical. In my opinion, the Edge, this has to be the best gift ever to 10 meter competition.

    Then, if it’s not asking too much, I’d like a full crew of junior shooters who can squeeze off nothing but X’s.

    Happy holiday to all.
    William Schooley
    Rifle Coach
    Crew 357
    Chelsea, MI

  30. B.B.,

    I am very fortunate to already own several of my dream air rifles but there are two right now that I would love to have. However, I’ll stick to the rules and only name one even though it’s a toss up. That one is the FWB 800X Field Target Rifle at 15 ft/lbs. Believe it or not the other one cost less than half of what the FWB does.

    Have a Merry Christmas B.B. I hope you get everything you want.


  31. My dream air rifle would also be a multipump as proposed by Decksniper. A self contained accurate PCP like multipump that is rugged and reliable is my dream gun.

    I will check out the ones you suggested BB thanks.

    Merry Christmas


  32. BB,

    Merry Christmas to you and all readers!

    This morning my grandson Nicky and I shot our Beeman P-17’s in the basement. He did better than me.

    I do not expect to get an airgun for Christmas, but if I could pick, I think I’d take a Beeman R-1, in .22. I’ve read so much about the R-1 on here, I’d like to have one. I’d also like a lightweight Diana (with droop compensating scope), or the new Air Venturi rifle that replaces the Bronco. I think the Diana has the greatest logo in the world of airguns.


  33. BB,
    I first posted late last night ,looking for the Evanix sniper .357 under my tree, but after sleeping on it I have changed my thinking. I just purchased a new Discovery 2 wks. ago and my Christmas Wish is to be able to learn all that I can about this gun and how to shoot it to its ,and my, maximum performance capabilities. Then, I can apply what I learned and make a very informed decision on where I go next!
    Again, Merry Christmas to all !

      • Chris
        It’s easy for me to get caught up in all the new toys and the associated theories involved, but its all for naught if I don’t go out and apply it! That’s the real fun!
        What new springers did you get?

        • BBB,

          True, true. Will be out applying what I have learned tomorrow. 60+ in Ohio. Nothing new. Just the TX which I have had about 11 months and the LGU which I have had for about 6 months. Both in .22. I can relate on the theories and learning. It’s almost as much fun as actual shooting. Like you, I want to do my best with what I have before moving on.

          How do I gauge that? I keep targets and note group sizes. Note those sizes on 1 piece of paper and you have record that can span months. Improvement should be seen. If you see a leveling out in sizes, that indicates that you have reached the rifles limits and/or,…you have reached yours. One caveat there though…..if in those groups you see that you have 7-8 shots super tight, say 3/4″ at 50 yds. and the other 2-3 blow it out to say 1 1/2″, then you know at that point that the (rifle) can do 3/4″. The goal at that point is,.. can (I) do all 10 in 3/4″? When I can, I will move on.

          That is pretty much how I approach gauging a rifle and myself. Also, be sure to keep in mind trigger adj., fill pressure, hold type, rest type, pellet type, etc., etc. as you go and note that as well.

          As for pellet selection, shoot 10 shot groups at the same distance, say 30 yds. and see what works. The tightest group of a certain pellet, (over time), wins.

          Oh yea, we all have our great days and our bad days. Realize that and don’t put too much thought into the bad ones. Since you have a chrony now, if you suspect an issue, it will tell you. That is assuming you have “before” data.

          All that from a “newbie”,….the ‘ol timers here can share a lot more. Chris

          • Chris-
            You just touched on all the points that my says are making her an ” Airgun widow”! I’m even putting all targets in a 3 ring binder! Just ordered 4 different types of pellets to try out and getting along with chrony better and better.
            Was just looking at RWS Diana with gas spring. Do you know anything about it?

  34. ‘I would like to get an FWB P44 target pistol. I have coveted FWB PCP target pistols since the P30 first came on the market………………….”

    BB, just buy it. You won’t be sorry! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


  35. Merry Christmas to you all ! I would like a Gamo Compact or a British made Webley Tempest . BB, I have really enjoyed your blog and look forward to another year of joining in them as I gain more experience in this wonderful hobby.
    Best wishes

  36. Merry Christmas everyone.

    I will go wit the Weihrauch HW50S Breakbarrel Rifle 0.22 cal with Beech stock, Rekord trigger and front sight inserts, like that there are not those fiber sights on it.

    Gave PCP a thought but I don’t think I am up for the added accessories quite yet, gota save some pennies for that gig.


  37. I’ve been planning to take the 2400 with me for some back yard plinking over the holiday so The rest of the family can sample a PCP and almost got the scope zeroed, it’s within 1/4″.
    Ran low on air and had to stop to refill.

    • Reb,

      You may just convert the whole family over to PCP’s. 🙂 At the very least,..everyone will have fun. Enjoy your time away and hopefully “stretching” the 2400’s legs. And,…Merry Christmas. Chris

      • Thanks!
        My intention is to see how the boys are doing on their shooting skills.
        The 4 year old says he’s ready to start going with Daddy and Bubba on their trips to the venison shop.

  38. Sorry I generally just read and learn. But I guess we’ll give it a whirl. I’m definitely no expert. Just a guy who loves airguns and what they’ve done to help me. As far as a Christmas dream goes, I doubt any amount of dreaming is gonna help. Being a father of 4 young girls and the youngest born with down syndrome. Money is tight and dreams are more of a fantasy. Due to severe medical issues and doctors who tried to end me. I haven’t worked in 2 years now and still fighting with disability. Anyway I guess I would say I have Air Arms dreams with a Benjamin appetite on a Daisy budget. But if I was to wake up in fantasy dream world I would love to wake up to an Ultimate Sporter. That would truly be my dream, fantasy rifle come true. By the way everyone I’m in no way looking for sympathy. Just stating my truth of life. Thanks for sharing my fantasy, I hope you all have an amazing, safe and blessed Christmas.

    • Crosmaniac1,

      Welcome to the blog and Merry Christmas.

      Thanks for sharing your family profile. We have many readers with families like yours — some older and some with boys instead of girls, but in general there are a lot of families reading this blog. I try to keep the blog G-rated for those families that read it together. And I will try to add things for younger kids to do in the future.

      Shooting has been proven to be an excellent means of developing discipline and small motor skills in young people. Besides an enjoyable passtime, shooting can be an important stimulus to healthy development — personal, social and physical. Keep reading!


    • Crosmaniac1,

      As BB said, welcome and the best to you and your family for the new year. It is always nice to have someone new start posting. Besides learning, you can build some real good airgunning friendships when posting.

      As for shooting on a budget, there is all sorts of “tunes” that you can do. Most cost little or nothing. A simple re-lube can make a huge difference as most are poorly lubed at the factory. Plus you get to see what makes them “tick” if you are interested in such things and have some basic mechanical ability. Just ask,..”I got rifles X,Y,Z,….is there any low cost things I can do to improve them”? You might be surprised what you get for answers.

      The Ultimate Sporter is a nice pick. It would be at the top of my list as well. Take care, Chris

    • I got a TrailNP pistol that’s coming along nicely this morning, it’s got a rough spot inside the trigger guard I’ll have to knock off before anymore break-in can be performed but it’s definitely gonna be a keeper and probably a favorite before long.

  39. Hey Tom,

    I changed my mind. Instead of a Beeman P-1, I want to get that Walther LP53 and not the Polish copy! James Bondinsky, indeed (that comment goes back to the last airgun show in VA, if you remember)! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

    Fred DPRoNJ

    • Fred DPRoNJ,

      I had not heard of the LP53 so I looked it up. I saw that the one used for photos with Sean Connery sold in 2013 for $250,000. I’m not usually shocked by very much but that one took me by surprise.


      • Well, then. Very few people realize that Connery is holding an airgun. The story goes that when everyone showed up at the photographer’s studio in England, no one had brought a gun with them, the UK’s onerous firearms laws notwithstanding. The photographer had this air pistol on the premises and suggested that it be used in the interest of expediency.

        If you read BB’s review, you’ll note it’s not a particularly powerful or practical airgun and when we saw it in Salem, VA, the Walther version asking price was in the $250 range.It also came in the original box but I had run out of ready cash and was hoping to sell a Discovery in .177 which ended up in a trade with Earl “Mac” McDonald, BB’s longtime friend, for one of his Benjamin 392 steroid (I think that’s what it’s called). There also was a Polish copy of the airgun going for around $120, which BB pointed out and either he or the owner quipped the Polish version of Bond or Janos Bondinsky or Bondsky. Very funny at the time.

        Fred DPRoNJ

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