by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

This report covers:

  • How to test?
  • Targets set for powerful airguns
  • Diana 27
  • What the pellets did to the paddles
  • Leveling
  • Evaluation so far

Today will be a short report, but there is a lot in it. I’m testing the spinner airgun targets reader Codeuce made, and many of you readers were interested ion them in Part 1. Today I will show you how they work.

How to test?

Codeuce made two different sets of paddles for these targets. I showed them to you in Part 1. I said at that time that, based on how freely I saw the targets spinning, I didn’t think the lightweight set for lower-powered airguns was necessary. So I went my own direction for today’s test.

Targets set for powerful airguns

I tested the targets set up the way Codeuce sent them — with the heavier paddles installed. Let me show you how easy they work. ALLOW TIME FOR THE VIDEOS TO UPLOAD TO YOUR DEVICE!


What do you think? Do you see why I thought they would work fine with a less powerful airgun? These are the most fluid spinners I have ever seen.

Diana 27

I’m shooting my Diana model 27 at the targets. I’m standing 15 feet away, and that’s just because I have to work the camera as well as shoot. This isn’t about my accuracy. It’s about how well these spinners function.

I’m shooting RWS Superdomes that exit the muzzle of this rifle with just over 7 foot-pounds of energy. I’m standing so close to the targets that you can figure that’s how hard they are being hit.

So let’s look at what these pellets do to the spinners.

What do you think? I have been shooting spinners for more than 30 years and these are the smoothest ones I have seen. That bearing makes a big difference!

What the pellets did to the paddles

The pellets left round splatters on the faces of the paddles with no deformation. I didn’t expect any at this power level. So the question is — what will a faster pellet do? I need to answer that for you (and for myself, as well).

Hitting the paddles with 30 foot-pounds will no doubt spin them fast enough to cut grass, but what else will it do? It needs to be tested. So that’s in the works.

Codeuce, I honestly think you can skip the lighter paddles. These targets work fine the way they are set up. This low-powered rifle will spin them at 25 yards pretty easily.


A couple of you talked about leveling the targets. No doubt they will spin their best when level, but the one target in the videos is already spinning on an angle and it does fine, as you can see. Unless you live on the side of a mountain, leveling should not be a big concern.

Evaluation so far

These are great targets. They are perfect for private use, but made stout enough for a club. In my opinion, Codeuce has a winner on his hands.

I still plan to test them once more with a stronger air rifle. And there are things I could do but probably won’t — like testing them with a Benjamin Wildfire. Think how amazing that would be!