by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Sig Super Target
Sig Air Super Target (photo courtesy Sig Sauer).

This report covers:

  • Finally finished
  • What is it?
  • All-metal
  • Adjustable sights
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Safety
  • Power
  • Examination
  • Operation
  • Realism
  • Summary

It’s here! Or at least I now have one — a Sig Air Super Target air pistol to test for you. It’s a single stroke pneumatic target pistol built in the shape of a Sig P210 target pistol.

Sig Super Target P210 target
Sig’s US-made P210 9mm Target pistol is the basis for the new Super Target air pistol. (photo courtesy Sig Sauer).

Finally finished

This is an air pistol we have been awaiting since 2018. I saw a prototype when I visited Sig to see the birth of the ASP20 breakbarrel rifle. The pistol I saw wasn’t functional, but I did get to try the trigger plus feel the heft of the new gun and just from that I felt Sig was birthing another winner. Of course I am a target pistol shooter, so this new handgun hits me in a vulnerable place. But here on the blog we have reviewed both the Beeman P3 and P17 single stroke pistols so recently that I’m in a good position to test this new Sig. It’s even more like the no-holds-barred Weihrauch HW75 single stroke. The HW75 and P3 are the Super Target’s main competitors, so although I don’t compare airguns, it will be difficult not to make some comparisons.

What is it?

Sig’s Super Target is a single stroke pneumatic air pistol. The gun is pumped with air for every shot which means it is a single shot. You cannot pump in more air and get it to shoot faster because the moment the top[ strap is pulled up and forward, any air that was stored in the reservoir is exhausted. There is, however, one trick to boost the velocity a little and I will try it during the velocity test.


One big difference between the P3 and the Super Target is the Super Target is all metal. It feels like the firearm it mimics, which makes it a lookalike or replica airgun as well as a target pistol. The pistol weighs 40 ounces, which is more than the firearm it copies. The 9mm P210 Target comes in at 36.9 oz. unloaded.

The grips are genuine walnut! I had to remove one to examine the back because synthetics these days are so realistic. When I did — solid wood! They aren’t checkered or stippled and it would be nice if they were. The firearm grips won’t fit the air pistol because the screw holes are in a different place, but grips that are like the checkered ones on the P210 Target would certainly compliment this pistol. Maybe that could be a nice option?

The Super Target is 10.25-inches overall and has a 7.5-inch barrel. Perhaps that extra barrel length is why I feel that it must be a couple pounds lighter to pump than the P3, or any other equivalent single stroke pistol that we Americans can buy. Of course the pumping effort of the IZH 46M is lighter still, but they aren’t available to us any longer.

Adjustable sights

This is a target pistol, so of course the sights are adjustable. The screw slots are wide and I find an American penny is just right for them. No doubt there are coins in every country for this. The adjustments have clicks you can feel, but I can’t always hear them.

The front sight is a squared post that fits the square notch in the rear well. The fit (post to notch) is close when I am sighting, though. I will have to wear glasses to shoot, but I always wear them when shooting a target pistol. There is no 11mm rail on which to mount a dot sight, so I think optics are out for this one.

Adjustable trigger

I remember that the trigger on the prototype pistol was quite nice, so I’m looking forward to adjusting this one to be the same. As it came it has a light second-stage pull that is definite but there is also just a bit of creep. I will spend the time to see if that can be adjusted out. The manual says not to adjust the trigger lighter than 1,000 grams, which is 2 lbs. 2 oz.

Sig Super Target trigger adjustments
The trigger has 4 adjustment screws. You can adjust pull weight, trigger blade location, length of first stage and length of second stage.

There are adjustments for trigger pull weight, the location of the trigger blade, the length of the first stage and the length of stage two. Each adjustment is a separate screw, so I should be able to get it just the way I like it.


Well — there isn’t one. Since this is a target pistol, you don’t need one. You only load this gun when you are preparing to shoot. But what if the range is called cold right after you have loaded the gun? That happens all the time. What do you do then to make the pistol safe? The manual says to fire the pistol to unload it, but in this situation that can’t be done. I would just open the top strap as if to pump and load the pistol again. The strap will be pushed up by the compressed air stored inside, so keep your hand over the top strap to contain it. Once the top strap is open there will still be a pellet in the breech, but the pistol cannot fire.

And, since I brought it up, don’t leave a single stroke airgun pumped longer than about 5 minutes. Their pump cup (pump piston seal) is what holds the pressurized air in the gun and leaving it pumped puts too much strain on it.


A target pistol doesn’t need a lot of power — just enough for a wadcutter pellet to punch a clean hole through target paper at 10 meters. Sig rates the Super Target at up to 400 f.p.s. We know that they have a lead free wadcutter lead-free target pellet that is extremely accurate, and I’m thinking that is the one they got that velocity with. We shall see.

Sig sent me a tin of their new lead target wadcutter pellets to test in the gun. They weigh 7.71 grains and Sig’s recommendation is to keep the pellet weight under 8 grains, so that’s what I will do. Their Match Ballistic Alloy pellet weighs only 5.25-grains, so of course they will get tested as well. There are plenty of match pistol pellets that weigh less than 8 grains, so the test is stacking up quite well.


I went over the pistol and the contents of the case that it comes in — yes, there is a pistol case for this one — and everything looks top-flight. The overall finish is black satin for the metal parts and the wood grips have a satin finish as well. They put the required warnings on the bottom of the frame where they can be seen, but don’t mess up the appearance of the pistol.


The Super Target works like many other single stroke pneumatics. Pull the hammer back to unlatch the top strap, then lift the top strap and rotate it forward as far as it will go. Load the pellet into the rear of the barrel that is now away from the grip frame. I know that Sig spent extra effort on the clearance for loading, but I will say that all pistols that load this way can be challenging.

Sig Super Target openThis is the pistol all the way open for loading.


This pistol feels very close to the P210 target pistol. Only the grips are significantly different. Yes, there are no controls on the pistol like a safety, magazine release or slide release, but the gun doesn’t suffer for their lack. In fact it makes for a slimmer sleeker looking pistol!


We are in for a treat with the Super Target because it is a quality air pistol. Velocity comes next, followed by trigger adjustments.