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Competition Sig Virtus MCX PCP air rifle: Part 4

Sig Virtus MCX PCP air rifle: Part 4

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Sig Virtus
Sig Virtus.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 1 Romeo5 XDR red dot sight

This report covers:

  • Sighting in the Romeo5
  • The test
  • Lots of pellets
  • Air Arms Falcon
  • Air Arms 16-grain dome
  • RWS Meisterkugeln
  • Summary

Today I mount the Romeo5 dot sight on the Sig Virtus and shoot it for accuracy again. This will be a test of both the sight and the rifle in operation.

Sig Virtus with Romeo5
I mounted the Romeo5 midway up the Picatinny rail, where both the dot and the target are easily visible.

Sighting in the Romeo5

I started at 12 feet as I always do with optical sights. The first shot went low and left so I adjusted the Romeo5 adjustments up and right. After 4 shots and adjustments in between I felt confident to move back to 10 meters.

I will say this, the sight adjustments worked perfectly, and like most dot sights the Romeo5 adjusts quickly. I sighted in with the dot on full intensity, but dropped four levels of illumination when shooting the targets. That 2 MOA dot is extremely precise, and you want it just bright enough to see with no flare!

The test

I shot the rifle off a sandbag rest at 10 meters — the same as I did in part 3. I’m still shooting 5-shot groups so I can try many different pellets.

I remembered my trigger trick, which is to pull with the second joint of my trigger finger rather than the tip. That gives me a lot more power and I can control when the rifle fires much better. I feel a scrunch as the belt advances, then an increase in pressure just before the rifle fires. It’s like stages one and two of a double-action trigger pull.

Lots of pellets

I ran through a bunch of pellets today before discovering that my trigger finger was pulling the rifle off the target again. Now, under no circumstances is the Virtus to be considered a target rifle. It is a fast-firing 30-shot pellet repeater that gets a large number of shots from a 3,000 psi fill. It’s for fun and plinking — not for targets or hunting. But I have to show you something when I test it, and targets are still the easiest way to do that. What I’m saying is I think that any of the pellets I shot today are probably okay, but I’m not showing the ones I think I messed up. Of the groups that I do show, all three pellets performed about the same. The Virtus doesn’t seem picky about what it shoots.

I’m not going to waste your time looking at poor groups that I caused. Instead, let’s look at groups made by three pellets that did work well because when I shot them I was concentrating on not moving the rifle.

Air Arms Falcon

First up is the Air Arms Falcon. I will show you two targets that were shot, but many targets were shot with other pellets between these two groups. Once it was sighted in the Romeo5 was not adjusted for any of the different pellets, which will become important in a moment.

The first target shows five Falcon pellets in a group measuring 0.746-inches between centers at 10 meters. The group is slightly to the left of center, but since I was shooting many different pellets I did not change the settings on the Romeo5.

Sig Virtus Falcon Group 1
Five .22-caliber Falcon pellets went into 0.746-inches at 10 meters.

The second group of Falcons was fired perhaps 15-20 shots after the first one. This time five pellets went into 0.665-inches at 10 meters. The interesting thing is they are in the same place as the first group — so this is almost like shooting a 10-shot group. This is why I told you that I didn’t adjust the dot sight.

Sig Virtus Falcon group 2
The second group of five Falcons went into this 0.665-inch group at 10 meters.

Build a Custom Airgun

Air Arms 16-grain dome

Next I tried the Air Arms dome that weighs 16 grains for the first time. The first group was well-centered in the bull and measures 0.583-inches between centers at 10 meters. For some reason this pellet just seems right for the Virtus, and this group is the smallest of the test.

Sig Virtus AA group 1
The Virtus put the first 5 Air Arms 16-grain domes into a 0.583-inch group at 10 meters.

The second group of the same Air Arms domes was shot at the end of the test. It is the largest group that I’m showing, though the other pellets I didn’t show grouped much larger than this. But as I said, I think they were all my fault. I show this one because this pellet went to the same place on the target both times and this time five went into 0.847-inches at 10 meters.

Sig Virtus
The second group of Air Arms domes shot at 10 meters measures 0.847-inches between centers.

RWS Meisterkugeln

The final pellet I’m going to show you is a wadcutter. The RWS Meisterkugeln grouped surprisingly well, with five going into 0.776-inches at 10 meters. I did not shoot a second group of these because by this point in the test I was getting tired.

Sig Virtus RWS Meisterkugeln
The Virtus put 5 RWS Meisterkugeln into 0.776-inches at 10 meters. I know it looks like only four shots, but that one large hole on the lower left actually holds three pellets.


I have now put the Sig Virtus MCX PCP air rifle through its paces. It’s a smooth, fast-firing pellet rifle that uses air very sparingly. It’s a very close replica of the Virtus firearm, for those who like replica airguns.

Early on I learned how to pull the trigger for the best results. I advise you to try my method if you have this rifle or one of the CO2-powered Sig MCX rifles it was spawned from. The 30-round belt fed magazine works perfectly .

The Romeo5 XDR red dot sight is also quite a performer. It’s a quality optic, and I am glad I had the chance to test it. 

90 thoughts on “Sig Virtus MCX PCP air rifle: Part 4”

  1. Very interesting, and unfortunately, disappointing too.
    Is this as far as you intend to take the testing?

    I guess everyone looking for a sub 12 ftlb 30 yard and less repeating hunter/pester, it looks like we are out of luck.

    So where does it leave us?

    With acres and acres of rail space, This rifle had all of the features to be a nighttime terror for the rat population, or a henhouse defender, especially teasing us with the magic energy level necessary to make this a viable hunter/pester.

    But now it looks like a $300 rifle that is only good for metal spinners and other action targets at 15 yards and less.

    With this level of accuracy, it is no longer a contender for informal Gunslynger style events, due to the inability to hit small targets at any meaningful distance.

    Yes you could put more lead down range and probably hit 10 steel targets faster than your friend with his bolt action repeater.
    It just takes you 3 times as many pellets.


    • Ian, very well said.
      The AR6K will continue to be my favourite. Light double action for fun with 15 fpe and 24 fpe in single action for serious work. Ok more expensive and six shots but…

    • 45Bravo
      I would still take it over a $1,500.00 Fx Monsoon or Revolution and also other brand true semi auto guns out there.

      At least with the MCX and MPX they shoot when you pull the trigger. Trust me. I have owned some of them out there. I know what they are like to get to shoot. As in the semi auto air guns.

      The MCX and MPX is a bargain for what it does. I think where the problem began is it got mentioned in the advertising or such that it would be a hunting rifle. Remember when they said the TR5 was a target gun. Don’t say what something is suppose to be. Say what it is.

      And I do know this. My MPX gets way better groups at 10 yards bench resting with the Sig red dot that came with it than the gun BB is testing today. I really wonder if the trigger is giving BB accuracy problems. I still say my trigger feels light and I don’t need no special technique to shoot it. Maybe the triggers do have a different pull. Maybe the extra weight of the .22 caliber pellets in the belt is enough to make his trigger heavy and harder to control then my .177 caliber MPX.???

      • GF1,

        (IF) all things being the same on the advancement mech.,… you might have a point on the “weight” of the belt being the difference. That said,.. (IF) belt weight correlates directly into trigger feel,… then (in theory) the trigger pull weight would decrease with either .177 and .22 as the belt gets more and more empty.


        • Chris
          Ya know what. I’m going to have to pay attension more and see if the trigger does get easier to pull as the belt gets empty on my MPX. I’ll see today if I can tell a difference.

          Guess I should of got me one of those trigger pull gauges. But really never needed one. I always just adapted to the trigger on a particular gun I was shooting.

          You got one if I remember right. What brand is yours?

          • GF1,

            Lyman, digital. $57.96 before shipping. It is very nice and you can put some actual #’s to whatever it is you are testing/adjusting.

            I would rather put data to something, if I can. Like,… using a Chrony vs guessing fps/fpe.


      • You also have more cycles on your trigger than this rifle has, so it is probably smoother from wearing in of the surfaces.

        I have shot the MCX .177, and thought seriously about one, but have never found one at a price i was willing to pay to get into the game.

        The one I shot was was a demo rifle that Sig had at the range, so I am sure it was well broken in.
        The trigger was not an issue, but I don’t know the mileage that gun had…


        • 45Bravo
          True on the cycles of my gun compared to the one BB is testing.

          But I still don’t recall the trigger ever being heavy on my MPX. Actually it feels alot like the trigger on the Benjamin WildFire and 1077’s I have had.

          Basically what I’m saying is it feels like a normal double action air gun trigger to me.

          • Everyone has their own definition of a heavy trigger pull, the same as everyone has their own definition of accuracy.

            Some people have no interest in any rifle that won’t shoot the hair off of a gnats eyebrow at 50 yards, and others are happy just rolling soda cans at 10 ft.
            Some people are happy with a 5 lb trigger, some people think a 1lb trigger is too heavy.

            I can tell you, after shooting muzzle loaders with set triggers for decades, you get used to a 3 or 4 oz. trigger..

          • GF1,

            I just went to the PA site to look up the price of a Wildfire and it has been discontinued. I had to return so many of them because they leaked that I bet they just got tired of the returns. I saw Tyler Patner speak to that ugly side of airgun retailing in a recent video on Air Gun Depots site. Sometimes they just have to tell their suppliers “No More, Unacceptable!”


            • Half
              It has to happen sooner or later if something is not working.

              What bothers me is as much experience there is at Crosman they of should looked into some engineering on that gun.

              The seals in the end piece from the air resivor to the guns valve needed better seals/o-rings and a better way to secure the air transfer tube and how the actual valve that transfers air to the barrel.

              It needed some beefing up in the plastic reciever cating and seals and it would of worked.

              And don’t bring up the subject of who is working there now and they aren’t even air gunners. Because I know deep down inside some one working there knows. The problem I’m betting is management over looked those people.

              On purpose.

              • GF1,

                As you remember I went round and round with my Wildfire before it stopped leaking. Even got into a few heated discussions with Crosman. I think the leakes were in both the transfer tube and the valve. I finally got a gen 2 valve and was very careful in polishing the transfer tube a new one and new orings. My original transfer tube was sharp edged and had a groove where the oring set. My gun has not leaked since.

                I think Crosman could have come out with a gen 2 Wildfire that would have been a success with some minor modifications and their new barrel process. I did quite a bit of work on two different barrels before I got the accuracy I expected. Some better quality controls on the gun would have gone a long ways. Mine is a lot of fun.


                • Don
                  I’m with you. They could of done a few little improvements and the gun would of probably been alright.

                  And to say I said that the 1077 could of been turned into a hpa gun. And note this. My biggest concern was that the gun needed reduced down to Co2 pressure. And I mentioned needed tested after that.

                  The idea was definitely a good one. But they should put a little more thought into it before they pulled the trigger.

                  And one day. Probably when I retire I’m going to build a regulated HPA 1077 (.22 caliber). Seriously going to do it. And again. (.22caliber )

                  • GF1,

                    You may only need a .22 barrel and open the cylinder up to .22 caliber. From what I remember you would only need the notch cut in the barrel to hold it in place. It may be a simple conversion.

                    I have a Maximus pressure tube and valve I plan on using with either a Crosman 2240 or 2260 as soon as I get the fill parts for the end of the tube later may be a regulator if it works out.


                    • Don
                      Your conversion is a no brainer. The breech and barrel and transfer port orifice and barrel bands will swap right onto the Maximus tube and a regulator will go right in.

                      And don’t forget the Marauder pistol trigger assembly will bolt right on. Then you gotta nice 2 stage trigger that pretty much equals a Marauder rifle trigger.

                      And yep will get a .22 Maximus barrel for the .22 caliber 1077/WildFire conversion. And yep plan on opening up a few clips to hold some .22 caliber pellets.

      • Gunfun,
        “Maybe the extra weight of the .22 caliber pellets in the belt is enough to make his trigger heavy and harder to control then my .177 caliber MPX.???” Very interesting question that I have not thought of. Let’s say the weight of the .22 cal pellet is double (to make it easy). Then you compound that with 30 rounds (that is a lot of pellets). I could see where that could have some effect. Hmmm. I guess the only way to tell would be to shoot the MPX/MCX in both cals back to back. Who could do that for us???


        • Doc
          Yep exactly what I was thinking about the pellet weight.

          And BB probably is one of the few that has this .22 caliber version and access to a .177 caliber MCX.

          I would like to know.

                  • Guys,

                    As it happens I have been speaking to a Sig representative this morning about this very thing. At least twice during 50 shots or so the rifle fired before I was ready. I was waiting fore the stage two trigger pressure to build and these two times it didn’t. The gun just shot! I wasn’t ready for either of those shots and threw the pellet wide.

                    But, I can’t tell you if that came near the end of a belt. That’s why I didn’t say anything in my report. It’s also why I have told GunFun1 that I think the Virtus trigger needs to break in — the same as his Sig CO2 triggers have broken in over time.


                    • BB
                      From what you said as the trigger breaks in this condition may get worse and cause the gun to fire soon.

                      There is alot that takes place inside these guns to make the pellet advance and fire.

                      Belt location is a big one after the gun fires and when the belt advances and trigger pressure.

                      I say you need to talk to Sig a little more and give some more information.

                      I have what you mention happen too. It’s about the timing and when you let off the trigger and the belt advances and you put pressure back on the trigger.

                      Really you’ll see the more you shoot it rapid fire. BB you need to spend more time with the gun. Then give a update.

                      Just say’n what I have seen.

    • Ian,

      It is a toy. You are expecting way too much from it. Yes, the power level gave you the tremblies, but it is still a very-expensive-double-action-revolver-made-to-look-tacticool toy. OK, now you can kill feral soda cans at a longer range and still look tacticool while doing it.

      Look at it this way. Thanks to BB you learned about all of this without having to drop a bundle on one and then trying to figure out how to unload it (pun intended) on someone.

    • Yogi
      The MPX have is very easy to shoot. As in ergonomics and trigger pull.

      To bad I couldn’t shoot the MCX that BB has. I would like to see what the difference is. Our if there is a difference.

  2. Off Topic:

    New “tech” issues,…. on a washing machine!

    In short, I got a new top load laundry washer awhile back. Last week, it seemed to stay on final spin and not quit.

    I did some on-line research on it yesterday. I found,… if something interrupts the normal cycle (power/off balance/hit pause/ etc.),.. the washer may need “re-set”.

    Fix? Unplug for 2 minutes. Plug back in,… (AND) open and close the lid, 6 times, (lifting at least 2″ each time), within 12 seconds. One site said 6 times within 30 seconds. Both sites specifically mentioned the continued spin issue,… along with other/different issues,… with all being “fixed” the same way.

    Is it fixed? I do not know. I do laundry 1x per week. Sunday normally. Bottom line,…. I just wanted to share with all of you some of the goofy fixes for something like a common washer. No where in the manual is this “fix” mentioned.

    Good Day all,……… Chris

        • Now I am on both sides of the fence with the Microsoft/Apple camps.

          All of my professional certifications are in Windows.

          But I have been an Apple user since 2007.
          I don’t like Apple as a company, but I do like their hardware and their OS.
          They just work…

          • And does this conversation really have anything to do with the washing machine Chris has.

            Kind of glad Chris brought this up. I’m getting ready to buy a washing machine. Ours is going to die anytime rest its poor soul. It’s been brought back to life a many times.

            Do I really want to buy a new washer this time now after what Chris researched ???

            • GF1,

              Glad I could provide some joke fodder for ya’ all! 😉 It is about a mid range one. GE. Like anything now, stuff has a memory and electronics. My smart phone has some setting for if the battery is not charging right. Mine is, but if not, it requires a reset of some sort which I can do.

              I did use Goggle (off line) maps the other day too. You do not use data that way and navigation is normal. I was impressed. Then again,… most stuff with the smart phone impresses me, so that is not saying much!!!! LOL! 🙂

              Seeing as how we are an older crowd for the most part,… I figured how many of us would figure on resetting something like a washer?

              The overall lesson? Google the issue with a question and see what pops up.


              • Chris
                All good. I knew there was going to be some good comments on that one when I read it. 🙂

                And really I don’t want to have to reboot my washing machine everytime I turn around. And I definitely don’t feel like having a conversation with it. Although I have called it few choice words throughout time. 😉

            • GF1
              On washing machines, we bought a new Samsung front load washer and dryer. We chose the front loader because we have a septic system and the front loader uses less water. Well, all was good for 6 years. First the pump that extracts the water went out, then a year later the real bearing went out. The service guy said he could repair it but it would cost as much as a new unit. So, no more Korean Samsung junk for us. I asked a very good local appliance repairman which washer brand would be best. He said it doesn’t matter, they’re all junk. He did recommend Whirlpool because they have parts warehouses on this side of the US and parts were more readily available. We ended up buying Maytag because it has a 10 year warranty on the drive motor and basket. Oh, and we had GE before too. The washer didn’t shut off on the rinse cycle and flooded our whole house. I thought the washer was well made because it was quite heavy. Well, when I checked inside of it, they used junks of cement around the basin to help stabilize it and keep it from going “off balance”. Like the repair guy said, they’re ALL junk. Built to last 10 years, or less, then through away and buy new ones.

              • Geo,

                Yea,… gone are the days of giving your old washer away to a needy young couple with kids,… after,…. that washer was 30 years old,.. had been in a family with 5 kids,.. and was still running strong.


              • Geo
                Theres a guy I always go to by my mom and dads old house that works on appliances out of his garage. Known him for years. He said buying a new one would probably be a mistake. And he’s not saying it just ti get me to buy something from him that he rebuilds and resales. But because the new ones are just not as good.

                I will probably buy one from him just because I know how he is and the work he does. You never have to wait for him to get there and he always gets it done right.

                Just me but I think that will happen when my washer dies.

      • Bravo,

        I am not much up on all that “puter” stuff. I will say that when Windows/HP/Whatever?? is due for an update,… my laptop gets stupid slow. I check often, but that symptom is a dead giveaway that background stuff is going on and that an update is ready now or soon will be.

        Geo said that they are just doing a big Fall update now instead of coming out with new versions,…. or something to that effect anyways. 😉

        Just lookin’ out for my air gun homies so that they keep more $ for air gun stuff and not misc./whatever repairs. You have to admit,…. that is not a “fix” that any average person would even think about.


        • ChrisUSA,

          When the washing machine fails to reboot at all…you need a Backup! Get yourself a large, smooth, round river rock and a wooden (short handle) paddle. Fill machine with bucket from your hot water heater (if it is still working) and not n need of reboot. Natural from that point on! If in need of demonstration numerous Westerns have good looking Squaws showering how it is done 😉


          • Shootski,

            Just so happens that I am watching one now. “Alias Smith and Jones”,… which I have never seen before. 1971 it says. A couple of con guys from what I gather. A young Sally Fields in it too, if correct. Got my fill of politic news and waiting for the 5 PM news to come on.

            Let’s hope that I do not have to resort to rocks and washboards anytime soon! 😉


        • Chris,
          Yes, Microsoft will not be doing the major OS upgrades in both the spring and fall any longer. Now, they will be doing an update in the spring to just polish up the previous fall upgrade. Then in the fall we will get the major upgrade again…probably with all the bugs that come with it too. I will say that Microsoft has somewhat learned a lesson in that they are not forcing these updates as they have previously. You will now see an option to download and update, so you will have the choice. The security updates will still be installed automatically though. In Windows 10 you can schedule when those are allowed to happen so that they don’t interfere with doing work on the computer.

  3. This rifle is a little disappointing to me. We have a rifle that at 10m is no more accurate than a plinking Umarex Lever Action smooth bore or a Crosman 1077 C02 rifle. And without having shot the Sig Virtus, from what I’ve read on here, The trigger “action” on the Crosman 12 round circular “clip” seems to be smoother and maybe even a better design then the belt mag of the Sig? Before someone blasts me, to each his own, hence why I said disappointing to me.


    • Doc,

      I won’t dispute what you said except to say that the Virtus trigger is much better than the best 1077 trigger I every tried. That said, it is still heavy and must be controlled as I mentioned in today’s report.


        • Doc
          Same here with the 1077 trigger.

          I’m wondering if the trigger in the gun BB is testing really is different. Or what the heck is really making it seem different to BB.

            • BB
              Oh no. Remember your talk’n to Gunfun1.

              I modified a few 1077 and WildFire triggers in my time. I do remember what they was like before and after.

              And I do know the 2 MPX I have had have good triggers. Way better than the Colt Python that shoots pellets with the clip and double action trigger.

              The only thing I don’t know is what the trigger feels like in the MCX your testing today. When it was new and after a fair amount of shots through it.

              The question is did the trigger in the MCX your testing get better?

              The next question if if it did what is going on with the groups. Maybe the MCX in .22 caliber isn’t as accurate as the .177 caliber models. More question Mark’s inserted here.

              • GF1,

                Too many imponderables for me to answer without a lot more testing that I am not going to do. It’s easy to ask the questions but not so easy to give substantive answers.

                This Virtus trigger has smoothed out in just the little I have been shooting it, which is why I said it needs to break in. All 1077s I have owned have done exactly the same thing and I have two right now that have great triggers — not in the rifle, but in the magazine box, which is where the important part of their trigger really lies. Given how it works I suspect the Virtus trigger also depends on the magazine and even on the belt that’s loaded into it.


                • BB
                  I can agree with this reply you just made.

                  I think it’s all coming down to spending more time with the gun.

                  For some reason it’s making me believe that you think I’m putting the gun down. I’m just bringing up points that I already have experienced that you will see more as time goes.

                  The best I can say is the MPX I have doesn’t disappoint once you learn the gun a little.

                  What I have in my mind is think some more about what this gun should do best. Shoot it that way once you thought about it. Then give us nice big update on what it does.

                  • GF1,

                    Unfortunately this rifle will be sent to Pyramyd AIR soon, so Tyler Patner can have time with it. Since there are no production guns available, we all have to share. Then it will return to me and I will shoot it again, but that will be some time from now.


                    • BB,

                      That is quite a bit of shipping cost back and forth. I am surprised that they do not just release more than one for you guys to test with. Oh well, it is what it is.

                      I still say that a tested gun would still be a big hit for someone to buy. Toss in some signed target copies, maybe a video copy (if applicable), some hard copies of reports, etc, etc.. They would at least bring a same or better dollar than a new one. It’s a piece of modern history at that point.


                    • BB
                      I think that’s great.

                      Once it’s made it around the block and you get it back will definitely tell us all a thing or two.

                      That may be the best part of the report.

                      Well adding in the smart phone target may be just what’s needed. Then we can see If it can keep up with some rapidfire data. Remember rapid fire for this gun. That’s what it is all about.

              • Hey Gunfun 1
                I think BB’s Virtus just needs to be broken in a bit more.
                I got my MCX spring last year. I wasn’t impressed at first and soon realized that it needed to be broke in.
                It turns out it needed a lot of break in – and maintenance – if there was a screw that could loosen up and fall out it was on this gun. I spent so much time in the local hardware store searching for uncommon metric sizes they asked me if I was looking for a job!
                Also, after a few mods and pellet changes, the MCX is starting to show its true colors! This gun has never fired co2, just the standard HPA conversion which because of its constant 1100 psi, is probably responsible for loosening every external nut and bolt on the gun! I fastened a short piece of Weaver rail to the bottom of the HPA tank and then mounted a folding foregrip backwards on the rail. The open foregrip sits a couple inches ahead of the end of the HPA tank and makes for a nice butt pad with the back part of the tank sitting on top of my shouder – just like a Bazooka. Eye elevation is perfect for the tiny M6L – 4×25 scope I’m using. With the HPA tank and the big fat silencer wrapped in camo vet tape to prevent scratches in the bush the gun looks ‘tres formidable’.
                For the first 1000 shots Daisy Hollow Points were the pellet of choice. Never great accuracy during those first 2 tins of pellets but cheap for breaking in. A few times I tried a mag or two of Meisterkugeln 7.0 gn. wad cutters but never with much better luck for accuracy. At 1300 breakin shots I decided to try a few different pellets. It turned out after going through most of my pellets the one I thought would be the worst turned out to be an eye opener. The Daisy 7.9 gn. wad cutters were shooting 5 shot groups of ½” or better at 15 yards with my elbow benched! The KeyMod side and bottom rails are way too flimsy to use for anything other than a better fore grip or a small flashlight. You can forget about mounting a bipod. I was never able to get one to maintain level!
                Early on in the breakin process I started lubing the internals through the mag well and the mags with Blaster Dry Teflon Spray. I now have a gun that has a buttery smooth trigger with a clean break, hardly any hint at all of the belt links moving forward and what seems to be about 5 lbs or less trigger pull.
                As well the gun is nearly impossible to mount a normal sling so I mounted a single point sling mount to the rail immediately behind the scope and a swivel handle (think of the Bren) immediately ahead of the scope. It balances out perfectly and makes the gun easy to carry.

                • Redrafter,

                  In the image B.B. used up top I see at least two sling points for a hardware mounted sling?
                  Or maybe: https://www.armageddongear.com/AI-Hooks One or more of these might work: https://www.armageddongear.com/Rail-Mount-QD-Swivel-Socket
                  Are those just for looks and not functional? Inquiring minds needs to know?
                  Where and with what type of sling attachment are you trying (mounted the single point sling) to mount a sling?
                  Hope something like those could work for you and others owners with various types of slings.


                  • Hey shootski
                    I’m using a steel Weaver single point sling mount immediately behind the scope. It is at the very end of the top Weaver rail above the cocking handle. The top Weaver rail above the reciever is metal and is about the only part of the gun where stuff like scopes, sling points and handles can be securely mounted!
                    The buttpad 88 gram co2 cover shows a couple holes that might be used for a sling mount but to be truthfull I don’t think the plastic is strong enough. I have the gun set up for HPA so no attachment points anywhere without the 88 gram buttpad. As well the foreward keymod rails on the side and under the gun just don’t have the strength. I know because I had mounted a keymod Weaver rail to hold a slanted fore grip and bipod. The slanted fore grip was OK – not much side leverage on it but the bipod twisted the keymod Weaver rail on the plastic handguard out of shape and I think would have eventually broken or pulled the fasteners out. That keymod stuff is there only for looks and not for real useage. The word TOYLIKE comes to mind!!
                    But then what else but a toy is this kind of airgun!

                    • Dave,

                      As Ridge Runner said: “You are expecting way too much from it. Yes, the power level gave you the tremblies, but it is still a very-expensive-double-action-revolver-made-to-look-tacticool toy.” Might be true but SIG AIR/SIG USA says: “SIG Advanced Sport Pellet rifles are matched to original rifle model specs and engineered to SIG quality standards using authentic materials and, where necessary, patented performance innovations.” as well as, “The Perfect tool for target training and defending against unwanted varmints.”

                      From this blog’s results the SIG Marketing types need to be taken to task for Exaggeration at a minimum and worse if we take comments into account!

                      SIG AIR you all need to do better! I’m a multiple SIG product owner and disappointed by the “sales job” on this one!


                • Dave
                  A bunch of good info.

                  And just to mention I shoot my MPX bazooka style also. I don’t have a butt pad on the bottle. Its actually very comfortable to shoot that way.

                  • Hey Gunfun1
                    I find the backwards mounted folding foregrip on the HPA tank gives me steady placement into my shoulder with repeatable trigger pull length which in turn gives me a repeatable cheek weld. Makes for more comfortable shooting. Give it a try. You’ll see a big difference!

                    • Dave
                      I do it a little different to repeat my hold. And not only on this gun.

                      When I do my standing unsupported shooting I lock my left and right elbows and arms into my rib cage. It is a very solid accurate hold.

                      Not to brag but I think that’s why I shoot so good standing unsupported. Well maybe a little bragging. 🙂

                    • Hey Gunfun
                      That’s the same hold I use! I find the little bit of butt pad to squeeze into just makes for a better hold and cheekweld!

  4. BB,

    I’m a little disappointed as well. Was hoping for accuracy that exceeded my 1077. I think that the air is used to reset the bolt/hammer/striker whatever you want to call it, although I don’t recall whether you gave a definitive answer on that in this series, and the trigger just advances the belt and releases the bolt/hammer/striker. If I’m right about that, is there any significant recoil that could be effecting accuracy?


  5. I just watched a YT video where a tester got a .7 ” group at 20 yards with GTOs and was hitting soda cans and airgun silhouettes at 40 yards. He said that he tested about 24 pellets and none came close to the GTOs, so maybe the gun is just picky. I was encouraged by his shooting results. His trigger was over 9 lbs, by the way.


      • GF1,

        I guess ya gotta just try one. He did show in a part 2 video that he got sub 1″ groups with a few other pellets at 20 yards. Tin cans at 25 – 40 yards sounds good to me.

        What do you feed your gun?


        • Half
          Don’t you think that’s respectable for the gun in the video. I do. I think it’s doing a good job for this type of gun.

          And I have shot different JSB pellets in my MPX. That being from if I remember right from 7 grain up to the 10.34’s I like.

          But it also shoots the Winchester round nose just as well. And that’s from 15 to 40 yards. And to make this clear. That’s plinking at a 12 oz can with the dot sight that came with it. Totally unsupported and standing. What more should I want from it?

    Well, it’s finally happened. Gun grabbers now have new fodder. A local woman was just arrested here for killing a man with a Daisy Powerline 1000 pellet gun.
    Larry in Algona

  7. B.B. and Readership,

    You all need to exercise your hands and fingers!

    I have used Power Putty and done a bunch of different exercises with it for decades. My Grip STRENGTH has surprised many a Millennial 🙂 Seriously stuff this works fantastically. It is very similar to the effect of using fins and hand paddles when swimming! Once you take them off the swim stroke/kick feels like it is supper fast and way easy.


    • Shootski
      One time when I was in my early teens my dad cut his finger almost all the way off. They put a pin in it while it healed then pulled the pin out. After that he used clay and a tennis ball to exercise his hands and finger to get it working again.

      And I have to say I got very strong hands. At work I constantly have to grip heavy stuff taking it apart and assembling it. Plus do lift weights also. It does help with shooting.

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