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Competition Ataman AP16 Standard air pistol: Part 1

Ataman AP16 Standard air pistol: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Ataman AP16 Standard
Ataman AP-16 Standard PCP pistol.

This report covers:

  • AP16 features
  • Description
  • Velocity
  • Lothar Walther barrel
  • Heavy?
  • Conventional crossbolt safety
  • Sights
  • Watch the Insyder
  • Hammer spring can be adjusted
  • Modular design
  • Sound
  • One last thing
  • Summary

Today we start looking at the Ataman AP16 PCP pistol. This is a very different kind of air pistol and not inexpensive, but from what I have seen it’s loaded with features.  Let’s look at them.

AP16 features

  • regulator
  • lightweight adjustable trigger
  • adjustable open sights
  • 11mm dovetail for optical sights
  • 7-shot rotary magazine
  • muzzle energy in the 15-18 foot-pound range
  • choice of attractive finishes
  • checkered walnut grip panels
  • manual safety


The pistol comes in .22 caliber. It’s 14.37 inches long, but if that’s too large there is a compact version available that is nearly 2.5 inches shorter. This is a pneumatic, so the longer the barrel the more energy it gets. Accuracy isn’t affected by barrel length, but velocity is in a pneumatic. The standard gun also holds more air because the reservoir is longer.

The fill is to 300 bar (4350 psi) so either a carbon fiber tank or a small compressor is required to fill. The pistol comes standard with two fill probes — one with 1/8 BSPP threads and the other with a male Foster coupling. Coupled with the regulator this fill will give you lots of shots.


This isn’t the velocity test. But my pistol came with a 14-shot test ticket from a chronograph. Nowhere was it indicated what pellet was used to get those velocities but the 7-shot test group was shot with JSB Exact Jumbo 15.89-grain domes, so I’m assuming the same pellet was used for the velocity.  The average velocity of the test gun is 663 f.p.s. and the group size at 10 meters was 0.231-inches. Do I have your attention yet?

Lothar Walther barrel

Yes, the barrel is from Lothar Walther — the world standard for accurate airgun barrels. The barrel sits inside a shroud, but it is not shrouded in the sense of being silenced. It’s simply a jacket around the rifled tube. The muzzle comes to the end of the shroud.

Build a Custom Airgun


The Ataman AP16 Standard I am testing weighs 2 lbs. 4 oz. That’s light for its size but bear in mind the reservoir is full of air. As long as it is you would think that it’s muzzle-heavy but it isn’t. It feels like a conventional 1911 to me.

Conventional crossbolt safety

There is a conventional crossbolt safety behind the trigger and above the grip panels. It works in the standard way — push to the right for safe and to the left to fire. But while testing it I discovered that it’s possible to push a bit TOO far to the left and the trigger is rendered inoperable. If you can see a groove at the bottom of the safety button when it’s pushed to the left, the gun will not fire.

Ataman AP16 safety
When you can see the groove in the safety like this the gun will not fire.

The pistol can be decocked by pulling the trigger and riding the bolt down with the cocking lever.


The sights adjust for both windage and elevation. The rear sight slides sideways in a dovetail for windage and the front sight blade raises and lowers for elevation. I plan to shoot the pistol with these sights (of course!) so I’ll describe the process for you.

Ataman AP16 front sight
The Ataman front sight pivots up and down for elevation.

Watch the Insyder

Tyler Patner did an excellent job of reviewing this pistol. He looks at a Compact version, but, except for having less air and a shorter barrel, the two pistols are virtually the same.

Hammer spring can be adjusted

You can adjust the power by adjusting the hammer spring tighter or looser. Tyler mentions in his review that the spring is already about as tight as it will go when it comes from the factory, so there is more adjustment for lower velocity than for higher.

Modular design

If you want to change your AP16 from Standard to Compact, you can install a shorter  barrel or reservoir or both.


This pistol is loud! It is not backyard friendly unless you have several acres and understanding neighbors. If you can shoot a .22 rimfire in your back yard there you can shoot the AP16.

One last thing

I have one last thing to tell you readers, but not in this report. If you remember West Side Story — Something’s coming! Something BIG!


The Ataman AP16 is an unusual air pistol. It has decent power for close-range hunting, a great trigger, above average accuracy and seems to get lots of shots on a fill. The quality of the build looks flawless. We will have fun with this one!

61 thoughts on “Ataman AP16 Standard air pistol: Part 1”

  1. B.B.,

    Looks like the regulator is set at just under 2000psi. If it is set at maximum there seems to be enough leeway to increase the shot count and possibly make it accurate with lower weight pellets. Now this is a company that decided to do one thing and stuck to that decision.


  2. BB,

    Now we are talking. I have wanted one of these since I first heard of them. If my rememberer is working properly, the regulator is adjustable.

    They also have a really neat tacticool carbine body accessory for these.


    The modularity of these allows you to be able to put on a longer barrel and/or a silencer (triangular of course 😉 ).

    • RR,

      I thought the same thing on being a carbine,… but forgot to mention it. Glad to see they have one (kit) out already (per you). You and your recent triangle fixation,…… ? 😉


    • RR,

      I had something in mind like the stock they put on the 2240’s. Now that would look ok in my opinion.

      A 6 position coming up off the grips would be ok. Pass on the folder option. I had an RAI that had slop in it. I like 6 positions with cheek risers.


    • RR,

      That aftermarket carbine stock is hideous. The “cutout” for the sidelever makes me wonder about function while cocking with the carbine stock.

      The Ataman always made me wonder if it came to market as competition for the FX Ranchero pistol/carbine. Although the Ranchero doesn’t have a regulator it gets more shots on high power, fills to 220 bar (vs 300 bar on the Ataman), has an external power adjuster with 3 distinct stops, a terrific trigger, a non fiddly magazine that holds 8 pellets in .22 (vs. 7 in the Ataman), and has a threaded barrel to accept an LDC. Don’t know if the Ataman has an easy way to attach an LDC. The prices are very similar as well.

      • Kevin,

        That sure is purdy.

        The Ataman is made for easy holster use. Is the magazine fiddly? I don’t know. I do like the recessed side lever. I know a silencer can be fitted, but I am not quite sure how. I find the carbine accessary appealing.

        But that Ranchero in the picture sure is purdy. Is that a Corcoran stock? How much did that set you back?

        • RR,

          Yes, Steve Corcoran made the carbine stock and pistol stock that came with the gun. As you know, he leaves extra wood on the pistol stock for contouring to fit your hand. I really like the “thumb up” shelf he built into the carbine stock.

          Don’t remember what I paid for the set since that was about 15 years ago. This is an older Ranchero with the lothar walther barrel. Not a fan of the smooth twist barrels their now putting on the Ranchero’s (and everything else).

          I’ve bought and sold a lot of airguns but I still have the Ranchero.

        • Shootski,

          Go easy on RR. He had trouble with the wood blocks as a kid. You know,… the round peg to triangle hole,……. 😉

          I do remember those though. Like a little work bench. Even a little wood hammer. Colored they were. No doubt,… lead infused stained. Teething substitute? Mmmm,… that might explain a thing or two,… 😉


          • Chris USA,

            Do you want a geometric answer? Which flavor?
            Euclidean geometry, Analytic geometry, Projective geometry, Differential geometry, Non-Euclidean geometries, or Topology?

            Topology was my favorite….

            It seems like we are headed into the land of the Never Ending Story!


            • Shootski,

              OK,….. I know (well know) when I am over my head! 😉 Remember,… I am the one that was (maybe?) sucking on wood blocks with lead infused colored stain as a wee tike. I know my limits. 🙂


              • Chris USA,

                It is STILL a free country! IF R.R. wants sub par LDC just because they have a trendy shape i will defend his right to make that Free mistake all day long! But not after Sunset!

                That’s when all bets are off! Lol!


  3. BB,

    Very nice. Looking forwards to seeing what you can do with it as you are a fine pistol shooter. This really looks to be very well made on fit, finish and function. I like stuff like that!

    The 4350 fill is a bit of a bummer. When filling my Guppy tank with the Shoebox, the tank is only at 4300 sometimes. Sure, I can (and do) bump the reg. on the Shoebox a bit higher to fill to 4500,… but even then I would only get a few fills. I wonder what it would do at 3000 and backing the hammer off would do?


    • Chris,

      It does look like a (nice) simple magazine, the HW 100 is like that and I wish that more manufacturers would use that approach.

      I know that the simple magazine indexing system adds a bit of complexity to the gun but in IMHO it is worth it. The plastic magazines have too many moving parts, are fiddly to load, are prone to failure. That and accuracy is a concern, shuffling the pellets around inside the magazine scuffs them and aligning the pellet to the probe and the breech is iffy at best.


    • Chris,

      They are indeed interesting. Being able to swap out the entire top end without removing the scope is the way to go. If it shoots well, this will be a top dog that FX will not be able to match.

  4. Chris USA ,

    Yes it is a simple mechanism for the indexing . Ataman quality is top notch , in my opinion on par with the UK and Germany . The regulators are very reliable and give excellent shot strings . I am glad they were a private company and not state run , this allows it to come in around the sanctions. Very fun pistol to shoot , like Tyler said ” if you miss it is your fault “.

    Gene Salvino

  5. Let me understand. We have a 15-18 fpe, 22 cal pistol which is a repeater and very loud, working in the 300 bar zone, for 1.000$. How can I justify the +600$ difference between this and the Marauder pistol, which has the same features plus shroud, ok without open sights? Looking back at BB’s review it gave 32 shots with almost 30fps deviations. That’s for the regulator missing…

    • Bill,

      Yes, you are right. Also, there is the TalonP. You need to remember though that this is for those who make more than I. It also gives me something to dream about. In addition we can compare the results of the top tier to what is more reasonably priced and make a decision from there.

      • RidgeRunner,

        See below! Also available in .308, .357, .458, and even .575 (58 Cal). Right at US $500.00 these DAQ’s will outshoot and probably outlive all of your girls!


    • Arcadian,

      I would go with a DAQ .25 cal. pistol with a 14″ or 16″ barrel…actually i already did that! Easy 120 FPE or over 900 FPS with 30 grain pellets…BOOM!

      Do i hear a build that is KISS and will last 4,5,6+ generations all for about US $500.00!!!


    • Christos USA,

      This battle of the Black Potty calling the NRA Kettle Black has been an ongoing saga for years! First it was their (NY) insurance commissar shutting down the NRA’s gun owner insurance program, next it was the bank commissar trying to get banks to stop banking services with the NRA and now the AG (Anti Gunner?) leveling the bubble gum on the sidewalk charge! This from a state that after probaby infecting the entire country with COVID19 is going to fine citizens $1,000.00 of other US States from entering the EXCLUSION ZONE!


      PA better not be thinking of calling the company formerly known as Crosman as the best Airgun Manufacturer!

      Join us (NRA) in fighting TYRANNICAL NY scumbags!
      Even if you do it for one year!

      NOW IS THE TIME gun owners and shooters!
      Together we retain our LIBERTY, or together we will FALL!

      End of rant!


      • Shootski,

        Yes,.. I figured it was just another volley over the bow of the NRA ship. That said,… if the big wigs of the NRA are skimming off the top,… hang ’em high. We do not need that given all of the anti-gun rhetoric. Money wasted that could have been going for furthering the sport.

        Christos,……?????? what is up with that? It is Christopher,…. thank you. 😉


        • Chris USA,

          The QUESTION IS:

          Why DISSOLVE an organization with millions of honorable members? Why not charge the miscreants if they have done illegal acts?

          Obvious to some appealing to many crooked politicians to divert attention and damage or eliminate a Constitutional Threat to their desired outcome.


          That IS the QUESTION!


          • Shootski,

            No dissolve. Full steam ahead. I think????? we are on the same page.

            As for Washington,… hang em high too. While favoring one side,… I am not sure just how many would be left. 🙁 Swamp?… there has to be something (another word) worse than that.


            • Chris USA,

              Swamp IS to kind of a word…i have spent days on end in Swamps seems i liked the things (including the Leeches) there better than the denizens in the CESSPOOL that is current National, State and Local politics!

              USA readership: Join the NRA or some other legitimate gun rights organization if you haven’t already!
              Don’t complain to me when they take your guns out of your hands!


      • Shootski,

        This latest news keeps reminding me of an old Guns & Ammo cartoon. It depicted criminals surrendering their guns with the caption below, “Next they will walk on water.”


        • Siraniko,

          Commodore Perry toward the end of the war of 1812 at a battle on Lake Erie sent a message:. We have met the enemy, and they are ours. He then listed the Prize ships taken.

          Walt Kelly a cartoonist of a comic strip POGO years ago would have shown his take for this travesty in NY! One of his best was: We have met the enemy…and they is us! He used it numerous times to good effect for topics from the Vietnam War to Earth Day!

          Evil or upsetting forces exist within, not without.

          be well!


  6. B.B.,
    Because this gun is rated to hold up to 300 bar does not automatically mean you cannot use a hand pump to fill it. This is especially true since it is regulated, so any fill pressure above the regulator pressure will make the gun work.

    I have an EDgun Leshiy, which has a similar-sized air reservoir and is also rated to 300 bar fill pressure. Using my Hill Mark IV hand pump, I have no problem filling to 275-280.

  7. New 6 ft.³ buddy tank. 12 fills to 2000 psi and fits in my seat for HFT. More practical than a Huma regulator for now. 12×18 good shots out to 55 yards equals 216 good shots.

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