BSA R10 MK2 precharged repeater: Part 4

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

BSA R10 Mk2
BSA’s Mark 2 repeater has a rubber-covered beechwood stock.

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Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • The day
  • The rifle
  • The test
  • Start with JSB Exact Heavy
  • Crosman Premier heavys
  • H&N Baracuda Match with 4.50mm head
  • Remove the silencer
  • H&N Baracuda Match no silencer
  • JSB Exact Heavy no silencer
  • Crosman Premier Heavy no silencer
  • Discussion
  • Summary

In yesterday’s report you learned that I also shot the BSA R10 Mark II at the 50-yard range last Friday. I took the three best pellets from the 25-yard test in Part 3 and I shot them both with and without the DonnyFL silencer, just to see if there was a difference.

The day

As I mentioned yesterday, it was a cold Texas day with a light wind that blew from 5-10 mph. The range on which I shot is not only covered, it also has walls on both sides. Unfortunately the wind was at my back, and that produced swirling breezes downrange.

The rifle

The rifle was still scoped with the Meopta MeoPro Optika6 3-18X56 scope that is the best optic I own. It’s mounted in SportsMatch Fully Adjustable Scope Rings that have allowed me to get it right on for droop compensation. It was shooting about two inches low at 50 yards with the 25-yard sight setting.

The test

I shot from 50 yards off a sandbag rest. The rifle was rested directly on the sandbag. I shot 10-shot groups for each target.

I also tested each pellet both with the DonnyFL silencer installed and with it removed. When it was removed I put the BSA muzzle cap back on. The test began with the silencer installed.

Start with JSB Exact Heavy

I began the test with 10.34-grain JSB Exact Heavy pellets. Unfortunately I forgot to close the magazine retaining catch, so the first group was a loss. 

The second group was fired with the magazine catch pulled back and 10 JSB pellets went into 1.459-inches at 50 yards. The group spread out a little, left and right and that’s the same thing Cloud9 was noticing with his RAW. That was the wind swirling downrange. At 25 yards indoors ten of these same pellets made a 0.40-inch group.

R10 JSB group FL
The BSA R10 Mk II put 10 JSB Exact Heavys into 1.459-inches at 50 yards.

After seeing where this pellet landed I adjusted the scope up five clicks. 

Crosman Premier heavys

The second pellet I tried was the 10.5-grain Crosman Premier. Ten of them went into a group that measured 1.449-inches between centers. The group is high enough but also moved to the right. I didn’t adjust the scope after seeing it, though, because pellets will go to different places on their own. At 25 yards indoors ten of these pellets made a 0.395-inch group.

R10 Premier Heavt group FL
Ten Crosman Premier Heavy pellets went into 1.449-inches at 50 yards.

H&N Baracuda Match with 4.50mm head

The last pellet I tested was the H&N Baracuda Match with a 4.50mm head. Ten of them went into 1.69-inches at 50 yards. At 25 yards indoors ten made a 0.346-inch group.

R10 Baracuda Match group FL
At 50 yards the R10 Mk II put 10 H&N Baracuda Match pellets with 4.50mm heads in a group that measures 1.69-inches between centers. It looks like 9 holes but I’m pretty sure the hole on the right side of the three at the left has two pellets through it.

Remove the silencer

Now I dialed the scope down five clicks. I also took the DonnyFL silencer off and replaced the BSA muzzle cap.

H&N Baracuda Match no silencer

Since the Baracuda Match tin was open I started with them. Ten of them went into a 1.961-inch group at 50 yards. It’s the largest group so far. The pellets also landed off to the left, which I assume is the result of removing the silencer.

R10 Baracuda Match group no FL
With the silencer off the R10 put 10 Baracuda Match in 1.961-inches. The pellets also went to the left on their own.

JSB Exact Heavy no silencer

Next to be tried were ten JSB Exact Heavys with no silencer on the rifle. Ten pellets went into 1.53-inches at 10 meters. It’s a little larger group than the same pellet shot with the silencer on the rifle.

R10 JSB Heavy group no FL
With the silencer off ten JSB Heavys grouped in 1.53-inches at 50 yards.

After this group I adjusted the scope down three clicks.

Crosman Premier Heavy no silencer

The last test was of Crosman Premier Heavys shot in the R10 with no silencer. Ten of them went into a 1.602-inch group that is larger than the one shot with the same pellet when the silencer was installed. They still went to the right of the aim point, just like they did when the silencer was installed.

R10 Premier Heavy group no FL
The R10 put ten Premier Heavys in 1.602-inches at 50 yards when the silencer was not mounted.


This little test makes it look like the DonnyFL silencer bettered the groups a little. I don’t think that’s been proven. It might be more accurate to say the silencer did not adversely affect the groups.

The breeze we had caused some of the horizontal spreading. I tried to wait out the wind, but that was nearly impossible. Let’s just say I waited until it was as calm as it was going to get and then I shot as fast as I could before the wind picked up again.


I’m disappointed by today’s results. I had hoped for at least one group that was smaller than an inch. Cloud9 was getting 5-shot groups of sub one-quarter-inches, though he had some problems with the wind, too.

Will I test this rifle again? If I do it will be with a host of different pellets because these don’t seem to be the right ones for 50 yards.

44 thoughts on “BSA R10 MK2 precharged repeater: Part 4

  1. BB
    I mentioned to Cloud9 a little while back to try the JSB 10.34’s. Was this the only time he has tested them. I wonder if they equaled the lighter pellets he was shooting. That’s one thing I have noticed is they shoot like they are a lighter pellet than they are. They usually have a flatter trajectory and shoot faster than most heavy pellets.

    Anyway I wonder what would of happened if you had a head wind or tail wind what the groups would of looked like.

  2. BB,

    Well,.. you gave it a good try. Wind is tough. The range sounds like a good compromise between indoor and outdoor,.. but still not ideal. I would move on,…. unless you find yourself having nothing else to do one day. 😉


          • GF1,

            I do know about them. I was not sure what RR had. I am not sure I would want one (slip on/set screws) but maybe they are just fine. Barrel OD from gun brand to gun brand would be critical for fit unless they use some o-rings for a bit of slop on the ID of the moderator.


            • Chris
              So your not very familiar with his product.

              They are a precise slip fit to the gun barrel you specify.

              Don’t ask me. But a little birdie did tell me they work just fine on a air gun.

              • GF1,
                Steve Scialli at Airgun Nation recommends using one caliber size larger than the caliber you have. He says that it avoids any possibility of the pellet clipping the baffles. For example, if you have a .22 caliber, use a .25 caliber moderator. That would probably depend on the design and quality of the moderator too I would think. Steve says that the noise difference is not perceptible. I know you were talking about the fit of the moderator to the barrel but I thought of this while reading the comments.

        • Chris,

          Like GF1 said, I have a non threaded one. I have heard and seen TKO products for years. This may be only suitable for this barrel diameter and caliber, but I do not really care. If I desire, I can have the barrel threaded.

  3. BB,

    It is a real shame about those groups. I was hoping that BSA would do better than that. Sitting next to Cloud9 and his RAW must have made things real obvious. When someone is shooting a RAW, you do not sit where you can see their targets. It is nice to hear that AirForce has not changed things too much with RAW.

    You were sitting closest to the wall, were you not? Yeah, that’s it. The wind turbulence must have been worse close to the wall. It is all the wind’s fault your groups are so big. That’s it.

  4. You guys who are thinking of getting a .22 Maximus might want to get on the ball. I do not know anything for a fact, but it has been more and more difficult to even find a Maximus. With the Fortitude using up all the parts, they may even discontinue the Maximus. They did the Discovery.

    Mine arrived the other day. I have not even had the opportunity to shoot mine yet and I am impressed.

    So where do I find one you ask? Well, there is a company that most all of you know for supplying great deals on ammunition. Well, right now they have a fantastic deal on the Maximus. Snooze, you lose.

  5. Everyone,.

    Tyler Patner thanks all who responded to his question about the possible multi-pump IZH-46M he discovered. Here is what he told me:


    Did some further testing last night. Looks like this has that 8-pump mod done to it.

    Using JSB 8.4 grain pellets
    1 pump: 320 fps
    2: 428 fps
    3: 485 fps
    4: 516 fps
    5: 549 fps
    6: 561 fps
    7: 581 fps
    8: 581 fps

    Interesting results. Like you, I don’t see much of a point past 4 pumps….the gain is not worth it to me.

    Funny enough, a friend found out I had purchased it and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So off to a new home it will go!

    Anyway, thank you for the feedback and answers from your readers. I appreciate it.


  6. Too bad about the poor groups at 50 yards. This report leaves us wondering about the BSA’s accuracy, but then how can we separate the variables to make a judgement? Let’s see, there is the cold, the wind, the pellets, and maybe some shivering going on. Hmmmm? I think to determine the true accuracy of the rifle, the shooting environment must be controlled.

  7. B.B.,

    There appears to be no rhyme nor reason evident in any of those groups. As others have said, air turbulence or your muscles having very small COLD induced tremors are a likely culprit. If you shoot this rifle at a longer range and it gets relatively more accurate you better have video to prove the pellet flight path! I can just imagine that discussion thread! LOL!


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