by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

The Mondial Oklahoma pistol.

Part 1
Part 2

History of airguns

This report covers:

  • The test
  • What worked
  • On a roll
  • 15 feet
  • Air Arms Falcon pellets
  • Norma S-Target Match
  • One last test
  • Summary

Boy! Have I got one for you today! I don’t know who this test speaks to, but someone out there in Blog Readerland needs to hear this.

Today we test the Mondial Oklahoma air pistol for accuracy. And Lucy — I got some ‘splainin’ to do!

The test

I’ll begin with a quote from  Part 2, “I don’t have very high hopes for this pistol to be accurate. The inexpensive construction plus the smooth barrel are two reasons why. I think I will start my accuracy test at 20 feet, rather than 10 meters.” Ha, ha. Famous last words.

Whenever I test an airgun that I think may not be accurate, I always get close to the target trap. That’s just common sense, but as my late Aunt Linda once told me, “Common sense isn’t very common anymore.”

The Oklahoma is a smoothbore, and after my recent experience with the Daisy 35 I was full of trepedation. So I started at 15 feet and rested my shooting arm on a cat tower. I shot an H&N R10 Match Pistol pellet and used a 6 o’clock hold on the bull. I seated the pellet deep in the bore so it would come out faster. We learned in Part 2 that deep-seating increases the velocity of this gentle air pistol dramatically.

That first shot missed the target trap altogether. So I went forward and shot from 10 feet, rested again. And the pellet was seated deep again.  Missed the trap again. So I went forward to 8 feet, rested once more. Pellet was seated deep again. Surely from here… But no –missed everything again.

What worked

So I went up to 5 feet from the trap and shot freehand. Oh, the things I do for you!

I also wondered whether seating pellets deep was a problem. So from this point on, until I say otherwise, I seated all pellets flush with the breech.

With a 6 o’clock hold I put a H&N R10 Match Pistol pellet about an inch above the bullseye. Okay, so she’s shooting high. Way, way, way too high!

So I took careful aim at the number 3 below the bull and shot again freehand. The shot hit near the center of the bull, so I did the same thing again four more times and got a 5-shot group that measures 0.269-inches between centers. Who sez old BB Pelletier can’t shoot! At five feet I am probably the world champeen!

Oklahoma R10 5 feet
The hole at the top was shot with a 6 o’clock hold. The five pellets in the center were with a hold on the number 3 on the target paper, 1.1-inches below the bull. This 5-shot group measures 0.269-inches between centers. Shot freehand at 5 feet.

On a roll

Now I was rollin’! So I backed up to 8 feet and shot a second group of R10 Match Pistol pellets freehand. A hold on the number 3 put the first pellet an inch above the bull, so I took careful aim at the bottom of the paper target and tried to stay centered on the bull. This time 5 pellets went into 1.248-inches and were still nicely centered, left and right.

Oklahoma R10 8 feet
At 8 feet and with a lower aim point, I was able to put 5 R10 Match Pistol pellets into a group that measures 1.248-inches between centers.  The high shot was shot with a hold on the number 3 below the bull and isn’t part of the group.
This was also shot freehand.

15 feet

Okay, I know I am risking everything by shooting from as far back as 15 feet. My bedroom walls already have three new pellet holes from this test! I drew a round aim point on the cardboard backer about three inches below the target paper. This time I shot with my hands rested on a sandbag because — well, guys — this was clear back at 15 feet!

Five pellets went into 2.323-inches between centers. I’m still shooting R10 pellets seated flush. Notice that the pellets are still well-centered.

Oklahoma R10 15 feet
At 15 feet and shot from a rested hold the Oklahoma put 5 R10 Match Pistol pellets into a 2.232-inch group.

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Air Arms Falcon pellets

Now that I had the pistol hitting the target at 15 feet I tried 5 Air Arms Falcon domes that were also seated flush with the breech. They seated a little easier than the previous R10s.

When I hung the target I hung it a little to the left of the aim point that was still on the cardboard backer by accident, so I aimed to the left of the aiming point. Five Falcon pellets made a 1.623-inch group at 15 feet. This group was a little to the right of the bull.

Oklahoma Falcon 15 feet
The Oklahoma put 5 Air Arms Falcons into a 1.623-inch group at 15 feet when shot with a rested hold.

Norma S-Target Match

The last pellet I tried was the Norma S-Target Match wadcutter that I introduced to you last week. I tried this pellet because of its small head. I felt it would fit the bore of the pistol better and perhaps go faster. Well, they did load a lot easier. And they did hit a bit lower which indicates they went out a little faster. But the group of five measures 2.823-inches between centers, which is the largest group of the test.

Oklahoma Norma Match 15 feet
At 15 feet the Oklahoma put five Norma S-Target Match pellets in 2.823-inches.

One last test

You read this blog to learn stuff, to correct my spelling mistakes and sometimes to experience strange things that shouldn’t be true, but are. Well, I have one for you today. I had been paying attention to everything that was happening and something occurred to me. Without a doubt the R10 Match Pistol pellet was the best that I tested in the Oklahoma today. And, when I held it well, the Oklahoma pistol wanted to put this pellet in the center of the bullseye.

What if I deep-seated the R10 pellet again? Now that I knew where to aim would that make the pellet go to the right place? Only one way to find out.

For the next group I deep-seated each pellet with a ballpoint pen. I held the gun the same way as I did for the other rested targets and this was the last target of the day — when I usually get tired from shooting. This time, though, pellet after pellet went to almost the same place. Five R10 Match Pistol pellets grouped in 0.699-inches at 15 feet. Boy — was I surprised!

Oklahoma R10 Match seated 15 feet
Five deep-seated R10 Match Pistol pellets went into 0.699-inches at 15 feet.

Take that, Daisy 35! Apparently the world isn’t finished with B.B. Pelletier just yet!


This has been an interesting test for me. I always wondered about this strange-looking Italian air pistol with the curious name, Oklahoma. I didn’t know that it was a smoothbore. I didn’t know that it had been made to sell on the cheap. And I certainly didn’t know that level of engineering that went into the pistol was as vast as it was. Sometimes it’s just nice to find out!