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Ammo Daisy’s 499B target BB gun: Part 3

Daisy’s 499B target BB gun: Part 3

Daisy 499
Daisy 499B.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Sight-in
  • First group
  • Second group
  • Crosman Black Widow
  • Dust Devils
  • How far did the sight move?
  • Can BB still shoot?
  • Summary

Today is the big day— the day we see just how accurate a Daisy Champion 499B target BB gun really is. I think many of you will be surprised.

The test

I’m shooting off a UTG Monopod rest except for the final target. I’m shooting at 5 meters which is 16 feet 4 inches — the international BB gun shooting distance. I’m shooting 5-shot groups for a reason that I trust will become apparent at the end of the report.

The 499B I’m shooting is the new one I bought for the Royal Ranger training. With it came an owner’s manual that I hadn’t read in 20 years, and I learned something important — how to cock and load the gun. You’ll also remember that this one is about 20 f.p.s. faster than my old 499B.

I will shoot three different BBs today. tThe 499B is made for only one specific BB — Daisy’s Avanti Match Grade Precision Ground Shot. When Daisy made those BBs in this country they were called No. 515 Precision Ground Shot, so in my past reviews that’s what I called them. They are now imported from China, though the precision hasn’t diminished one iota.

I wore my reading glasses to see the front sight insert clearly. At 5 meters the bullseye is clear. too.


First I have to sight in the gun. Now, coaches tell me that the Daisy 5899 target peep sight that now comes standard on the 499B is a great sight, except for one thing. When you adjust it, it doesn’t always go as far as you adjust. And, if you change directions, you have to adjust three clicks in the new direction to remove all the slack from the mechanism.

The first two shots landed about an inch high and to the left of the bull. I adjusted the sight 8 clicks right and 6 clicks down.

The next shot hit where the first two had, though it was lower and to the right of both of them. I adjusted another 8 clicks right and 8 clicks down.

The next two shots are above and slightly to the left of the bull. I then adjusted 14 clicks right and 8 clicks down.

The last two sighters are in the bull at 9 o’clock and level with the center — more or less. I adjusted 2 clicks down and 5 clicks to the right and then shot a group of five.

Daisy 499 sighter
I walked the BBs into the bull in 7 shots.

First group

This time I knew I was in the black, so I shot 5 shots. They all landed on the left side of the 10-ring in a group that measures 0.277-inches between centers.

Daisy 499 first group
The first group is five 10s just a smidgeon to the left of center.

Second group

I adjusted three more clicks to the right before shooting this second group of Precision Ground Shot. This time the shots were more centered and 4 of 5 were 10s. This group measures 0.362-inches between centers.

Daisy 499 second group
In the second group five Precision Ground Shot went into 0.362-inches. The group is well-centered.

The rifle is now sighted in for the Royal Rangers. I will not adjust the sights further. Now let’s try some different BBs.

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Crosman Black Widow

The next BB I tried was the Crosman Black Widow that has proven to be a top BB among the premium brands. Naturally I did not adjust the sights for them. Five of them landed in a group measuring 0.698-inches between centers. It’s centered on the bull fairly well.

I will say that they dropped down the barrel about twice as fast as the Avanti Precision Shot. That’s all it takes to lose accuracy in this BB gun.

Daisy 499 Black Widow group
The 499 put five Crosman Black Widows into 0.698-inches at 5 meters.

Dust Devils

Reader Roamin Greco asked me to try Dust Devil Frangible BBs in the 499. I said I would, but I don’t know why he wants me to. Shooting Dust Devils that are smaller than most BBs in a target gun is like golfing with a square ball. I hope he will tell us why he wanted to see them tested in this gun.

Now, some readers were concerned they would harm the bore of the gun. Well, they won’t. At least not five for a one-time group. They are much smaller than the bore of the 499B. I don’t recommend shooting anything but Avanti Match Grade Precision Ground Shot in the 499B. And RidgeRunner, yes your Daisy 99 is accurate. So is mine. But they don’t hold a candle to this gun!

The 499B put 5 Dust Devils into a 2.307-inch group at 5 meters. That was about what I expected. However, I am surprised that four of them are in 0.559-inches!

Daisy 499 Dust Devil group
Five Dust Devil BBs went into 2.307-inches at 5 meters, with 4 of them in 0.559-inches.

How far did the sight move?

I took a picture of the horizontal scale in case someone starts turning the knobs on the sight before I can stop them. As you can see, it moved far to the right to get centered on the bull.

Daisy 499 sight scale
You can see how far to the right the sight was adjusted to center the group.I know that it appears that the sight moved to the left, but the arrow is what moved, while the scale remained in place.

Can BB still shoot?

The last target is one I had to shoot because this coming Saturday I’m going to teach a bunch of young boys and girls how to shoot. So, I wondered whether I could still do it myself.

I shot 5 shots with the 499 offhand (unsupported in any way) at 5 meters, and I used the correct Precision Ground Shot. Five shots went into 0.443-inches at 5 meters — a group I will happily accept. Yep — when he has to, old BB can still shoot!

Daisy 499 offhand
Shot offhand the 499 put five Precision Ground Shot into 0.443-inches at 5 meters.


Getting this new 499B ready for the Royal Rangers has been fun. I hope this series has shown those who don’t know the gun just how accurate it is.

89 thoughts on “Daisy’s 499B target BB gun: Part 3”

  1. BB,

    From what point is the 5 meters measured? The end of the barrel? Does the shooter toe a mark at 5 meters? And how is the distance enforced? Is there an actual judge enforcing the distance. I saw the competition in a YouTube video once but the details weren’t explained.


      • B.B.,

        Shoot! (Pun intended) I was hoping the answer would be from the shooter’s pupils. ;^)

        For the past few days my eyes have been so puffy and cloudy from my allergies I wouldn’t be able to hit the broad side of a barn at 5 yards with a 499. That said, my hot 499B is one of my favorite air guns, a pleasure to shoot in every respect.



  2. BB,

    I have nothing but praise for the 499. It cocks much easier then a Red Ryder and of course is 20x more accurate. If you don’t mind the cost,… I have always said that it would make an ideal first gun for a kid.

    I have a Red Ryder and the 499 standing in the corner. They are within 1″ long of each other. The triggers are the same distance from the floor,….so pretty much the same fit for the shooter. Get one ya’ all. You will not regret it.


  3. Pooky. My comment was lost in EtherLand. Ah well.

    No, my 99 is probably not this accurate. I guess I am going to have to get me some of those bbs and see just how accurate it is. I know there are a whole bunch of carpenter bees that regret my getting this thing though. 😉

    • RR,

      They have a foaming carpenter bee spray. Very common now. Right by the wasp spray at any store. Priced similar. You spray in the holes, let them come and go for a couple days and then seal the holes. It works,… as long as you can get to the damaged areas.


      • Chris,

        Yes, I have some. Of course some of the bees like to bore holes into the log beams about twenty-some feet in the air. A bit hard to reach.

        The males are the ones that like to buzz and hover around, looking menacing, catching females to mate with and running off the other males.

        The females are the ones that bore the holes. They are also the ones that mostly go after the flowers for nectar to feed the young’uns when they hatch. That is where I usually get them.

        • RidgeRunner,

          I found a can of the foam that came with a long (but not 20 feet) flexible straw. That helps as the bees bore straight in for a little but then make a 90 degree turn to go along the length of the board. The bendy straw allows for easy application to the main corridor.


          • I have a cedar wood swing set for the kids, and the carpenter bees have made the main beam and one A frame their home, chasing the kids away. The seller told me to spray it regularly with straight ammonia. Nothing. I used the foam. The bees kept buzzing. I doused the thing with wasp and hornet killer, which stated it would keep killing for up to three weeks, no effect. But then the woodpeckers came and tore the whole thing up. I had to replace the entire cross beam and one A frame. But now I have a better idea…Bumble bee pesting with a Daisy 499B!!

  4. Thanks BB,

    Accurate guns are interesting and the Daisy 499B certainly qualifies. I wonder how far it could hold a one inch group.

    Chris commented that his 499 was 20x more accurate than his Red Rider. Since Daisy (obviously) knows how to make an accurate BB gun I find it surprising that at least some of that technology didn’t find its way into the rest of their products. Would be nice if their BB guns could have (at least) minute-of-a-popcan accuracy out to 25-30 feet.


    • “Would be nice if their BB guns could have (at least) minute-of-a-popcan accuracy out to 25-30 feet.”
      That’s an interesting comment; and I concur that they certainly should be able to wring some decent accuracy out of their basic guns with just a few tweaks.
      I have a Daisy Buck 105 that I simply could not pass up ($14…how could I not buy it? =>), as well as a 70-year commemorative Red Ryder. Both of these guns were OK plinkers, but I noticed that the 105 shot off to the left; I was going to file the rear sight till I noticed that the front sight assembly can be moved a bit to the right or left (yes, it is a sloppy fit). I shot both guns with the sight all the way to the left, then all the way to the right; twisted all the way to the left, both guns shot spot on for windage. Hence, my trusty tube of Duco [clear] cement ensured that they stay in place; I even put some Duco all around the outer portion of the muzzle, between the steel and the plastic.
      It all worked out pretty well; the Red Ryder can take down a row of cans on the 15-yard range, while with the shorter-barreled and shorter-stocked 105, I have to move up to the 35-foot line to get the same result. Last night, using the Red Ryder, I was able to hit the painted metal heron that we use to keep the real herons from eating the grass carp in our pond; it was on the other side of the pond, so it took a couple of ranging shots; I had to hold up all of the front sight plus the base in the notch, and put the top of the front sight on the heron’s head in order to hit it in the body. Still, I am pretty happy with both of them for fast and fun plinking. They are now my “grillin’ guns.” I’m not sure if it’s a low in Georgia, but I believe it is heavily suggested that one have a “grillin’ gun,” as in a gun to shoot during the time you are waiting to flip the burgers. I throw a bunch of cans in the field at various distances, then plink at them from the deck while I’m grillin’ stuff. The advantage of these BB guns for this use is that I don’t have to handle any lead while I’m handling food (makes the wife happy…always an important thing!).
      Anyway, back to your accuracy enhancement comment, I believe that Daisy could make a more accurate version of say, the Red Ryder; they could use a tighter barrel and also use better-secured fully-adjustable sights. The big box stores likely would not want them, but anyone who reads this blog (and that’s a LOT of people!) would. Perhaps they could advertise an “enhanced accuracy Red Ryder” as a special order item. Even if it cost $10 or $15 more, serious airgunners woulld want one for their grandkids.
      And guys like me would buy one just because we are basically overgrown kids, hahaha!
      Blessings to you, and happy days of boat building,

      • “…it was on the other side of the pond”
        Oh, I forgot to mention; I was on the bluff over-looking the pond, so the metal heron was about 50 yards away. Hence, I really do think that with a little bit of tweaking on the manufacturing tolerances, these basic Daisy BB guns could get some better accuracy. The average person (looking for a really cheap gun) might not care; but serious airgunners who want to get their kids an grandkids started out right would care. =>

      • Dave,

        Interesting to hear about your bb guns – you are getting a lot more performance out of them than the half dozen or so that I spent time putting a couple of hundred bb’s through.

        You mentioned 15 yards, the guns I tried would have had difficulty hitting a gallon paint can at that range.

        We used bb guns for indoor shooting during the winter – mostly because we could reuse the bbs but they were put away for the summer.

        In our little group, the general consensus was that we preferred slingshots to bb guns because they were more accurate, had better range and power. That and we could make our own slingshots (still doing that).

        Just my personal experience. Guess that is the reason I have always been dubious about bb guns. Prime example, if the ones I had tried were even marginally accurate there would probably have a couple around as grilling guns. 🙂


      • FM thought a “grillin’ gun” was the one used to work over a perp in the course of an old-school style interrogation. But, what does FM know?

        What he knows is the more you all talk about this Daisy, the more he’s tempted to get his hands on one…”lead us not into temptation!”

        • FawltyManuel,

          Police interrogations in Chicago became much more difficult to conduct when the big city phone directories’ production stopped. A large, 3 inch soft cover book hurts like crazy and can even concuss a “perp,” but they leave no bruises.

          Ah, civil rights violations. The good ol’ days. ;^(


          • I think that is also the idea behind bamboo-caning the bottom of malefactors’ feet as it is supposedly done in Singapore.

            Deliver us from evil is right. By the way, very gratified to see B.B. working with the youngsters and introducing them to the joys of gunnery. We need new blood in the hobby as well as counter the propaganda being fed to kids today about “all guns being evil and people who like guns being dangerous, sick and needing to be shunned.”

        • “FM thought a ‘grillin’ gun’ was the one used to work over a perp in the course of an old-school style interrogation.”
          Good one, man! =>

    • Hank,

      My 99 can hit feral soda cans at 25 yards. No, it does not do much to them at that range, but it does make a noise. I do believe that if you get a 25, you will find yourself with a pretty decent shooting bb gun. It uses pretty much the same barrel/magazine that the later 99s used. I am sure that the hot-rodded 499 of Chris’ is a sweet little plinker.

      Could Daisy build better shooting bb guns? Of course. Something to give serious consideration to is the law of diminishing returns. Just how many 499s do you think they would sell if it were not for the international bb gun competition that they sponsor? The very existence of the 499 came about because of this competition. If I recall correctly, you are not allowed to use any other bb gun.

      • RR,

        Yeah, there are some good (bb) shooters out there.

        Had a Model 25 for a little while, liked the action and the big plus that it was a repeater but at that time we were all shooting .177 sproingers and the 25 just couldn’t compete.

        A hot-rodded 499 like Chris’s would be real nice but I already have the target and plinking categories well covered. I still look them up every once in a while. I would jump on a 499 if I came across a good opportunity.

        The law of diminishing returns is always a balancing act eh? I’m guessing that a couple of bucks invested in their low end line of bb guns (the guns that many new shooters first use) would go a long way towards future sales. The bb gun guys I knew dumped them for a springer at first opportunity.


  5. OK folks. I know I have asked this before, but my rememberer is not functioning properly. For those of you who have taken these things apart, can any of you remember what the outside diameter of the barrel is on a Daisy 499?

    • Ade C,

      I have tried this shot in other BB guns. Sometimes it works well, other times not as well.

      Both the size and the uniformity are what make the shot work with the 499. The 499 barrel is a precision tube that likes consistent shot.


      • Ade C, I concur with what B.B. said; when I bought a 499 as a gift for our pastor’s son, a bought a lot of Avanti precision shot for him, too. While sighting the gun in for him, I tried some of the Avanti shot in my Red Ryder as well as in my Buck 105…and there was no improvement at all in either gun.
        The 499 on other hand shot great with that gun. Pastor Jason and I were plinking 3-ounce Dixie cups at 50 feet with that gun out in the field behind the church right after the service. This is Georgia, so no parishioners found that odd; after all, I had to show him how well the gun worked so that he could then teach his son with it. Heehee! God bless America! =>

  6. BB, I was simply curious, since you were going to test other brands of BBs, and since BBs are so prone to ricochet, I thought if someone (like a young child) was to do any mini-sniping or plinking (perhaps they would be tempted to shoot at ants on a brick patio), it might be safer with the frangible BBs. If the dust devils shoot as well as or better than in a standard Red Ryder, all the better to learn to use the peep sight with.
    What is the length of pull? Would the 499B be suitable for teaching a 7 or 8 year old? We have a Umarex Embark that I bought for teaching my kids to shoot, and my youngest has trouble finding the right spot to rest his cheek, and that LOP is only 12 inches. As a point of reference, I measured from the crook of his elbow to the base of his index finger, and it was 10 inches. My older girls are 11 and 12 inches, respectively. He’s the youngest and he’s getting frustrated with the Embark because he can’t consistently shoot what he’s aiming at, like his older sisters.

    • Roamin
      Get the 499.

      And hang a old blanket for a backstop behind your target paper.

      You will eliminate ricochet if you use regular steel bb’s. Airsoft shooters will do that also to catch their air soft balls.

    • I should say, his older sisters are getting the hang of it, shooting those little Danimals yogurt smoothie bottles at 10 yards, but he misses more than he hits, and he doesn’t want to be handicapped by getting closer or using a bigger target.

      • BB, I was simply curious, since you were going to test other brands of BBs, and since BBs are so prone to ricochet, I thought if someone (like a young child) was to do any mini-sniping or plinking (perhaps they would be tempted to shoot at ants on a brick patio), it might be safer with the frangible BBs. If the dust devils shoot as well as or better than in a standard Red Ryder, all the better to learn to use the peep sight with.
        What is the length of pull? Would the 499B be suitable for teaching a 7 or 8 year old? We have a Umarex Embark that I bought for teaching my kids to shoot, and my youngest has trouble finding the right spot to rest his cheek, and that LOP is only 12 inches. As a point of reference, I measured from the crook of his elbow to the base of his index finger, and it was 10 inches. My older girls are 11 and 12 inches, respectively. He’s the youngest and he’s getting frustrated with the Embark because he can’t consistently shoot what he’s aiming at, like his older sisters.

        And thanks for the tip, GunFun1

        • Roamin,

          Tell the kids that carpenter bees can’t sting (only the queens can); they just try to scare potential predators. Then buy some dirt cheap badminton rackets off of Craig’s List and pass them out. Promise a dollar for each dead carpenter bee.

          That’ll do the trick pronto.


          • Michael, perhaps you can tell us how to tell the difference between a queen bumblebee and a drone when they are buzzing menacingly around a little child’s head? Especially after I have always told them that swatting at bees just makes them sting in self-defense (unless you connect on the first swing) ;o) There’s a joke in here somewhere about the birds and the bees, I think, but this is a family blog.

        • Roamin,

          Female carppenter bees rarely come out of the nests, and when they do, they usually hover around the opening. And according to westernexterminator.com, “It’s possible, but unlikely to be stung by a carpenter bee. The large size of carpenter bees can be alarming and male carpenter bees can be aggressive when people are near. However, males lack stingers entirely and females rarely sting at all.”

          The male has a white patch on its face while the female’s face is all black.


          • Michael,

            I am cool with any critter, as long as they are not attacking me, building nest’s above my front door, turning my shed into Swiss cheese or chewing up my car. They do, “it’s on”! If not, they get a pass.


        • Roamin,

          Finally, the aggressive, quick-flying carpenter bees are almost always the males trying to scare predators away. They act menacingly and are scary looking, but the don’t sting. The females are more interested in nest building and maintaining. They try to steer clear of humans.


  7. Red Ryders and 25s are what they are because young shooters with paper-boy budgets aren’t choosey about ammunition. Whatever gives the most BBs for the money is just fine. I shot thousands of BBs from my Red Ryder. I don’t ever recall asking for a brand name, just BBs. After finishing my Saturday morning paper route, I’d go to the hardware store and buy a 10 cent tube of BBs, grab my gun and be gone for the day.

    When I got my second paper route, I used some of my new prosperity to move up to a 25. That cured the problem of having a BB roll out of the muzzle of the gun when it was pointed down. I did lots of dumb things but still have both eyes. Wearing glasses helped.

    I applaud the adults who are donating time to teach shooting. In my experience we boys were our own teachers. Trial and error, with a generous helping of error.


  8. BB

    That was impressive offhand shooting. You may not beat all the kids when they are well into training but you won’t be embarrassed. Don’t forget to tell them upfront that girls often outshoot the boys. It just might hold their attention a bit longer.


  9. BB

    When they get to the shooting for score phase of training you may have a boys vs girls competition. It can be either individuals or the girls’ average score vs boys’ average score. You can decide later how best to keep their interest up.


      • Michael
        I think that’s a little different deal going on there with the basketball with the girls vs’s the boy’s.

        And you didn’t think the girls already knew what was going on. 😉

    • Yogi,

      There is trigger tunes. Re lube internals. The barrel can be wrapped or something similar to reduce harmonics. The butt and fore end can be weighted. Then of course there is the Red Ryder spring mod which boosted my fps by 150. I have a TX200 seal in mine, but the stock seal seemed about the same. The spring can be shimmed.

      So yea,…. a thing or two can be done. Cobalt 327 could probably list a dozen more things. You asked,……. 😉


      • Chris,

        I do want to hot-rod my non-hot 499 using your and cobalt’s methods. How tricky is replacing the spring?

        Aslo, you reminded me of a simpler (simplest?) mod: in gym class we had an 8 week unit on golf. Everybody got an iron and a wiffle golf ball. One of us discovered that putting dirt clods in the wiffle balls allowed them to be hit 4 or 5 times farther. The golf team coach, who taught us that 8 weeks, was so impressed with our shots he tried to get us to join the golf team. We thought he was goofy for not figuring us out. Years later it dawned on me that he was wise to what we were doing. He was just trying to get two or three more guys on the team to go along with the two he already had signed up! Very smooth.


        • Michael,

          It is pretty straight forwards. The safety spring is a bit fussy going back together. Pretty sure it could be left out, but not sure. (safety spring and bar) The homemade fork tool is the spring compressor.

          Do some looking on the net. Maybe Cobalt will chime in. He could set you on the fast track the quickest with links and such.


          • Chris

            Thanks. I will have to work up the nerve to start, though. I can work on manual typewriters, guitars and guitar amplifiers. It was decades ago, but I used to be able to change the oil and spark plugs on a car. With anything air gun, however, I am 0 and 6. ;^)

            But the four times I opened up an airgun, the airgun instantly turned into a parts gun. Yep, I’m batting zero when it comes to working on air guns. Tried to fix an S&W 77A, killed it. Tried to fix a Benjy 397, killed it. Tried to fix a BSA Meteor, killed it. Three vintage air guns dead at my inept hands.

            The one non-vintage air gun I killed was a brand new Crosman C11. I saw a thing online describing a mod on it that looked easy, so I opened it, everything fell apart, and there was no way I could even begin to put any of it back together. I picked out the springs and screws, threw them in a baggie, and tossed the worthless parts into the wastebasket. I also tried to fix a Marauder magazine, killed it. Tried to fix a second Marauder magazine, killed it.

            Wish me luck with the 499! ;^)


          • Chris,

            On second thought, after writing the above, I’ve changed my mind. I am incapable of successfully doing anything mechanical with an air gun.

            Thanks again for the reply, though.


        • Michael,

          Well, normally I would try to talk you out of not doing it. But,…. after that track record,… don’t go anywhere near the insides! 😉

          I assume you did some (decent homework) first, before attempting surgery on your other victims????


          • Chris,

            The really frustrating thing is that in each case I researched the subject matter extensively, which is something I regularly do on various topics.

            That has always served me well, doing the homework first, with delicate guitars, intricate typewriters, and guitar amplifiers, which have lethal voltages in their electrolytics even after they have been unplugged.

            But I have had 100% failure with air guns. That is why for years I resisted the temptation to open up my sick Walther LGV.

            The only thing I have had some airgun success with is using Pellgunoil to revive leaker CO2 guns (which I did not open up).



  10. B.B., nice shooting. I’m hoping before this is over you’ll give us a 15 yard to 20 yard test. Why? Just because. I love hunting cans. Nothing makes me happier than plinking away.
    As good as it is, the Legends Cowboy Lever Action C02 Umarex Rifle does challenge it. That gun got the following on your review: Ten Umarex BBs went into 0.212-inches at 5 meters. This is the best group of the test and can challenge a 499! Ten Hornady Black Diamond BBs went into 0.383-inches at 5 meters. Also, if I remember right, the Umarex Morph was accurate too. Not sure they still make that gun.
    Thank You for these reviews!


  11. B.B.,

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation has $100,000 war chest to help organizations recruit ad train shooters and hunters. If you didn’t apply for a Grant this year you should next year; put it on your calendar.

    Good to see you are still shooting unrested well!


  12. All: so this is the king (for accuracy) of BB “rifles” (ok long guns) with the Legends Cowboy Lever Action CO2 BB Air Rifle, Umarex EBOS and Morph very close behind. My question to all is, what is the king (for accuracy) for BB pistols? I don’t recall many target BB pistols. BB really liked the non blow back Makarov CO2 BB Pistol’s accuracy in his review. Is that the one or is there more?


  13. BB and friends,

    Getting a 499 in this country is not happening. BUT, I see that there is one for sale here:
    and for $103 NZD I would gladly purchase it. HOWEVER….. how do I do this ??? What is the catch?
    I just sent them an email…. how expensive could this get ??? and would it get lost in the post???
    Porch raiders? Has anyone had experience posting from the US to … erm , somewhere else? Robert.

    • Robert,
      Will share an opposite experience, that is, shupping or posting from “somewhere else” – Germany, in this case, to USA. The seller – vehicle parts involved – is a very reliable vendor but he was “sweating” the shipment, thinking it might take weeks for the parcel to arrive. It was received, contents undamaged, in under 3 weeks. The weight was under 10 kilos/11 lbs or so.

      As to sending packages from USA to NZ, can’t speculate on the experience, but at least seems things have improved on the other side of the pond.

      • FM,
        I am trying to email my way through red tape.
        The auction house said they would ship to NZ. Great.
        NZ customs don’t want tax/duty as it’s under $1000nzd.
        NZ police are reading my email to work out what exactly is a Daisy 499….

        For anyone actually living in the US:
        Can you see a good 499 for sale from a reputable place of purchasing?
        Does not have to be an antique. Would prefer to buy from smart people.
        To Ron Peterson Antiques merit they got back to me ASAP with information. This is good. But I am not sure about the 499 … is it a good one? It has a plastic safety on the right side of the housing. ( that will probably come off….)
        Dang, I would buy it now if I knew the bottom line for importing a BB gun. Such is life. Actually I will have to ‘import” ammunition as I am pretty darn sure that no one sells Avanti BB’s here. Shucks! I may not have an AirForce 1000 fpe mammoth rifle but I am hecking gunning for a 499 at the very least. !!! Robert.

        • Robert,

          That one link was NM, USA. If they can ship then most any business could. Plus it mentioned loose stock. This might indicate that it has been apart many times. I would look for a new one and get a big supply of Avanti bb’s while you are at it. It sounds like you are getting things sorted on your end (laws, tax, customs, etc.)


          • Chris USA,
            Well it’s the looking which is part of the problem. and the shipping cost. I pay no tax nor duty and the police are OK with BB guns. The specimen in NM looks ok to me, the tell tale signs are missing ( worked screw heads etc ) I would say it has just been used and unloved. The inside workings are the key issues. The muzzle looks like the tube is sticking out. Is this normal? Searching for a 499 on the interweb is a bit annoying. PA is out, Amazon is out, ebay … what is ebay ? and they are are out. Looks like there are not that many to buy at any rate. $74 USD / $104 NZD is cheaper than a Red Ryder in NZ at $170 NZD. Add shipping… and it might still be cheaper AND more accurate! oh and Avanti BB’s…. Maybe I need to settle for a Buck at $130 NZD that can eat any BB’s… shucks. Robert.

  14. Images told me via emails that the Morph has been dropped. Too bad. I’ve seen comments that bbs pushed beyond some arbitrary velocity loose accuracy. But the Morph could push bbs up to about 600 fps I believe, and do it accurately.

    • Birdmove, You are correct on the 600 fps and doing it with accuracy (per every review I read/watched). So can the Umarex Legends Lever C02 gun. It also shoots at 600 fps and very accurate (for a smooth bore bb gun).

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