MeoSport scope
Meopta’s new MeoSport R 3-15X50 scope.

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This report covers:

  • MeoSport R 3-15X50 RD SFP
  • The scope
  • Adjusting the reticle
  • Metrification
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Comes with 2-piece rings
  • How clear and sharp?
  • Avenger
  • Best of all
  • Summary

Rarely does something line up for me so I can report on it right after I have seen it. Today is one such rare day.

Remember the scope I told you about on Day One of the 2022 SHOT Show? It’s the MeoSport R 3-15X50 RD SFP. Here is what I told you just four weeks ago.

MeoSport R 3-15X50 RD SFP

“This is an entry-level scope for those who want a Meopta but don’t want to pay great big bucks. Unfortunately they can’t just give it away, either. So it’s priced at a retail of $450. It has a 30mm tube for a bright image. But here is the deal. It isn’t just the scope, it also comes with the mounts. And the mounts are kinda special.”

The scope

The scope was delivered to me last Saturday and I have been planning this report ever since. The MeoSport R 3-15X50 RD SFP is a variable power rifle scope that magnifies the image up to five times — that’s the 3-15. The scope tube is 30mm for good light transmission and the MeoBright lens coating gives you superior performance in low light.

SFP stands for second focal plane, which means it is like most other scopes on the market today and you don’t have to worry about the size of the reticle lines changing at different power settings.

The parallax adjustment that many consider to be the final focus on their scope is a knob on the left side. Of course you should first focus the eyepiece so the reticle appears sharp before doing anything else.

MeoSport label
The label on the box tells you a lot, and shows you the reticle in the scope.

The scope adjusts for parallax from 10 yards to infinity — making it a scope suitable for airguns. The reticle adjusts one centimeter (0.394-inches) for each click at 100 meters.

Adjusting the reticle

The reticle is a 4C. You can see what it looks like on the box label above. The center dot is all that illuminates.

The turret knobs are locked in place and do not move until you raise them. Then they click smoothly. If you want to reset either scope knob you can unscrew the center with a coin and lift the knob above the clicks. That allows you to reset your starting point wherever you like.

MepSport elevation adjustment knob locked
The elevation knob is down and locked.

MepSport elevation adjustment knob unlocked
With the adjustment knob pulled up the elevation can be adjusted.


The reticle adjustment knob adjusts the reticle by one centimeter at 100 meters for each click. But the parallax adjusts in yards. That’s for American field target, where the distances in matches start at 10 yards. In World Field Target the minimum distance to targets is 10 meters, which is 11 yards. This sport is evolving toward metrification to unify all competition.

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Illuminated reticle

The R in the name stands for an illuminated red dot reticle. There are 11 levels of illumination and I find that in daylight I need to set the reticle to 9 through 11 to see the dot in the center. That dot is all that lights up — much like the Optika5 and Optica6 illuminated scopes I have tested for you.

Comes with 2-piece rings

I showed you this scope in my SHOT Show report and here it is for us to test. The bottom of the scope has a line in the center of the tube and the front scope ring (or at least the ring I have designated as the front ring). The line is on one side of one ring, only and I will designate that as the front of the front ring.

Meopta scope line
The scope has a line at the bottom center of the scope tube.

Meopta scope mount
One scope ring has a corresponding line on one side at the bottom center of the ring. I will designate this as the front side of the front ring.

When you mount the scope aline the line of the bottom of the scope tube with the line on the ring and the scope is level! 

How clear and sharp?

The scope’s clarity and sharpness really need to be evaluated with special test equipment. I can’t look through a scope with my 74-year-old eyes and tell you much of anything. As far as I can see when the scope is hand-held, the image is sharp and clear.  I need to mount it on a rifle to judge any further. And that is my plan, which is why I’m writing this report today.


The next time you see this scope it will be mounted on the.25-caliber Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup rifle I’m testing. That’s why the arrival of this scope is so fortuitous. Guess what’s coming tomorrow ?

Best of all

I told you the best news when we first saw this scope last month at the SHOT Show. It’s priced at $450, which puts it into an affordable class for those wanting a great scope. It helps you keep the overall cost down for a first-class rig.

And when I saw this scope that first day at SHOT I walked it over to the Pyramyd Air booth so they could see it with me. Given the retail price and features it offers I have no doubt they will stock it.


This MeoSport line of scopes is brand new and we are looking at their first offering. They are proud of it and given what I have seen so far they have a right to be. We shall see more in the Avenger accuracy test.