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Can PCPs get much cheaper? – TNT Episode 5

In the 5th episode Tom reminisces about Benjamin Discovery, Benjamin Marauder, and how the PCP market get really started 10+ years ago. Maybe some secrets are spilled about what’s coming. Maybe not. Watch to find out.

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11 thoughts on “Can PCPs get much cheaper? – TNT Episode 5”

  1. I’d rather have quality, not cheap.

    Crisp 2 stage trigger, good quality barrel, good looking wood stock, balanced power, windage / elevation adjustable precision iron sights, no fiber optics.

    Right now, people have money, and demand is good – but there is not sufficient supply. Supply chain issues are here to stay. Market will soon get used to the high prices. It is time to deliver quality, not cheap junk.

    Invest in one quality PCP – rather than buying one trash product after another.

  2. I have watched all episodes so far and here are my thoughts:

    I like to see and hear Tom’n’Tyler, but instead of having to beat about the bush, I would prefer topics that both can feel entirely free to talk about. Maybe the history of already available items?

    I would really like to learn both their personal opinions !

    PS it would be nice to be introduced to each of the guns in the background

  3. I am waiting for the ‘everybody’ PCP. For example, a Red Ryder with an injection or blow-molded plastic butt flask that fills with a bicycle pump (150 psi?), gets about 250 fps and 30 shots per fill. (I can dream, can’t I?)

  4. I enjoyed this very much. I do believe that we will start seeing good quality airguns showing up in the $400-$800 range very shortly. They are already showing up if you know where to look.

    I also would like to see lower pressures. I have a Maximus. At 2000 PSI I get 20-25 shots. Some of the old PCPs operated at 500-800 PSI and offered multiple shots. You do not need 8000+ PSI.

  5. TNT.,

    New twist to the Log In issues: first log in resulted in the typical do it again issue. Second log in resulted in a page with: Failure to establish database connection huh? One more try finally got a successful Log On.

    The issue with making a cheaper class of PCP isn’t really technical as you both well know; the problem is what is the population at that price point wanting. It appears to me from just reading the Blog that there are two camps that could be targeted:. The first wants a supper soaker that will shoot pellets or at least bb at 750+ FPS using a bicycle pump as the pressurized air source. The second wants high tech black rifle furniture, toped with a Swarovski scope, or at least a Leupold Tactical 34mm) and enough muzzle velocity (at least 1,650 FPS) in .22 caliber to effectively hunt Elk at over 150 yards.
    That takes some real volume sales that even Tyler Patner’s superb work ethic and warehouse picking technique couldn’t sustain!
    But then again…Never say Never!


  6. BB/Tyler,
    Another home run. Wow, Thanks, Great topic. I too like the idea of “lower” pressure air guns. I thought the Disco was great. By the time I held one, they stopped making them. Did they not sell well? The only 2000 psi gun I see now is the Beeman Chief? I think there is a market there.


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