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Air Guns 2023 SHOT Show Day three

2023 SHOT Show Day three

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Day one
Day two

This report covers:

  • SHOT in reverse?
  • Correction
  • Evanix
  • ASG
  • Security at SHOT
  • Hawke
  • Josh and Mirfee Unger
  • Survival Airguns
  • Summary

Today we continue looking at the 2023 SHOT Show and there is one more report yet to come.

SHOT in reverse?

Remember my comment that the crowds were smaller this year? Well, today they weren’t. It almost felt like a first day. Go figure!


I have to correct something in the Day 2 report. I called that concealed carry firearm a Three Ounce pistol. It isn’t. It’s just an Ounce pistol. They used the international symbol for the measurement “ounce” in front of the word Ounce on the literature and I thought it was a fancy number three.

Ounce pistol
The cover of the Ounce pistol brochure.

Okay, let’s see some more of the show!


Viper — The Viper is a new precharged pneumatic (PCP) pistol that comes in .177, .22 and .25 calibers. It is semiautomatic and has a 7-shot rotary magazine in all calibers.

Evanix Viper
Evanix Viper is semiautomatic.

The Viper has a balanced valve and gets around 20 good shots per fill to 3,600 psi. It gets in the 12-14 foot-pound range in .177 to around 20 foot-pounds in .25 caliber. It retails at $975.

Rex S — I also saw the Rex S which is a Rex pistol bored out to accept 28-gauge shotshells. The Rex rifle also gets this treatment, resulting in a 28-gauge shotgun that shoots a charge of shot at up to 1,300 f.p.s. for the long gun and 1,000 f’p.s. for the pistol.

Evanix Rex S
The new Evanix Rex shot pistol.

RexS shot and cartridge
Here is the shotshell and a charge of shot that goes in the Rex S pistol.


My next stop was at Action Sport Games. They showed me a pistol that looks very much like a Glock but is actually called an ISSC. Now get this — ISSC is an Austrian firearms manufacturer, just like Austrian Glock and their handguns look like Glocks. But they’re not. They are ISSC.

ISSC M22 — This is a CO2-powered BB pistol that comes in either a blowback or non-blowback model. It should be out later this year and I will test it for you.

ASG will bring out the ISSC M22 later this year.

Stock up on Air Gun Ammo

Security at SHOT

Just a side comment — the security at the show was much tighter this year than ever before. There were service dogs everywhere. I bet I saw at least 40 of them. Also, at my hotel there were guards on all the guest elevators, asking to see your room card/key. I know that Vegas has had problems in the recent past, but I could tell they aren’t quite sure what to do about it.


My next stop was at Hawke, the scope manufacturer. I saw a scope with not less than 8-inches of eye relief! Called the Vantage Turkey Dot, it’s a 1-4X20 that you hunters should look into when it comes out.

Hawke Vantage Turkey Dot
Hawke Vantage 1-4X20 Turkey Dot.

What this scope will do for airgunners is allow them to mount it forward of the back of the rifle. It’s a little longer than a Bug Buster and probably ideal for some guns like the Dragonfly 2. It will probably sell for $220.

Josh and Mirfee Unger

At the AirForce booth I ran into Joshua and Mirfee Unger. Josh is the founder of Pyramyd AIR. They came as a surprise to see AirForce and also to see the folks at Air Venturi.

Josh and Mirfee Ungier
Josh and Mirfee Ungier. Josh founded Pyramyd AIR and Air Venturi. They enjoyed being back at SHOT once again.

Survival Airguns

My last stop was at the Survival Airguns booth. Their name includes two words I don’t expect to hear together — survival and airguns. This I had to see.

Zeus — The Zeus is a .72 caliber (12-gauge) rifle that I was told develops 1,500 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. If it can do that it is hands-down the most powerful air rifle in the world.

The Zeus is Survival Airguns big boy.

Zeus cornflakes
Zeus cornflakes. Seventy-two caliber hollowpoints made by Mr. Hollowpoint.


And that was the show. But for Monday I’m writing one more report that catches most of the things that haven’t yet been in the reports of the last four days. This SHOT was good, and I can see the industry is changing. Some companies are growing while others are fading away. I guess that’s life.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

40 thoughts on “2023 SHOT Show Day three”

  1. B.B.
    You have tested the ISSC exactly six years ago. Is it really important to do it again? On the other hand that Evanix Viper seems like an important air pistol. I believe you should pull the strings in order to get one in your hands for us.

  2. BB: Toward the end of today’s Blog, you say that while some airgun companies are growing, others are fading away. Would you care to share not only which companies these are, but also the why? There are the usual business trends and for the usual reasons, but why specifically?. Get some rest and come back strong next week. Orv.

    • Orv,

      What I said was an observation, not a fact. If you read this SHOT Shot report series you will know the answer to the question you have asked. The times, they are a’changin’.


  3. The Diana 34 arrived at RRHFWA last night. She is in pretty good shape and was well cared for. I am really looking forward to dancing with her some this weekend. She came with a scope, which I will promptly remove. She has a perlkorn in a front globe sight and a really nice rear notch sight. I may have to pick up a nice peep for her.

    That new Hawke scope sounds right interesting. The price tag sounds pretty good also. I may have to try one out.

    I am glad you were able to see the Ungers. PA is just not what it used to be. Ah well, neither am I.

    Safe travels to you.

      • Bill,

        Buy it. It is an Anschutz. If it is in any kind of working condition, it will be worth it. If you are not happy with it, let me know and you can send it to live at RRHFWA and I will reimburse you. 😉

      • Bill,

        The Anchütz 250 was a recoilless target rifle that uses an oil-damped anti-recoil system. That is the Achilles heel of the rifle. They leak and are difficult to repair.

        The rifle is great and as accurate as an FWB 150.


  4. Potentially exciting things coming down the pike, if of course the offerings live up to the hype. Glad it turned out to be a good show after all – didn’t seem it was going to be that great based on the earlier reports. As for changing times, we can always pray the changes will be for the better. Stay tuned.

  5. BB
    Would be interested hearing more about the Rex S shot pistol. And the shot shell and loads.
    28 gauge, interesting.

    Also would like to hear more about that Hawke scope. And is the scope rings anything special. Do they come with the scope or are the rings a different brand?

    And you said you walked 5-8 miles on one of the other Shot Show reports the other day. Maybe you should see if PA can provide or rent you one of those electric chairs to ride around the show with. Don’t know how that would work out outside. Anyway just a thought.

    • Then again the walking is good for you – as my cardiologist friend says, “if you are able, you should walk as much as possible every day – better for the brain than doing crossword puzzles too.”

      • FM
        Maybe I should keep working then instead of retiring in October this year when I turn 62. We checked at work before and we have walked 13 miles around the shop plus physicaly working on the machines inbetween all the steps taken all in a 8 hour day.
        Heart problems run on both sides of my family.

        • Sixty-two!? You’re a young fella!

          I guess I am not really that old myself. I turn sixty-seven tomorrow. I have not retired yet, but I really should. That way I could devote more time to RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns.

          • RR
            I think I will retire in October and work part time. We’ll see how it goes this year.

            Really wish I could retire right now. Work just gets more and more stupid. If things don’t start getting better I will probably end up getting a different job. Always got to be something.

  6. “…two words I don’t expect to hear together — survival and airguns.”
    You’re likely too busy writing your own blog to read all the other blogs (LOL!), but there is quite a bit about airguns on the survival blogs. And if you do a google search on “survival airguns,” you will get nearly 7 million hits. 🙂
    Blessings to you,

  7. Well, I tried out the Diana 34 some yesterday. Let us just say I am impressed. It is a .177. I have been wanting a “powerful” .177 for some time. Now I have one.

    After I zeroed the open sights at 10 yards, I moved the target to 25 yards and tried out my hand. Can you say, yuck? At that range, my poor, old, tired eyes could barely see the 3/4-inch dot at that range. Here is what I managed to do with JSB 8.4s. One of those far-out ones is an accidental discharge. The T05 trigger went off before I was ready..

    • RidgeRunner,

      Is this a Diana Panther (synthetic stock) or a later Diana 34 model with a wooden stock?
      I think you moved to 25 yards too soon. I can feel the frustration flowing out of that YUCK….
      If you have a wood stock is it “dead” or does it (the wooden stock) resonate?

      Enjoy your early shooting relax with her and let yourself get to know the rifle.
      Keep the YUCKs to yourself…you don’t want to upset her or you!


      PS: “Spring airguns are not computers. They are more like lawnmowers – fairly simple technology and not a lot to go wrong. The greatest danger to them is when the owner decides to become too involved.”
      Tom Gaylord,
      aka: The Godfather of Airguns®

      • LOL! Most of my airguns are sproingers! I find I prefer them more and more. It would make Yogi proud.

        This gal was born in ’95 and has a rather nice looking piece of wood. She also has a T05 trigger which is real light and crisp. She does not have a butt pad. Her stock ends with the slots in the wood instead. She has a little vibration when she fires. I think a little bit of Red ‘n’ Tacky will calm that down. I am also considering doing a full fledged tune on her.

        This gal and I will likely be dancing quite a bit in the future. I do not understand why they went away from this thing. Diana had finally worked all of the little glitches out of this air rifle and now they have turned there back on her. Ah well, their loss.

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself – FM sees a group there. He does a lot of “yucking,” about himself. The sproingers ignore it. When having fun learning to chrony recently, was pleasantly surprised to see the .22 HW95 shooting H&N FT Trophy Green 9.57 gr pellets at over 900 FPS – out of a 5-shot string, one registered 900, the next 901 FPS; the average was 898. Maybe FM is easily impressed and, yes, it is not all about speed. Still, it put a smile on his face even if his targeting skills do not do justice to the rifle.

  8. Next, I tried out some Exite Hammers. I will not bother to show these off.

    I was getting tired, but wanted to try out some Baracuda Match, so I did. Not too bad. I will try them again when I mount a scope. I added some red around the black dot, hoping it would make it more visible. It didn’t.

    • Interesting shooting RidgeRunner. Thanks for sharing. I don’t know if I could get those results, even with that nice sounding trigger.

      Anyway, at 25 metres, as I took aim, that dot would likely disappear from my sight.
      What might help me, is a strong light on the target, like having the sun behind one’s back, 🙂

      As you said that your Diana 34 is powerful, I wonder how hard you find it to cock? I also wonder how powerful those pellets are at 25 metres?

      Looking forward to the groups when you have mounted a scope. 🙂

      • 3hi,

        It is pretty stout cocking. That little dot is not easy to see at that range, even with the sun shining on it. It helps that my front sight is a hooded perlkorn and I set the rear sight to the smallest notch it has.

      • I may do a write up about this thing. It really is a nice sproinger. It is a shame that the new Diana Group ruined it. That company really needs to develop a flagship if they want to survive.

  9. Browsing the internet, it seems the tactical airguns are getting seriously more tactical, and the traditional ones are getting better looking, even after merging into PCPs.
    I just watched a u-tube video on the BSA R10 SE.
    Constant improvements and the integration with high tech have truly made this an adult sport wonderland. Perfect for us seniors to participate in. Almost to the point of an addiction. But not a bad one at all, just the opposite.
    It’s really getting hard to decide which airgun(s), scope or accessory to get without doing some serious research into which item works best for you. All this new stuff is really tempting.

  10. Retiring?
    Statistics have it that a man only lives an average of 10 years after retiring, and I’m sure the type of work you did has something to do with it and how sedimentary you are.
    I have made it to 13 years, so some unfortunate soul only made it to 7. And that is probably the result of the prescription drugs I take every day.

    The way I see it you do not retire you just change your job into that of avoiding the Grim Reaper and all the pain and stress you are now going to be subject to. No matter how comfortable you have it.
    Your body will remind you daily that you have neglected some part of it. The involuntary old man grunt will become part of your existence every time you try to stand or pick up something heavy.
    As time goes by you will become acutely aware of every body movement you are about to make so as to avoid any strain on you back and just about every other part of your body. Simply turning off water at the sink can drive you to your knees in excruciating back pain. Same with quick moves to catch something falling or avoiding something.
    You simply cannot take anything for granted anymore. Use it or lose it. becomes fact now.
    Taking care of my property and possessions, when I do, is harder than when I worked and I’m sure it helps in the battle.
    On night shift, walking around an aircraft doing a preflight inspection and then checking out every switch and control in the cockpit for proper operation is not exactly hard work. And sitting around for a few hours waiting for it to depart is only broken with an occasional walk around.
    Nuff said …. Hope you enjoy your retirement!

    Just jumped into my email and received The American Retiree newsletter.
    “Is Retirement Unhealthy?”. “In the first year of retirement, short-term memory declines by 30%”. God help us.

    • Bob M,

      I refuse to read that retirement kills stuff!
      The newest out of the Harvard Medical School labs about reversing Old Age is what interests me. I just hope I can hang on long enough with the preservation project i’m doing to get back to the thirty year old me as soon as they start doing human trials!

      Hang in there this sounds like the real McCoy!


  11. Shootski
    I started out being optimistic in dealing with old age, but I think I’m at the point where exercise is doing more harm than good. I’m dropping down to just moving around more.
    The parts I hurt take forever to heal now. No more pushups.
    No big deal. Still doing better than most..

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