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ICYMI May 2023

In the interest of keeping you informed about all the changes going on here at Pyramyd Air, here are some items we’ve recently added and some new brands that might interest you. We strive to bring you the best stuff to help you have the best experiences. 

Upgrade Your Adventures

FX Panthera Hunter Compact Air Rifle

Unleash your inner hunter with the FX Panthera Hunter Compact Air Rifle. This rifle is easy to cock and load, making it ready to shoot in no time. It’s accurate and powerful, making it perfect for taking game. And it’s quiet, so you won’t disturb your prey or alert them to your presence. It could be the perfect addition to your next hunting trip.

Get the Crosman 100-Year Anniversary Pellet Tins. Crafted out of polished tin, each one is embossed with an iconic Crosman design – an ideal addition to your collection.

Get where you’re going faster and keep your energy up with our new Ebikes. Whether you’re looking for a new way to explore nature or an easier way to haul your quarry back to camp, these ebikes fit the job. We have offroad ebikes and kids ebikes, so the whole family to go together. The prime example is Rambo The Ryder 750W Full Frame. This offroad ebike is designed to make your journey easy and enjoyable. The T6 aluminum alloy frame allows it to handle your toughest excursions.

Pushing the Optical Boundaries

Athlon Optics 6-24x56 Heras SPR APLR9 FFP, 1/4MOA, 30mm Tube

Athlon Optics has done an excellent job of pushing the boundaries of optical excellence while maintaining affordability. First up, the 6-24×56 Heras SPR APLR9 FFP, 1/4MOA, 30mm Tube has crystal clear HD glass, with an advanced multi-coated system for unbeatable clarity and light transmission. You’ll get an illuminated reticle powered by an ultra-efficient LED for precise targeting. The 2-12×42 Heras SPR AAGR1 SFP, .1MIL, 1″ Tube has similar features at a lower magnification range. You’ll hit your target in any light conditions with total clarity of view. Finally, the 2-12×42 Helos BTR GEN2, AHMR2 FFP, .1 MIL, 30mm Tube offers generous eye relief, advanced fully-multicoated HD glass, a first focal point illuminated reticle for quick target acquisition, and pinpoint accuracy even in low light.  

Expanding Our Airsoft Lineup

Lancer Tactical M4 CQB AEG Airsoft Rifle, Black

Get durable and reliable airsoft guns that are also affordable with the Lancer Tactical airsoft line. With quality construction and cutting-edge design, these airsoft guns will provide hours of fun and entertainment. The M4 CQB AEG is designed for close-quarter battle and features a metal receiver and gearbox with a stabilized barrel for accurate shots every time. It also comes with an adjustable hop-up – perfect for playing multiple scenarios. Another great option is the AK47 Metal Electric Airsoft Rifle, which offers sturdy, reliable performance with a semi/full auto selector switch to help you through intense battle scenarios. And the M4 SD Airsoft Rifle AEG, Gen 2 provides comfortable shouldering with its adjustable stock – great to fit multiple users. The mock suppressor gives it an intimidating look while protecting the barrel from dirt and debris. The high-capacity magazine really gets the job done.

Archery Accessories for Precision

G5 Head-Loc Air 4 Arrow Quiver, Brown

Enhance your archery experience with G5 Outdoors archery accessories. Made of the best materials with cutting-edge craftsmanship, they are designed for durability and performance in the field. The Head-Loc Air 4 Arrow Quiver, available in black or brown, is lightweight and offers maximum adjustability to fit nearly any size bow setup. The Head-loc system securely holds arrows in place, while the angle adjustments make it easy to customize for your setup. If you prefer a larger quiver, the Head-Loc 6 Arrow Quiver, in Realtree and black, may be a better option.

When you’re looking for extreme cutting power, the Deadmeat V2 3 Blade Crossbow Broadhead can be a game changer. The V2 stainless steel ferrule is twice as strong as aluminum and devastatingly effective. The oversized leading edge cuts on contact for maximum energy transfer on impact. The snap-lock collar keeps the blades secure until deployed. On the fixed blade front, the Striker X Broadhead offers great accuracy and penetration. Designed with a larger cutting diameter, it effectively cuts through bone and tissue with minimal effort. The razor-sharp blades and extra-strength ferrule construction optimize accuracy and penetration. The easy-to-remove X-blade system allows you to sharpen or replace damaged blades. For small game, the SGH Broadhead offers superior strength and performance. The triple-bearing claw is made to grab fur, while the blunt tip produces maximum shock. 

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