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Ammo Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Five

Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Five

Air Venturi Avenge-X classic wood.

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Part 2
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This report covers:

  • The goal
  • The test
  • Trigger
  • Filled the rifle
  • H&N Baracuda Match with 4.52mm heads
  • FX 13.4-grain dome
  • JSB Heavy 10.34-grain dome
  • Predator GTO lead-free pellet
  • H&N Rabbit Magnum II
  • Stop and reflect
  • JSB Monster Redesigned domes
  • JSB Beast domes
  • JSB Monster dome
  • JSB Hades hollowpoint
  • FX 10.3-grain dome
  • |Discussion
  • Summary

Monday is New Year’s day — one of the four holidays I get off each year. This posting will remain up until Tuesday. Happy New Year!

Today we learn more about the .177-caliber Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. And today is not an accuracy test, though it will look like one for sure.

The goal

I told you before I won’t live long enough to fully test this air rifle. Today you will see why I say that.

Remember I told you that I ordered a number of .177-caliber pellets I had never tested? A few more of them were re-orders of pellets I use all the time. Today you will see why I ordered them as I shoot ten different pellets in the Avenge-X. Yes — I said TEN!

And I’m shooting them with the rifle set to low power. I will select the best from today’s test and test them on high power for our first accuracy test — next time. Today I’m just checking pellets. As the test unfolds you will understand why I’m doing this (I hope).

The test

I shot five-shot groups with each pellet because there are so many. The rifle was rested directly on a sandbag and I shot from 25 yards. The scope is an obsolete 4-16X44 Mini SWAT UTG Accushot that closely resembles a UTG OP3 Compact scope. It has an illuminated reticle that I turned on. The image was so bright and clear that I thought I was shooting a Meopta scope until I really looked at it after the test was finished.


Remember I said last time the trigger was set too heavy? I adjusted it lighter and to my surprise the movement in stage two all but disappeared. It’s very close to where I like it now.

Filled the rifle

Once again I filled the Avenge-X  using the RovAir compressor. The fill pressure shutoff was still set at 4000 psi which resulted in a perfect fill to 300 bar 4350 psi. There was still air left from the last test and once the fill started it took 2.5 minutes to complete.

Now let’s start the test.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

H&N Baracuda Match with 4.52mm heads

First up was the H&N Baracuda Match pellet with 4.52mm head. Five went into 0.509-inches at 25 yards and that is the end of this pellet for this rifle. 

Avenge-X Baracuda 452
Five Baracuda Match with 4.52mm heads made a 0.509-inch group at 25 yards. Nope!

FX 13.4-grain dome

Next up was the FX dome that weighs 13.4-grains. Five went into 0.169-inches at 25 yards. And I shot out my aim point before the last shot! So aiming was guessing from that point on.

This pellet is a possibility. Remember the Hunter Extreme couldn’t keep this one on the paper at 25 yards. This is why we test different pellets.

Avenge-X FX 13.4
The heavy FX domes earned a trime comparison coin with a 0.169 group at 25 yards. This one will probably advance.

JSB Heavy 10.34-grain dome

The next pellet was one I thought would print the smallest group. The JSB Heavy 10.34-grain dome is a pellet I often select when I want an airgun to do it’s best. Well, that didn’t happen. Remember the report titled, Doing the wrong thing? That previous target shot with FX 13.4-grain pellet proved what I said in that report and this group ratifies it! Five pellets made a 0.232-inch group at 25 yards.

Avenge-X JSB Heavy
The Avenge-X put five JSB Heavy 10.34-grain pellets into a 0.232-inch group at 25 yards.

Predator GTO lead-free pellet

The fourth pellet I tested was the Predator GTO lead-free dome. They were the best pellets in the Gamo Hunter Extreme, but the Avenge-X doesn’t seem to care for them. The first shot went wide but it wasn’t a called pull. The groups measures 0.426-inches between centers.

Avenge-X Predator GTO
Five Predator GTO lead-free pellets grouped in 0.426-inches at 25 yards.

H&N Rabbit Magnum II

Ooooh — this one is a slug. That means it’s got to be accurate — right? Guess again. Five H&N Rabbit Magnum II pellets made a 1.537-inch group at 25 yards. It’s the largest group of the test.

Avenge-X Rabbit Magnum
Five Rabbit Magnums went into 1.537-inches at 25 yards, but at least they stayed on the paper.

Stop and reflect

Before I show you the last five targets let’s take a moment to reflect on what we are seeing. I’m griping about twenty-five-yard five-shot groups that are 0.232-inches between centers! Think about that. Just yesterday I was praising the Gamo Hunter Extreme when it got a 25-yard 5-shot group with that measured 0.853-inches between centers. Now I’m complaining about a group that’s more than three times smaller. Why? I am because of what you are about to see. I am because the Air Venturi Avenge-X is phenomenally accurate.

JSB Monster Redesigned domes

Remember these are Monster Redesigned pellets. I’ll tell you why in a bit. The Avenge-X put five into 0.258-inches at 25 yards. That’s great for a springer but not so good for an Avenge-X.

Avenge-X Monster Redesigned
The Avenge-X put five JSB Monster Redesigned pellets into a 0.258-inch group at 25 yards.

JSB Beast domes

At 25 yards the Avenge-X put five JSB Beast domes into a 0.123-inch group. Do that with your springer! This pellet will definitely earn a spot in the high-power accuracy test.

Avenge-X JSB Beast
The Avenge-X put five of the 16.2-grain JSB Beasts into a 0.123-inch group at 25 yards. Cowabunga!

JSB Monster dome

Remember what I just said about the Monster Redesigned domes? Well, THIS Avenge-X likes the regular Monster, thank you very much! Five went into 0.177-inches (I know — that’s weird, right?) at 25 yards, and it did it when I shot out the aim point — again! 

Avenge-X JSB Monster
The Avenge-X put five JSB Monster pellets into a 0.177-inch group at 25 yards. And once more I shot my aim point out before the group was finished.

JSB Hades hollowpoint

I had high hopes for the JSB Hades hollowpoint, but it didn’t deliver. Five went into 0.309-inches at 25 yards. That’s good for most air rifles but not so good for the Avenge-X. But this is a round-ish group and might be a pellet on the edge. I’ll have to think about it.

Avenge-X JSB Hades
Five JSB Hades pellets went into a 0.309-inch group at 25 yards. This one requires some thought.

FX 10.3-grain dome

The last pellet I shot was the FX 10.3-grain dome. Five made a 0.224-inch group. Where the 10.34-grain JSB Heavy group is smaller, it was also linear. This group is slightly larger but also a bit rounder. And bear in mind that the measurements at this level can be off either way. The roundness of the group is what I like. I think this one will move on.

Avenge-X FX 10.3
Five FX 10.3-grain pellets made a 0.224-inch group at 25 yards.


Now you can see that the Air Venturi Avenger is accurate — very much so! And these pellets were only tried on the low power setting, but please hold your horses!  The first person to tell me that all of them need to be tested on high power, just so we know for sure, gets the air let out of his tires. Like I said — I’m old and there is only so much time.

The trigger now works much better than it did before. And the scope is a dream! It’s so nice when adjustments work the way they are supposed to.

I haven’t adjusted the fill pressure or the hammer spring tension yet. Do you now see why this super-adjustability is good for you guys but not so much for me? If I had a month to just play with it — wow! But I have to write Monday’s blog tomorrow.

My plan is to select the best pellets from today’s little test and shoot them again from 25 yards on high power. Those groups will be 10-shot groups.


Guys — the Avenge-X is the precharged pneumatic ( PCP) air rifle you have been waiting for. With the caliber change option it’s a whole closet full of airguns at one low price. Why — a guy could get one of these and a RovAir compressor and just about be done with it!

50 thoughts on “Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Five”

  1. BB
    It seems to me that even in full power the ones that shined will continue to do so, just because of them being heavy weights. On the other hand are you certain that the GTO doesn’t deserve one more try? Four out of the five look like they made a VERY tight group. That first could be a defective.
    By the way thank you for your response on the Gamo thing.

  2. BB,

    This just about convinces me to own one of these things. If I was about thirty years younger, I would have to have one. As things are, I am not sure I have time to fully test / play with all of the airguns I have now at RRHFWA.

    Stop and reflect
    I am because of what you (are) about to see.

    JSB Monster Dome – picture caption
    The Avenge-Z put five… -X

  3. Excellent rifle, as I expected it would be. The original was so good, the only way they could mess it up is to let the bean counters take over completely. My personal issue though, is that my original Avenger is set up perfectly and so darn good that even if the x is a touch better and more adjustable, it’s not twice the price better, not to me at least. I would definitely be placing an order for an X if mine went lost or stolen!


  4. Great report! I got all excited when I first saw the name, but am disappointed in the test results of the wabbit slugs with this rifle. Looking forward to the next report!

  5. BB,

    Agreed that testing all of the projectiles at all of the possible settings would take a lifetime (or two).

    I’d suggest that you select a common, average weight pellet and tune the PCP to a typical mid power level that most people would want for general shooting.

    I think that, for most people, it would be a 30-33 fpe tune with a 16 or 18 grain pellet in a .22 caliber Avenge-X .

    (I’m about 75% done a guest blog on sharing some of my observations of PCPs and tuning.)

    I’ll eventually (when I get my Avenge-X and some decent weather) be developing low, mid and high tunes to explore its capabilities.

    Happy Friday eh! Have a good extended weekend Tom!

    • Vana2,

      Before PCPs got all this easily accessible adjustability i always did purpose tunes and then left each gun tuned for my intended use of it. I think your concept of testing and then selecting a power band is a good one.
      We need more data on barrel twist/MV FPS for projectiles at typical airgun velocities. Not much is available beyond scaled down firearm data; the closest being from the Black Powder testing that Tom has pointed out often.

      Guten Rutsch !


  6. B.B.,

    I’m looking forward to your switch to high power.
    “My plan is to select the best pellets from today’s little test and shoot them again from 25 yards on high power. Those groups will be 10-shot groups.”
    You will help me understand a bit better one of my theories about external ballistics and pellets. I’ll wait untill my personal New Year (Jan 2nd) to see. As well as avoiding biasing your high power testing routine with expectations.

    A New Year’s wish for you Tom:
    I hope you get to see as many New Year’s as you care to.
    That will give you the time to make this blog series on the Avenge X a record breaking one.

    Guten Rutsch !


  7. B.B. This comment is strictly by analogy to my limited experience with multi pump pneumatics, namely the Crosman 362. When I first started to test the 362 for the best pellet, I found that different pellets performed best at 3 or 4 pumps and other performed best at 6 to 7 pumps (the 8 pump max was rarely the most accurate). I never found one pellet that performed really well at all pump levels (although I recently bought a tin of the new Benjamin’s to test–see, still looking).

    In your test yesterday, you seem to be looking for the best pellet that will perform well at low power AND at high power. I would be delighted if you found one, but I would be surprised. Rather, I predict that different pellets will perform best at high power compared to low power. So I think you should test all the same pellets you shot at low power at high power, and let’s compare. Food for thought.

    Happy New Year Everybody!

  8. This one is a late comment for the “What’s good” report.
    For “BB’s dare to the airgun world,” I’d suggest Hatsan Striker Spring Combo, which is listed at $134.99 on the Hatsan USA website.

    How to improve the Striker:
    – Get rid of the scope.
    – Detune it down to the same power level with the Diana 27.
    – Recrown the barrel.
    – Get rid of the fiberoptics on the OEM sights, and redesign the OEM front sight as squared black blade in the globe.
    – See the trigger improvement videos for this springer in the YT links below.


    Note: I shared this comment on Dec 20. I edited that in an effort to make it easier to follow. Sorry, BB, for the second edition.

    Cheers to the New Year!

      • If we could bring back the old springers from their last resting places, then I’d say the latest version of the Diana 27 as is. But the air rifle has to be still around today. Diana 27 and 24……..RIP to both. So….What would you suggest? What is around nowadays that BB can use? I think I had gone through them all – and came up with this one. It would be even better with the Striker Wood Spring Combo. I can see that one with the similar sights on HW30S – the problem would be the need for a new barrel design that would accept those sights. Even better, the globe sights on the Diana 27, without the inserts. Think of a rifle that’s sold today.

      • Or, Diana two-fifty, which is listed at $169.99.

        Give it:
        – T06 trigger,
        – Same iron globe sights on the 350 Magnum Premium,
        – Similar wood stock with the one that the 34 EMS Classic wearing.
        And lastly, tune it down a notch.

        I’ve been through too many springers in the past couple of days, RC. These are my suggestions.

    • My wishes for a very happy New Year’s Eve.
      Although the last day of 2023 decided to leave me with the HW 35E cocked but not firing… Locked safely in the cellar until 2024.

      • Bill,

        I believe your safety spring is sticking. Break open the rifle, bring the barrel all the way down to full cock and then bounce the barrel while trying to push the safety button off at the same time. That often frees the safety spring so the rifle can fire.

        Don’t let go of the muzzle until the rifle fires and obviously put a pellet in the breech and shoot in a safe direction.


        • BB
          Thank you for your response/assistance. I got mad and went to Google. After understanding a bit about the Rekord trigger I made it fire by using the small window and pressing the lever inside. The stock was taken away of course and the muzzle was looking at a safe direction. I think it has something to do with the front trigger guard screw pressing the inner small screw (hidden/forbidden).
          Happy New Year

          • Bill,

            What you describe can’t happen. Screw 52b isn’t located when the stock screw can interfere with it. What you did solved the problem, so good for you. If you have adjusted screw 52b in the past, that may be the problem, but I still suspect the coiled safety return spring.


            • BB
              I really can’t tell for certain what happened. I only know that after the deliberate discharge I assembled the stock back and it needed to unscrew the front screw of the trigger guard in order to fire.
              Now it works without problem. I wish I had the experience to better identify and correction of the problem.
              In any case I really want to thank you once more for finding the time to help me.
              May God bless you with a very happy new year.

        • Hihihi
          Actually it’s not that dry and not only cellar. So, as I described above, when I got mad and sensible together I dealed with the problem.
          I wish you a very happy new year my friend.

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