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Accessories Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Four

Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Four

Air Venturi Avenge-X classic wood.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • Scoped
  • Filled the reservoir
  • The plan
  • The test
  • The day
  • First target
  • Target two
  • Target three
  • Target four
  • Where we are
  • Summary

Today will look and sound like an accuracy test of the .177-caliber Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle, but it isn’t. I will explain as we go. This is one of those “Learn how it works” days.


I mounted a UTG 4-16X44 Compact scope on the rifle. Initially the scope was in UTG rings that had been shimmed in the rear, but I couldn’t get the rifle sighted in with that because it shot too high. I removed the shim and got sighted in right away. There is another reason to like the new Avenge-X rifle — it doesn’t droop!

Filled the reservoir

The next job was to fill the reservoir to 4,350 psi/300 bar. For that I used the  RovAir compressor that I’m also reporting on. You may remember that filling this rifle twice before has resulted in two failed burst disks, but last time I discovered that the onboard fill control gauge on the compressor was reading low when it was set to its high end. A setting of 4350 psi on the automatic shutoff resulted in a fill that went to 4,750 psi on the Avenge-X reservoir pressure gauge. I said then that I would set the auto shutoff at 4100 psi on the RovAir, but today before filling I backed it down to 4000 even. It filled the rifle and shut off with no problem this time and the Avenge-X pressure gauge read 4,350 psi — as close as I can read it.

The plan

The plan for today was to shoot groups from 25 yards with the Avenge-X. But like I said in Part 3, “I’m an old man and probably won’t live long enough to test all the possibilities this Avenge-X offers, so I’m not going to try. Instead I’m going to try to find an accurate pellet and see what sort of tune it likes — in .177.” Nice plan, but just as there were many possibilities with velocity, there are also possibilities when it comes to accuracy. I decided to pick one pellet and follow it all the way.

The test

I shot 10-shot groups from 25 yards. The rifle was resting directly on a sandbag. I shot on high power and again on low power. I used the single-shot tray and I shot with the standard-capacity 10-shot rotary magazine. There is also a 20-shot high-capacity .177-caliber rotary magazine available for this rifle but Pyramyd Air was out of them when my rifle was sent, so I don’t have one to test. All the shots seen today were with the H&N Baracuda Match pellet with 4.50mm heads.

The day

And now you learn why this is not an accuracy test. I normally test accuracy of any airgun in the morning when I’m fresh. On this day, however, I had numerous other tasks and didn’t get to shoot the rifle until the afternoon. That taught me an important lesson. Always test accuracy in the morning! I will explain as we go.

Build a Custom Airgun

First target

I shot the first target on high power and using the single-shot tray. After sighting in and discovering the scope shim had to be removed, then removing it and sighting in again, it was the middle of the afternoon before the first shot for accuracy could be fired. Shot one went where I wanted it (slightly to the left of the 10-dot on the target) and shot two went through the same hole. In fact the first four shots were so small I started thinking about using the gold dollar comparison coin for my groups.

Then shot five was a pinwheel (dead center in the bull) and my aim point was gone. After that I blew up and the first 10-shot group measures 0.309-inches/7.85mm between centers. I know that sounds like a good group and it really is, but from what I saw with the first four shots it’s at least twice the size it could be. With this Avenge-X there is really no reason to miss at 25 yards. I was having micro shakes that caused the pellet to wander about 0.125-inches/3.175mm from the desired aim point. Like most people I have these all the time, but this afternoon I couldn’t control them. Also the trigger was set too heavy for me and I had to fight it for the entire session.

On high power and using the single-shot tray the Avenge-X put ten Baracuda Match pellets with 4.50mm heads into a 25-yard group that measures 0.309-inches between centers.

After this group I adjusted the scope two clicks to the right

Target two

I switched to the rotary magazine for target two. The rifle was still set at high power. This time 10 shots went into 0.376-inches/9.55mm at 25 yards. The fourth shot from the mag landed lowest in the group and I remembered that in case the magazine has a bad chamber.

On high power and shooting from the magazine, the Avenge-X put ten pellets into a 0.376-inch group at 25 yards.

After this group I adjusted the scope two clicks to the right and two clicks down.

Target three

Now I switched to low power. Target three was shot from the single-shot tray, but the last two shots in this group were pulled to the right. Ten shots went into 0.426-inches at 25 yards.

On low power from the single-shot tray the Avenge-X put 10 Baracuda Match pellets into a 0.426-inch/10.82mm group at 25 yards.

Target four

The last target was shot on low power using the rotary magazine. Ten pellets made a 0.416-inch/10.57mm group. And the fourth shot hit lowest in the group, as it had the previous time the magazine was used.

On low power from the magazine the Avenge-X put ten pellets into 0.416-inches at 25 yards. Once again the fourth shot was the lowest on the target.

Where we are

As I said, today was not an accuracy test because I was too jittery to do my best. This rifle is clearly (to me) very accurate. Now I need to make it do its best for you.

The single shot tray is slightly more accurate than the rotary magazine, but only because the fourth shot from the magazine lands low. I find the single shot tray quite a bit more fiddly to load. Therefore I think going forward I will shoot from the magazine.

The Baracuda Match with 4.50mm head seems to be an accurate pellet in this .177-caliber Avenge-X. High and low power don’t seem to make much difference in accuracy at 25 yards.

Stage two of the trigger definitely needs to be lighter for me to do my best. I need to do that before the next test.


So far I am very impressed with the Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic. It’s doing everything I want and more. Now I need to get me up to speed, so I can test the rifle at its best.

46 thoughts on “Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part Four”

  1. B.B.,

    What did you have for lunch?
    High or low blood sugar (hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, respectively) may cause tremors or other involuntary movements. Now not to be an alarmist…
    What are other causes result in small body tremors?
    Liver and kidney failure may cause damage in certain brain areas that leads to tremors or jerky movements. Diabetes. Stress, anxiety, or fatigue may be associated with tremors.
    IF the tremors are an irregular part of your afternoon you might note what you had for breakfast and lunch. If they get worse or become a regular part of your afternoons get them evaluated by a good doctor.

    No messing around hoping it will go away!


  2. The groups may not be your best but more than adequate to reduce the tree rat population. Most of my shots are well within 25 yards though are frequently at a high angle up into the tree branches.

    I find now days that the second cup of coffee, will occasionally cause an overdose of caffeine and induces some small shakes. Though, when I was still on active duty the lack of coffee / caffeine would cause shakes when I attempted to perform the fine motor work similar bench shooting. But we all age and things will affect us differently as time goes on.

    I had known low blood sugar could cause tremors, but did not know high blood sugar would cause tremors also.


      • mildot52,

        True, oh so very true!

        That was a paraphrase of BB’s statement “As I said, today was not an accuracy test because I was too jittery to do my best.” I personally rarely shoot that well, and the second half of my paraphrase “but more than adequate to reduce the tree rat population” was to refer to the kill zone of my favorite target being larger than the largest grouping. Yes the Avenge-X is a very versatile rifle, but I only find out what works best and then make no further adjustments other than practice – practice and more practice.

        In my case, the operator is the only portion of the firing solution / system that needs periodic adjustment.


  3. Those are some impressive shot groups to me, wow! Does the magazine operate similar to the Diana Chaser magazines? Those hold the pellets until the bolt pushes them one at a time into the barrel. And I have read that as the magazines get used they can get smoother. This I suppose would be due to normal wear. And it might mean less chance of the pellets getting deformed as they leave the magazine. Looking forward to the next report, thanks!

  4. Hi everybody,

    I think I need your advice:

    I did the inevitable and took the Diana 27 apart. I noticed two things:

    1. It has a synthetic piston seal
    2. The piston doesn’t look 100% straight.

    If you look at the gap between the two halves, it is wider at the front than it is at the rear.

    Also the front metal “cap” doesn’t look 100% straight. What I mean by that is that the distance from the front cap to the rear cap isn’t constant around the circumference.

    Is this piston damaged or is this within the tolerances for a 1967 Diana?


    • CK,

      How about you measure what the difference actually is?
      From what I can see those collars look like they are pinned in place.
      Since B.B. is the “Diana Whisperer”, perhaps you should send it to him and have him do a blog series on it?


      • Yogi,

        sending it to BB isn’t very practical since I live in Germany and I suppose neither he nor I want to pay the postage.

        I did “measure” two things, though.

        I checked the width of the front cap and the rear cap with a caliper and the front one is slightly wider. That might explain the widening gap at the front.

        Also I stood the piston on the seal, held a triangle ruler next to it and turned the piston. The deviation from “straight” at the rear cap was very minor and I suppose that is what counts.

        Also, the only photo of a piston I found was in this German forum post: https://www.co2air.de/thread/91091-diana-mod-27-feder-wechseln/

        I think I see the same widening gap, so I suppose it’s fine unless somebody says it isn’t.


            • BB,


              I think I should have been more specific. I meant “pics that show the other side of the piston where the very narrow gap between the two metal parts can be seen” 🙂

              If you lay down the piston on a table, it “wants” to roll in a position where the cocking slot is on top due to gravity. That’s probably why most photos show that side.

              But the German post does show what I was looking for and I suppose I can save the € 70 for a new piston.

              The other goods new is that the mainspring looked fine as well so I’m going to leave it in there as well.

              I did notice the piston seal screw seemed to be a bit loose, so I tightened it and applied some thread locker… We’ll see if I get smoother cocking and better accuracy now.


                • Yogi,

                  I think the piston seal adapter fits the compression chamber pretty well.

                  I have the gun back together and it *seems* to cock and shoot a little more smoothly now.


                  • Stephan,

                    I may not be the best source of information, but i heard, that even some new weihrauch pistons are not perfectly straight and round. It is normal since these are not 10 meter olimpic rifles, and company must balance the costs of manufacturing. Slightly bent or oval piston should not make any visible differences on paper, but you can find someone with lathe to make it perfect.

                    Here in Poland (yes, we are almost neighbours) we have some airgun magicians who can fix this in like one afternoon. I have synthetic position rings, or slides (tuner calls it “lazaglide”) on my hw 30 s, to ensure proper travel of piston in piston tube. Is it necessery? Probably not, but my little girl needed new spring and seals, and i just took everything guy offers.

                    Also, hello everyone. It is my first post, but I am reading this blog for few good years, and most of You are like old friends for me, even if none of you even know about my egsistence, lol. Magic of internet.

                    Sorry if I said something terribly ungramathical or barbaric- it is not my first language, and it is middle of the night here, so i feel absolved.

                    • HerbieVr, I know only one phrase in Polish, “jak się masz”!

                      Welcome. B.B. will have you writing a guest blog before you know it. While there are a few here who appreciate proper American English grammer, no one here will let anyone’s difficulty with it get in the way of a good discussion. We are all here to help each other and share knowledge. So thank you for your comment. Can you explain of show us what the lazaglide is all about?

                    • HerbieVr,
                      Czesc, and 16 other ways to say hello in Polish?
                      No wonder I never learned to speak Polish from my grandmother or growing up in a Polish neighborhood in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY.
                      Well you have made the jump into the blog. There are worse addictions 😉

                    • Herbie,

                      thanks for the info – sounds plausible.

                      And welcome to the blog. I can read your post just fine.


                    • Roamin Greco,

                      There are no easiest way to explain what lazaglide tune is than a picture. Here is hw 97 piston, photo is from the Senio’s blog. Basically, those red synthetic rings reduces friction to absolute minimum, cause rear end of the piston cannot “wobble”. There is thin line between perfect tune and overengineering.

                      Also, thank you Bob and Stephan, or, as we say: Dziękuję.


  5. Thanks BB!

    …I think, the Avenge-X is not available in Canada yet and you’re making it very difficult to be patient.

    I’m quite impressed with what I’ve seen with the Avenge-X across multiple videos, seems that it’s very accurate and very consistent.

    Looking forward to seeing more about this interesting PCP.

    In us older folk, blood sugar levels can fluctuate outside of normal levels easily with all kinds of unwelcome side affects. I’m borderline diabetic meaning that I have to monitor my sugar levels and watch what foods I eat …intresting as it’s kinda like tuning a car engine with finding the best mixture. Timing of meals and snacks is also important. You might want to look into this. The testers are readily available and easy to use.


    • Hank and shootski,

      I monitor my blood sugar 3 times a day and keep a chart on it. I watch carbs like a hawk.

      The micro shakes I was talking about are the same ones everyone except a Hollywood sniper has.


      • BB,
        Have you ever considered getting a CGM? I have several friends that use them. They all stated that life was a lot easier once they got them. The latest versions can be linked with your smart phone and give various alerts making the whole process more automated than the early versions that required you to periodically check manually and manually track your levels.
        Since I retired I no longer see them frequently. So I do not know the brands / models CGM that they use.

        Nothing quite like having “AUTO” take control of the more mundane tasks.


  6. That first group was 1.2 MOA, Tom – no need for apologies. A ten shot group at 25 yards is a real test. Far better than most of your gun trials. With that rifle, one could compete in field target.

  7. BB,

    Please stay healthy!

    I like this gun. General question – what do you think about 300bar pressure. Does it make any sense to pump it with a handpump? Never tried go higher than 200bar, it is already not funny with a handpump. Does 300bar need a compressor and there is no way around that?

    • tomek,


      There is a point where the compressibility of normal air becomes increasingly more difficult (almost exponentially) without comparable benefit for shot count or power.
      That pressure is approximately 255 BAR.


      • Shootski,

        This pressure limit is your experience or additionally some experimental proof?

        The question why 🙂 One of my favorites. First I ask usually. The answer? Because you can! 🙂

        • tomek,

          Some bread and fishes for you.
          The IDEAL Gas Laws work well at the pressures that those Scientists were working at. They thought gasses were totally compressible. The idea that they might become incompressible at some point was not comprehended until much later.
          And then there is the problem caused by mixed gases like air.
          This link will get you started:

          Get to work…because you can…understand this too, lol!


          • Shootski,

            It is clear for me that the ideal gas theory has not so much with the real “air life” in common, talking reality above 200 bar. The question because you gave a very specific diskret pressure value (which would be depending on the ambient temperature, the air humidity etc. – as usually, but is in a defined near range) from which it does not make more sense to pump. And I agree. Interesting for me is the real high pressure due to my lack of experience with it. Talking to car mechanics about the 300 bar air 😀 This whole thing is again an example of people making some theories which are based on too less parameters. Those “scientistcts” than sell it as common knowledge, people follow that base and at the end something is not working, there is no WOW effect. More gives more! – does not work 😀 German is: “viel hilft viel” (much helps much).

    • The only time I had gone past 200 bar was performing an operational check of my Hill Mk 5 hand pump. I dead headed the pump and took the pressure to 4500 psi. That was very difficult for my 165 lb body this process basically had me supporting my entire weight on my hands to finish each stroke. Since I was dead headed very little volume was actually compressed only a few pump strokes to go from 200 bar to 4500 psi.


      • BMW:)

        Thanks for information. I did not go too far on dead headed pump – why should I? 🙂 🙂 (shootski style:) )
        Even round 200bar I need to almost hang on it, now I am like 185lb so there is a mass above! Anyway it would be different to make another like 50 crazy hard pumps to get from 200 to 300 bar. If someone did that please let me know how bad it is.

        • tomek,

          You will likely hurt your wrists; especially if you do it repetitively. Don’t forget to be ready to RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate) the injured parts of your body.
          OR. You can enjoy reading the things in my LINKED page and KNOW why there is no need for airguns to be pressurized that high except for MARKETING.
          Just because engineering gave us 310/4,500PSI Carbon Fiber vessels doesn’t mean airgun designers needed to have us fill them that high!

          Do be aware that even with names like: scientific gas the information from airgun/paintball sources is typically suspect IF NOT totally WRONG.

          https://scientificgas.com.au/paintball-tanks/#:~:text=This pressure is what fires,850) to fire the paintball.

          Wow! Straight Ideal Gas law formulas used!


          • For me it was clear, with hand pump does not make any sense. Wondering if someone does it regulary.
            But even air compressor – guys, hellouu, we are talking about 300 bar pressure. It is a really high pressure. There is no place for any mistake. You know what happend to one guy with air compressor and a “brand new cheap” air filter, which has exploaded and left the garage through massive wooden door 🙂 No one actually think about what it means to have airtank on your cheek with 300 bar when it goes up. They can even introduce 400 bar – question of time… So now my prediction was not so far away from that point, that there is end of this road of high pressure.

  8. BB,

    I appreciate that you felt that there was some room for improvement, but those were excellent groups by any measure, much more so when considering the very reasonable price for this gun. Very good shooting Tom!

    It will be interesting to see what a little attention to the trigger adjustments will do. In some rifles not much while in others day and night.

    By the way, what is the regulator pressure? Not important except in relation to hand pumps.


  9. Just picked up my gold-tone, pellet / BB, shell ejecting, lever action Barra 1866 or 9981, depending on how you look at the engraved butt stock and it is a real beauty. Hex barrel and all. Only thing that could make it better is shinny blueing. It has a matt finish in high contrast to the mirror finished gold. Microfiber cloth here.
    A real solid heavy weight for a 600fps CO2 rifle. Right up there with a Umarex Walther gold tone Wells Fargo lever action. The first edition with the slim stock.
    Tempted to get another, just in case! A fine match for a western shooting session with their 1858 Cowboy pistol.

  10. Shootski,
    Sure did, thank you for that. I knew of adjustable and droop compensators but not tilt. Impressive. In hindsight I think there is one or more out there with adjustable droop compensation as well. May even have one? I believe I got it for the Crosman MTR77-NP. The word tilt did not associate at first.

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