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Education / Training Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part One

Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part One

Air Venturi Avenge-X classic wood.

This report covers:

  • Wood stock
  • Not all
  • The rifle being tested
  • Description
  • Air pressure
  • Adjustable power
  • Bottom line
  • Summary

Yesterday’s report titled, What can be done (to make a good air rifle)? was a lead-in to today’s report. We are about to begin looking at what I believe is the most significant new PCP air rifle since the Benjamin Discovery. The Avenge-X is not just an air rifle — it’s a complete system of air rifles in the three principal smallbore calibers — .177, .22 and .25.

Wood stock

I have a wood-stocked Avenge-X in .22 caliber and I will test it in the usual manner. But I also have a .177 barrel, probe, magazines and single-shot tray to convert the rifle and test that setup as well.

Not all

And, there is more. Ian McKee, whose blog handle is 45Bravo, has an Avenge-X Tactical in .22 and .25 calibers, and he will do the same things I do and other things, as well. He and I overlap in .22, so you’ll get to compare the wood stock against the Tactical. This series will be huge — larger than the largest one ever written on this blog. In fact, I will have to break it into separate report series to keep the number of links to previous reports manageable.

The rifle being tested

Today we are starting to look at the Classic wood-stocked AirVenturi Avenge-X in .22 caliber. This comes standard with a 210cc reservoir tube, and a 400cc bottle is available optionally. I am testing the rifle with the standard tube.

At the SHOT Show this year Tyler told me I wasn’t going to believe how many shots I could get from this rifle. Of course he was talking about the entire Avenge-X line and included the bigger bottle in his remarks. But, as I recall, he told me that I will see over 70 full-power shots on high power with this rifle in .22, and that is at 49 foot-pounds! On low power with the bottle attached I could expect almost 200 shots. You know I will test as much of this as I can for you.


The test rifle is 44-inches long with a shrouded 22.8-inch barrel. It weighs 7.9 pounds as it comes from the box. And I have to tell you that the forearm is slim. I like that in a rifle and, unless this one just dies during testing, it isn’t going back!

There is checkering on both sides of the forearm and pistol grip. It’s pressed in, of course, and doesn’t add anything for grippy-ness. The cheek rest is raised on both sides of the stock and the rifle is 100 percent ambidextrous. Even the cocking sidelever can be switched to the other side and you do this as an option when you order the rifle.

The wood stock is slim all around. The pistol grip fills my hand but doesn’t feel overly thick. There is no palm swell and the grip is ambidextrous like everything else.

The trigger guard is wood on this model, as well as on the Bullpup. I have read some disparaging remarks about that, but If you don’t care for it there are two other models in the Avenge-X line that don’t have it — the Tactical and the Classic Synthetic.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

Air pressure

The Avenge-X fills to 4,350 psi/300 bar. That’s one place all the shots come from. The rifle is regulated, which is the other place. The regulator is EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE BY THE USER! I capitalize all those words because that is a feature all airgunners want. It’s really three features:

1. Regulated.
2. Externally adjusted.
3. User adjustable.

And, yes, the reservoir has a gauge and the regulator has a different gauge. The rifle has to be depressurized before the regulator is adjusted.

Avenge-X pressure gauge
The reservoir gauge. On the left is the air transfer port knob. It’s set to high here, but turn clockwise to low. It’s either/or with no stops in-between.

Avenge-X reg gauge
The regulator gauge. The deep-set Allen screw on the left is for degassing the rifle.

I’m going to keep writing this report for a while, but I encourage you to go to the description page on the website, because there are too many features to discuss. I won’t finish my description today.

Adjustable power

The power is adjustable via a two-stage air transfer port (high power — low power) and an adjustable hammer spring. The manual says to adjust these two together. This is a job for a chronograph! You can see the transfer port adjustment in the photo above.

Avenge-X hammer spring adjustment
Access the hammer spring adjustment through a groove in the stock at the top of the pistol grip.

Bottom line

RidgeRunner, Och aye! Sure and this is a deal that starts at $500. I dinna ken how they do it, but they do.


It’s obvious to an airgunner that the Avenge-X was designed by an airgunner. They had the Avenger platform as a start point and then features were piled on. 

I’m not finished describing the Avenge-X I’m testing.  I still have to look at the trigger, sling attachment points and the accessory rail under the forearm the magazines, including the high-capacity mags and the single-shot tray. And there there are the tools and seals you get. Guys — this one is loaded!

44 thoughts on “Air Venturi Avenge-X precharged pneumatic air rifle: Part One”

    • Once you take into account the connection between AV and PA, our host here, today’s blog shouldn’t be a surprise. I wonder how different the Avenge-X it will turn out to be from BB’s Goldie, despite the “piled on features”.

      • BB and Bill

        I too have wondered how this one compares to my Avenger aside from the added features. Bill, we are about to find out. I think BB has said his Goldie is as accurate as any air rifle he has. Mine owns the best score in Decksniper’s yard. I had previously shot a friend’s Avenger at 100 yards with pellets and that experience convinced me to buy my Avenger.

        Is the high power/low power air flow through the port settings knob an addition to hammer spring tension and regulator external adjusting capability? Sounds like it is. I will be following this report with interest.

        PS: My wooden stock Avenger is everything it was claimed to be and I haven’t even explored .25 caliber slugs yet.


        • Decksniper,

          Wrote: ”Is the high power/low power air flow through the port settings knob an addition to hammer spring tension and regulator external adjusting capability? Sounds like it is.” You have come a long way Grasshopper!

          Nothing on PCP powerplant should be thought of as an addition. I think you have hit on one of the biggest problems most new to PCP shooters have in not understanding that everything you adjust has a relationship to almost everything else down airflow for certain and sometimes even back upstream through flow speed, turbulence, and back pressure changes.

          As Tom always points out PCP shooters NEED A CHRONOGRAPH!


          PS: Pellet changes in weight (MASS), design, and hardness will also be FAR more apparent in pneumatics when compared to spring piston powerplants.

          • Shootski,
            When I read the comment about all of the adjustments and how each affect the others I was reminded of something that I heard long ago: “Perfection is not just the destination, but the journey to it.”
            Enjoy the journey.

            • Billj,

              I’m at the start of my fourth decade of my journey through the Lands of the Dark Side.
              I seek the Nirvana (to Blow Out, to Extinguish) and have yet not found it still.


          • Shootski

            I used a chronograph to tune hammer tension, regulator and pellet to my liking. The setting possibilities are already close to infinite. I’m guessing the high low knob guarantees infinity. Will be a fun report.

            PS: Folks, there is lots of eye candy at the Newton Carolina show. I just left there with some of it.


              • Shootski

                I couldn’t make it Saturday when he and Ridgerunner were planning to go. Maybe next year.

                The good folks there like to see me walk in. Had to have help carrying candy to my car.


                • Decksniper,

                  Trick or Treating???

                  “…help carrying candy…”
                  Deck Halloween is at the end of the month!
                  You were at an Airgun Show Deck!


                  PS: look forward to hearing what Tricks you did and what brands of “candy” you got as Treats in your bag.

                  • Shootski

                    I found three I wanted from a friend’s companion. One was an Izzy 61 that looked almost new. Every airgun guy must have at least one Izzy or so I think. Then there was a Crosman 6500 (Anschultz) in NRA excellent condition in my opinion whose front sight wasn’t high end but maybe authentic. Last was a Walther LG 53 priced to reflect a non matching trigger guard screw and stock whose Walther butt plate didn’t fit well. The Walther may be an assembly of Walther parts.

                    Shootski, I know you are partial to PCP’s. I have three PCP’s but I like the whole airgun family.


                    • Decksniper,

                      I hope you enjoy shooting them!
                      Sounds like you will be looking for some parts?
                      I do have all the powerplants represented in the airgun universe just not a single bb shooter in my gun room. Yes that means even one metal coil springer that actually belongs to my daughter. She seems to be into firearms these days since they are part of her working tools so i’ll hold on to it and do the PM and keep it in the shooting rotation…i have decided i will never have another gun go the Benjamin Discovery route.

                      Hope your three shoot well.


  1. Hi everybody,

    why would a wooden triggerguard be a problem?

    Do people expect it to crack when the rifle falls down, perhaps causing an accidental discharge? That seems somewhat unlikely.

    Does it make it harder to adjust the trigger? Is it an aesthetic preference?

    I’m not sure I would care either way. I do like the way this stock looks, though 🙂


    • CptKlotz,

      to me that wooden trigger looks a little chunky, like an all in one molded plastic job, thus less elegant.
      Also, with wooden stocks, normally the smallest, most vulnerable bit, is in the grip area, so, how much thinner yet, is that wooden trigger guard?! 🙂

      Having said all that, generally I still think ‘wood is good’ ! 🙂

    • CptKlotz-

      The stock appears to be made of birch which has decent cross grain strength. However, the trigger guard has a very small cross section, made smaller/weaker by having access holes for trigger adjustment screws. I would predict that with use, a broken trigger guard as likely. You would then be presented with a problematic repair. Design fail.

  2. BB,

    I myself have thought long and hard about the syn stock version of what you are testing. I am still pondering it. The price for what you get is indeed incredible. I will most anxiously await further blogs of this series.

    P.S. Styling is a repeat of the last two paragraphs in Description.

    Saturday, I will be at the 9th Annual NC Airgun Show. I will be wearing a camo ball cap with the Naval Ensign on the front and US NAVY on the back. Be there.

  3. Happy Friday everyone!

    I am glad to see Tom has received his AvengeX, and kicked off the review, I wanted to let him to make the introduction and lay the groundwork.

    As Tom said, I will be reviewing the Tactical version in .22 and later with a .25 caliber barrel change.
    At this point in time, my intentions are to use this rifle in the 100 yard benchrest event in next year’s Pyramyd AIR Cup.

    I have had mine a little longer than he, and I am over 500 rounds into testing, all I can say is WOW.

    He has not even touched on the tunability, and flexibility of this platform.

    I will give you this teaser to discuss over the weekend, with factory settings, I sighted in at 25 yards with JSB 18.13 pellets, and then shot a group with JTS 18.1 pellets, and after seeing the groups, I went straight to 100 yards and all my shooting since has been done at that distance.

    If a pellet can’t keep up or surpass them, it’s out of the running…

    Have a great weekend!

    Shoot safe, have FUN!


  4. EdLee, LFranke, RR.

    Playing a little catch up here and combining things.
    Yes, I am familiar with interchangeable barrels. I have a Beeman Bison break barrel that has two direct screw-in barrels and a RAP4 1/2″ paintball AR type rifle that can be converted to shoot both Airsoft and pellets using straw barrel inserts and sabots.
    In hindsight, the airgun in question that ‘shot three different calibers’ is manufactured in Turkey I believe, and the English translation of the description was not clear at all that it may have done that by changing barrels or being offered in three different calibers.
    On top of that it was on an airsoft web site, and they made it sound like it could shoot all calibers without any modifications? In fact, the first question about the airgun was, “Does it come with three barrels?”

    EdLee, LFrank,

    That internal “Sabot” or catapult airgun I created in my mind that would use / require newly designed pellets for use in a smooth bore requires more than thinking out of the box. You would have to run away from it once you were out 🙂
    Controlling or operating it is an entirely different thing and requires you to jump into a new box marked “Controlling the air pressure”.
    Unless you are familiar with hydraulics or pneumatics you may not be familiar with a “Sliding Spool” selector or control valve, (Balanced or not) It can direct air to different ports. Combined or controlled with mechanical linkage from the trigger and springs it can put that sabot anywhere it wants.
    Using a trigger something like the Glock with an additional safety in it could give you more control options when shooting instead of using it as a safety.
    It could balance or neutralize the air until the trigger is initially pulled to shoot or bottomed out to reset. An entirely new trigger system.

    Now what box am I in now? Need to find the magazine, or whatever is required for feeding one box. 😉

  5. Saw some Avengers at the airgun show; this is for StarboardRower – Vz47; according to the seller, the main difference between a Vz47 and a Vz35 is the 35 has the bayonet lug. In his opinion, “the Vz35 was better made.”

    Small world – the vendor lives about 20 minutes N of Casa FM!

    • FM,

      Thank you for that!

      I am on a plane, returning to Texas. Hence the late reply. But that looks like a fine vz.47 there! Restored/refinished, perhaps? If someone did not go home with it, I might like to see if that gentleman is still interested in a sale.

      Not a vz.35, like you say. But a good compliment to one!

      I hope you enjoyed the show. No doubt there were wonderful things to see, and people to meet. I am very jealous! 🙂


    • Fawlty Manuel,

      that VZ47 looks massive and the stock shows nice grain… 🙂

      For me, the VZ47 has a practical advantage over the VZ35: I try not to dry fire mine, but because I loose count when shooting the aproximately 15-20 lead balls, I need to occasionally check the remaining number in the hopper and sliding back the VZ47’s cover is so much easier with one hand than unclipping the VZ35’s lid. 🙂

      Sorry, I can’t attach a comparison picture of mine because I’m currently away from home.

      PS that looks very much like a Giffard rifle in the background, above your right shoulder. I assume it was for sale?

      • hihihi, you are correct and it was for sale – believe it was $2000 US asking price. Maybe it was more. Met Ridge Runner who knew about it and was tempted but believe it was a little much for his budget.

        There was a nice ‘54 Hakim tuned by Tom for sale…FM and RR were both tempted, but Mr. Baker of Baker Airguns went for it first. The Vz47 was bought by Paul – didn’t get the last name – he collects vintage airguns and has written about some of these oldies for the blog. That was a nice acquisition.

        And, finally – drum roll – RR talked FM into “adopting” his custom .22 Marauder, equipped with suppressor and adjustable valve spring; right price, right equipment. Even Mrs. FM approved. 😉

        Good show, good people. FM’s first. Hope to repeat.

        • FawltyManuel,

          congratulations on getting your wife to accompany you and also her approval on your latest toy. I wonder how interested she herself might be in airguns?

          So, on a scale of 1-10, how difficult was it for RidgeRunner to ‘talk’ you into signing those adoption papers? 🙂

          Thanks for confirming my Giffard-guess.
          Interesting to read about opportunities that I too would have been tempted by! 🙂

  6. I will of course read every entry here on the X model but man it is hard to see it being being almost twice the price good as my $299.00 synthetic original Avenger .22 I sincerely hope..no make that PRAY that at some point a head to head between the X and Goldie takes place.

    My OG Avenger has everything I could ask for, great side lever bolt action, smooth trigger, superb accuracy, 70+ shots per fill at 30 FPE. Light weight and user adjustable reg and hammer. Everything that I need and nothing that I don’t now that I replaced the crappy marauder style magazines with CARM mags.


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