Hatsan 85 MOBU Sniper Combo: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Hatsan 85
Hatsan 85 Mossy Oak Break Up rifle.

This report covers:

  • The specs
  • Silencer
  • Calm shooting behavior
  • Sling swivels
  • Sights
  • Scope
  • Quattro trigger
  • Texas airgun show

There was a time when I felt reporting on a breakbarrel spring piston airgun was downright boring — I did so many of them. But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a long time since I looked at a breakbarrel. I chose the Hatsan 85 Mossy Oak Break Up (that’s the MOBU) Sniper Combo. I chose it because it is what today would be defined as a medium-powered spring rifle. At a velocity of 1,000 f.p.s. in the .177 caliber I’m testing, this rifle isn’t over-powered. I am hoping to get smooth performance and some accuracy by not pushing the velocity to the max. This model is also available in .22 and .25 calibers for the hunters. read more