Date: 18/12/2018 19:28

Air Soft Guns

There's a certain thrill that comes from holding and shooting a firearm. There's an even greater thrill when you are in competition against a number of opponents. Air Soft guns and the military-themed games in which they are often used offer the intensity of real-life military tactics and strategy in a safe and exciting way. These life-like gun replicas shoot small BBs instead of bullets, making them perfectly suited for simulated war games on large fields or small skirmishes in a backyard.

How do Air Soft guns work? There are, in fact, three different projection systems commonly used in the industry. The oldest, and generally most affordable, is the spring-action. These are manually cocked, creating tension on an internal spring, which propels the BB from the chamber when the trigger is pulled. Although these use very basic technology, these Air Soft guns shouldn't be underestimated. Many of the top sniper rifle models, for example, use this technology and are quite accurate, even over longer distances.

The next technology used is compressed gas. Typically, three different gases can be used: CO2, propane or green gas. Because of its extreme flammability, propane is generally avoided. Gas-based Air Soft guns have the ability to shoot in semi-auto and fully automatic modes. With gas guns, there is no need to manually cock the weapon as the gas creates the necessary pressure. Pulling the trigger releases the pressure, shooting the BB, and then re-cocking the gun.

Ask users which projection system they favor, and most will say they prefer electric guns. Air Soft Guns use electric motors to create the pressure needed to shoot the pellet. High-powered versions that use this technology are known as AEGs and are among the most powerful Air Soft guns available; they offer an excellent balance of speed, accuracy and range. We invite you to browse the rest of our catalog at Pyramyd Air and discover our incredible selection of Air Soft guns, where we offer solutions for everyone from the rookie player to the seasoned veteran.

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