Date: 18/11/2018 6:5

Airsoft Pellets

Pyramyd Air offers a wealth of information on Airsoft pellets. Airsoft pellets come in a variety of shapes and sizes although most standard skirmishes and other recreations use 6 mm pellets, the 8 mm versions are not unheard of. The trade-off as you switch from 6 mm Airsoft pellets to 8 mm Airsoft pellets is simple--lighter pellets travel farther, but heavier ones tend to be far more accurate at a distance.

Pyramyd Air carries a wide array of Airsoft pellets, including very basic bulk purchase options and sleek magazines that make every gun a little more powerful. Ammo counts in this game, which may be one of the reasons so many Airsoft buffs come here to get outstanding quality out of every shot when they use Airsoft pistols, Airsoft rifles, or Airsoft shotguns. With the proper equipment, you could find yourself laying down a wall of polymer while your opponent tries frantically to unjam a faulty barrel of his Airsoft pellet gun.

At Pyramyd Air, we're proud to offer an array of essential Airsoft pellets for all types of Airsoft pellet guns like the Airsoft pistols, Airsoft rifles or Airsoft shotguns. When you shop here, you can buy any quantity you wish--5,000 lightweight 0.12 g pellets or sophisticated 0.20 gram BBs built to the industry's tightest tolerances. Either way, you can always make use of our exclusive 30-day warranty and sterling commitment to customer service.

We offer Airsoft pellets in quantities from 200 to 5,000, so there's no need to buy more or less than you need. Good Airsoft pellets lead to better shots, and better shots lead to battlefield dominance. If you aren't sure which type of airsoft pellets you'll need, we're happy to offer advice. Just call or email Pyramyd Air anytime if you want to learn more about Airsoft pellet guns like Airsoft rifles and shotguns and the specific Airsoft pellets those powerful guns use.

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