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Airsoft Replica Guns

Airsoft replica guns give recreational marksmen and skirmishers a chance to enjoy something like true combat. Before manufacturers truly began paying attention to replica gun�s detail, they were made from inexpensive plastic parts and required manual spring operation with every shot. As the popularity of combat games grew so did the industry's commitment to verisimilitude in every detail of the Airsoft replica guns.

Today Airsoft has become something of a hybrid, mixing the best of sporting recreation with a love for collecting. The reason is simple: The guns themselves are now often designed to be indistinguishable replicas of major firearms from some of the world's top manufacturers. People who love Airsoft replica guns and the Airsoft pump shotguns they buy say there is nothing quite like this kind of detailed approach to collecting and shooting.

Every aspect of the original firearms is copied with great attention in these Airsoft replica guns, including the weight, materials, scopes and more. Many of the top brands even mirror the firing rates of their counterparts, creating an experience not unlike using a deadly weapon on the battlefield. With blazing muzzle speeds and countless chances for modification, these Airsoft replica guns satisfy a love of good design.

Here at Pyramyd Air, we offer the Web's most comprehensive resource for Airsoft guns of every type, from pistols to shotguns to machine guns. Whether you want simple shotguns or the kind of long-range rifle that can pick off a target from hundreds of meters, these are weapons for discriminating hobbyists. Please call or write today if you want to learn more.

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