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Airsoft Revolvers

The revolver remains one of the essential symbols of America's pioneering past and an important symbol of frontier law. Long hailed as the true gun of the West, revolvers have since evolved into some of the most dazzling collectors' pieces in the marketplace. Is it any wonder, than, that gun buffs who express their love via Airsoft products have clamored for an accurate Airsoft revolver as well?

Today, you can easily find Airsoft revolvers right here on our site, including many airsoft revolvers that offer outstanding action and realistic cocking. Here at Pyramyd Air, we give you access to some of the best airsoft revolvers on the market, including outstanding entries from well-known manufacturers such as NeonFire and UHC. There may be no more appropriate way to reaffirm your connection with America's wild, wild past than to own an airsoft revolver.

These are the real things: guns you load one BB at a time, spinning the cylinder as you go. The speeds are excellent for a gun this size, topping out around 250 feet per second. Our airsoft revolvers remain adjustable, as do nearly all the products we sell, giving you a choice for sighting, windage and elevation. Check out the models offered by UHC for full-size revolver replicas that let you put the shells in the cylinder for the ultimate in realism.

Airsoft revolvers are offered in several variations including both spring airsoft revolovers and CO2 airsoft revolvers. Spring airsoft revolvers require manually cocking of the hammer before each shot. With a CO2 airsoft revolver you can fire all the barrels as fast as you can pull the trigger.We offer both variations so you can be sure to find the right airsoft revolver that will fit your needs and shooting style.

Browse through the full catalog of Airsoft gun products we offer to get a better sense of just how many options you have. Airsoft revolvers can be impressive and stately, but you may want to opt for more powerful firearms as your skill improves. As always, we are available to answer your questions at any time, so be sure to contact us with any questions you may have.

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