Date: 18/11/2018 22:57

Airsoft Uzi

The Uzi has long been one of the staples of modern warfare, launched into our national consciousness by its widespread adoption among the Israeli troops who invented it. Today the shape and action of this submachine gun have become icons unto themselves, instantly recognizable from 100 meters and guaranteed to make an entrance. If you're looking for better prices on the top Airsoft Uzis in today's competitive market, we hope to offer you just what you're looking for.

Pyramyd Air is comprised of avid hobbyists and experienced skirmishers who love Airsoft guns and all the machinery that comes with them. One look around this site and you may come to understand why so many dedicated airsoft enthusiasts consider this something of a mecca for the game--with deeper catalogs and outstanding detail in every listing, you always know exactly what you're getting. The same applies to our airsoft Uzis - read user reviews and ratings and more so you can decide which airsoft Uzi is right for you.

The Marui Airsoft replica Uzi we sell is just the beginning. This is a recreational gun that packs some heat, laying down dozens of rounds per minute and firing with astonishing accuracy at over 275 fps. An advanced EG1000R motor drives the action and keeps loading the chamber as long as you have the trigger squeezed, so the only thing you have to worry about is where your target is. Airsoft Uzis are part of the AEG or automatic electric airsoft gun family of airsoft guns. AEGs are popular with elite and professional airsoft players however you can own and enjoy an electric Uzi airsoft gun without spending a fortune or being a skilled airsoft skirmish competitor.

Airsoft Uzis such as these deserve better accessories, so stock up on 6mm ammo, spare magazines and other airsoft accessories. Pyramyd Air brings it all together under one roof so you can get all the airsoft goodies you're looking for at once. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call or email us anytime.

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