Date: 20/10/2018 9:56

Automatic Airsoft Pistols

The automatic pistol has long been considered a staple of law enforcement and criminal activity, and with good reason. Sidearms you can carry easily offer another dimension of deadly choice, particularly if you don't need to be concerned with cocking after every shot. It may not surprise you to learn that Airsoft enthusiasts have kept pace with the developments in this fast-moving field, and the result is an extraordinary collection of automatic Airsoft pistols.

Here at Pyramyd Air, we give you access to the full panoply of such pistols, including fully licensed replica Smith & Wessons. Features cover everything you are likely to find in superior military guns, helping ensure you enjoy sighting and modification advantages as you head into battle, from contoured magazine catches to adjustable micrometer rear sights with contrast marking.

Blowback design is one of the most popular touches on automatic Airsoft pistols, and today more models than ever are offering this elite mechanical edge. Realistic slide action and a satisfying thunk give these pistols an authentic feel that cannot be replicated any other way, and the gas itself helps propel BBs to far better speeds than they could ever achieve in the past. These days, the best of these pistols have even crossed the 300 fps threshold so many Airsoft players have asked for.

We urge you to look around the site and check out the full line of pistols we offer. Better choices and better technology can easily translate into a better record for that next skirmish. As always, write or call us anytime if you want to talk about the products.

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