Date: 20/10/2018 9:54

Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns

The good thing about automatic Airsoft guns is that they free you up to do more important things. Automatic cocking action means you can easily fire more than 60 rounds a minute, leveling opponents in that skirmish without any fear of reprisal. Even if you just want an easier way to fire your pistol in rapid succession, the automatic approach cannot disappoint.

At Pyramyd Air, we carry every size, shape and speed of AEGs, from very basic rifles through extremely advanced metal replicas like the Marui M4 S-System that offer extraordinary precision, speed and authenticity. With professional scopes and weaver rail mounts, you can easily hunker down and wait to ambush your opponent. And with muzzle speeds that surpass 350 fps, you always gain an edge when it comes time to squeeze that trigger.

Many of the AEGs you see here can be easily modified for greater performance, and the finest models offer their own detachable parts. You can remove the handle for fast transport or add any kind of sight you wish with just a few simple turns--it's that easy. As always, a little looking here at Pyramyd Air will reveal accessories, ammo, stands and more that help you gain the upper hand in any skirmish.

Do not hesitate to use this site as a resource for your own military betterment. When you find the AEG you want, we make ordering simple with outstanding prices and friendly customer service. If you still have any questions, just ask the Airsoft professionals here at any time.

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