Date: 15/12/2018 7:44

Your Shopping Guide to Clear Airsoft Guns

There was a time when all consumer design was predicated on the idea that nobody wanted to know what was happening "under the hood." Everything changed when Apple Computers introduced their revolutionary translucent computer chassis, and today the trend has spread to countless other industries.

At Pyramyd Air, we are proud to offer some clear airsoft guns of our own that offer a window into some truly outstanding engineering.

Why Choose to Buy Airsoft Guns?

A number of manufacturers have jumped to join the clear airsoft guns party, and today you can easily benefit with affordable options. Popular spring air repeaters such as the Crosman Stinger R34 makes good use of clear materials, while Cybergun entries such as the Defender of World Peace do them one better with full-body transparency. Many of these see through airsoft guns feature outstanding pellet speed and loading mechanisms, allowing you to witness all the power in full view.

Don't let the creative materials technology fool you, however--these are serious weapons, equally at home on the battlefield as in the back yard. Firearms such as the DPMS Panther Arms A15 give you heavy metal parts inside for a solid feel and 285 feet per second out of the barrel. Add in a 50-round magazine and it's no wonder avid skirmishers continue to snatch up clear airsoft guns.

If you want to gain an edge and see precisely what's happening with your favorite weapon, see through airsoft guns might be the perfect choice. Feel free to browse our site and contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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