Date: 16/11/2018 7:45

Your Shopping Guide to Clear Airsoft Shotguns

Shotguns have long held a special place in the American national consciousness, with their distinctive bolt action and overwhelming ammunition blast becoming iconic symbols of rural pride. Shotguns have been put to a wide variety of good uses beyond hunting, and today they are widely regarded as some of the most versatile weapons on the market. It's no wonder that airsoft versions of these popular guns continue to be a source of innovation.

One of the hottest trends today is clear airsoft shotguns. The reason is simple: When you can see that hop-up technology, blowback and more in action, the gun itself becomes something of a show. For avid skirmishers and fans of war games, the clarity also helps with camouflage--particularly in bright settings.

Why Choose to Buy Clear Airsoft Shotguns?

At Pyramyd Air we take pride in a catalog as diverse as it is affordable, giving visitors access to some of the top manufacturers in this competitive realm. These days the most popular clear airsoft shotgun is the Crosman version of Remington's Wingmaster, renowned for its authentic replica details and spring-loaded reservoir. With a muzzle speed of 325 fps and outstanding balance, this is a see through shotgun at home in the backyard or in competitive play.

Feel free to browse through all the clear Airsoft shotguns we make available. Many of these guns evoke oohs and ahhs with their superior engineering and "under the hood" fireworks. If you want to learn more, simply ask us anytime.

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