Date: 19/11/2018 9:39

Replica Air Guns

Airsoft is a sport and a product line with two distinct pleasures: the joy of warfare without injury, and the joy of collecting authentic replica weaponry from throughout world history. It may not surprise you to learn that original real guns, particularly of an historic bent, can easily sell for five and even six figures. Buy a replica, however, and you can appreciate all the beauty and craftsmanship without bankrupting yourself in the process.

At Pyramyd Air, we offer replica air guns across every category and engineering type, including some you may not have ever seen before. From elite gas-powered pistols to advanced AEG sniper rifles and submachine guns, these are replica weapons whose authenticity is matched only by their real-world performance. For avid collectors and war game players, that means the best of both worlds.

Take a look around the site and you will find replicas of everything from WWII sidearms to the very latest long-range rifles in use by the U.S. military. Many of these firearms give you ranges in excess of 100 feet and hop-up technology to ensure every BB flies straight and true. You can even find magazines, bipods, and BBs in several weights and more if you click through to our accessories pages.

There is nothing quite like the beauty of classic guns, and Airsoft makes it easy to get your hands on true originals. If you want to learn more, we invite you to contact our courteous professionals at any time. You can email or call us, and we'll help you right away.

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