Date: 22/10/2018 19:53

Replica Machine Guns

Machine guns have long been considered the workhorses of direct warfare, giving soldiers and their support personnel better options for clearance. Today the machine gun has found its way into our national imagination, offering blazing firepower and efficiency in a tight form factor. Here at Pyramyd Air, we give you access to some of the finest examples of Airsoft machine guns in today's competitive realm.

The principle behind all such guns is simple. Whether they are spring-powered, electricity-powered or gas-powered, the guns are called Airsoft because ultimately it is compressed air that propels the BBs forward. For machine guns, clever engineering is required to continuously re-pressurize that chamber for outstanding firing speed.

Countless major manufacturers have stepped up, and within these pages you can find some of their finest achievements. From the 300-round magazine of the SDR6 by TSD to the EG1000 that powers the famous Marui replica Uzi, these are guns whose engineering and detailed construction make for flawless performance. If you are a serious skirmisher looking for an edge, you may be astonished at the precision and range of these versatile firearms.

Feel free to stay as long as you like and explore the full range of Airsoft guns, accessories, ammo and more we make available every day here. When you are ready to purchase your own Airsoft machine gun, be sure to check all the specs and make sure its muzzle speed, size and weight suit your vision of the perfect gun. As always, we are available anytime for questions, comments or buying tips.

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