Date: 17/12/2018 15:34

Softair Pistols

Softair pistols offer many of the advantages of sidearm ownership without that one glaring drawback--danger. Instead of firing lead at speeds in excess of sound, these guns fire harmless plastic BBs that nonetheless find their targets with a satisfying smack. What you get is nothing less than the pleasure of brandishing and shooting one of your favorite guns.

All the major manufacturers are represented among these firearms, including fully licensed replicas of top names like Smith & Wesson. In most cases you get 1:1 correspondence and flawless reproduction of the original weight and materials--key if you want your sidearm to fit the bill. Needless to say, what's "under the hood" matters as well, so it may help to learn a little more about what makes these guns work.

Many pistols nowadays are spring-powered, requiring that you manually cock before each shot. Some players prefer this kind of action, as it mimics older guns and demands a higher degree of precision and concentration. Semi-automatics such as the Marui replica of the HFC M190, on the other hand, give you fast automatic firing power and muzzle speeds in excess of 300 fps without a lot of effort.

Please don't hesitate to look around as long as you like as you zero in on the kind of Airsoft pistol you need. Pyramyd Air makes it easy to buy and refine with countless accessories and an active coterie of avid Airsoft gamers in the community. If you have remaining questions or simply want to start a conversation, we urge you to get in contact us by phone or email anytime.

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