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Beeman HW97K Air
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    4.0 4.0

    By William from USA on 2019-08-16
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    Things I liked: Beautifully executed with an exquisite finish. The smooth satin finish is really impressive. Combined with the laminate the deep satin finish will make this stock impervious to moisture and very stable in weather changes. Perfect for Hunter Class FT competition, especially if you are a die-hard and insist on competing in the rain!

    Things I would have changed: This stock as a retro-fit is a little spendy vs the cost of a new rifle with the laminate stock included. So, if you are on the fence ready to buy a new HW97K rifle and not sure if the rifle warrants a stock of this quality, relax, it does! Buy the laminate stock rifle up front if you possibly can. You won't regret it and you will save some money.

    What others should know: Absolutely perfect "drop-in" fit. Obviously an OEM production stock intended for the HW97K. Put those files and sandpaper away, you won't need either. Yes, it is expensive, but oh so worth it.